apple: Apple’s beta versions of iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 are here

The first public betas of the iPad OS 15 and watchOS 8 were released by Apple along with the iOS 15 beta. They are available at the Apple Beta software program. Here are some of the new features the beta programs have for users to experience
The iPad OS 15 beta brings a new Multitasking menu that lets you work on multiple apps at once. You can create Slide Over, Split View and also a center window for this. While choosing the layout you want, you will have the chance to select the apps you want to multitask with from the home screen.
To enable and view a message or note in the center window, you can touch and hold it to bring it to the center of the screen without leaving the current view. Split View lets you make apps appear side by side. A tool called App Switcher lets you create Split View spaces on one screen by dragging one app over another. The beta added keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed by holding down the Command key.
The watchOS 8 beta
The watchOS 8 lets you import your favorite photos of friends and family from your iPhone as the watch face in your Apple Watch in portrait mode. You get some new photo highlights from Memories and Featured Photos daily as the new OS comes with automatic sync functionality. Also, the photos in the Memories collection will be displayed in a “unique mosaic grid”. The watchOS 8 automatically suggests other smart devices nearby as soon as you activate one of your own smart devices. With the new operating system, you also get access to all security cameras through the new camera room. For more information about the new OS betas, please visit the Apple Beta Software Program.

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