best angle grinder in India

Best Angle Grinder in India Under 2000

Angle Grinder one of the Most Popular Tools in Repair or Workshops. Angle Grinders are Also known as Disc Grinder or Side Grinder and, You can use this Versatile Tool to cut, Polish, Sharpen, or Clean. If You are in a Market to Get a Good Angle Grinder Under Rs 2000, We have Listed Down the Best Angle Grinder in India. 

Angle Grinders are commonly Used in Construction & Metal Work. Most of the Angle Grinder in the Market has an adjustable guard with a Side Handle for Two-Handed Operations. Depending Upon the Speed and Range, You can Use Some Angle Grinders as a sander. Angle Grinders Usually come with Different Types of Disc that can be Used for Several Material Cutting. 

For Example, Angle Grinders with Diamond Disc, Mostly Used for Metal and Steel Cutting. If You are looking to buy the Best Angle Grinder for Your Needs, You Will Want to Consider the Disc Size, Power output Ergonomics. 

There are Different Varieties of Angle Grinders are Available in Indian Market, But Buying the Angle Grinder with all these Important Factors can be a Bit Difficult. To Help You find the “Best Angle Grinder in India” We Have Got You covered with the recommendation & Buying Guide for Best Budget Angle Grinder. 

Top 10 Best Angle Grinder in India Under Rs 2000?

BrandPowerShop on Amazon
Bosch 660 WattsBuy on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER650 WattsBuy on Amazon
STANLEY600 WattsBuy on Amazon
iBELL850 WattsBuy on Amazon
KHADIJA850WattsBuy on Amazon
Aegon850 WattsBuy on Amazon
iBELL1050 WattsBuy on Amazon
Spartan850 WattsBuy on Amazon
Stanley900 WattsBuy on Amazon
Makita850 WattsBuy on Amazon

1 . Bosch GWS 660 Angle Grinder 

Bosch is One of the Most Popular and Leading Supplier of Industrial Technology and Consumer Goods in India. The Grinder comes with a 600 W Power Input with a No-Load Speed of 12000 RPM. 

Bosch GWS 660 Angle Grinder 


The Ergonomic Design of Bosch Angle Grinder Helps in Better Handling. The Design is Easy to Handle and Also reduces the Risk of any Injuries of Worker. This Machine is the Most Reliable Product for someone who Regularly Works on Metal Cutting. With Motor Spinning at 1200 RPM, the Bosch Angle Grinder can cut through most Heavy materials.

The Only Downside of this product is Extensive Heating. If You compare the Bosch Angle Grinder with other Grinders in the Same Price Range, the Machine Start Getting Heat up after 30-45 Minutes of Use. 

Key-Feature of Bosch GWS 600 Angle Grinder 

  • Power Angle Grinder with Brush Motor for Easy Usability.
  • Equipped with Guard and 2 Side Handle.
  • 660W Power Input for Superior Performance.
  • The Grinder comes with 6 Months of Warranty.
  • Air Cooled Motor spindle lock. 

2 . BLACK+DECKER G650 650W Angle Grinder 

With the Best Ratings on Amazon, the Black + Decker Angle Grinder will serve You well No Matter How You Use it. Black + Decker is one of the Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Tools in India. 

BLACK+DECKER G650 650W Angle Grinder 


The Angle Grinder From BLACK + DECKER is Equipped with High-Performance Motor to Make Your Work Easier. The Motor Delivers 650 Watt Power Output with No Load Speed of 12000 RPM. This Motor is Competent at Cutting any Heavy Material Like Metal without any Inconvenience. 

The Black+Decker Angle Grinder Features an Ergonomical Design which is Very Simple to Handle. Ideal for Cutting and Finishing, the Black + Decker is one of the Best Angle Grinder in India Under Rs 2000. 

The Angle Grinder is Equipped with a Guard for Extra protection. The Adjustable Safety Guard will Protect the surroundings of the Spark Produced by Cutting. Other than This, the compact Size of Gringer is Ideal for Cutting Metals or Sharping surfaces with Particular Attention. 

Key-Feature of BLACK + DECKER G650 

  • Equipped with Powerful 650W Motor with No Load Speed of 12000 RPM.
  • Supports 4”/100 mm Disc.
  • Slim & Compact Size Body For Better Usability.
  • Adjustable Guard for Protection from Sparks. 
  • Robust Motor Allows User to Operate the Grinder at Maximum Speed. 

3 . STANLEY STGS6100 600W Angle Grinder 

Stanley is Known for Making the Premium Quality Industrial Tools. The Stanley STGS6100 is the #Best Seller  Angle Grinder on Amazon. This Angle Grinder Excels in Terms of Design, Handling, and Power. 

STANLEY STGS6100 600W Angle Grinder 


The Stanley STGS6100 comes with an Ergonomic Design for Grinding and Cutting in workshops. The Lightweight Design is Easy to use which also Provides Better Comfort while Grinding. Equipped with a Double carbon brush, the Angle Grinder from Stanley will Work For You for Longer Time. 

The Grinder Has a Two Position handle that Allows You to Smoothy Cut the Heavy Materials. Equipped with a Powerful 600 Watt Motor, The Angle Grinder can Cut or Griend Material Like Wood, Metal, Stone with Ease. 

Key-features of Stanley STGS6100 Angle Grinder 

  • Ergonomically Designed to offer Natural position while Grinding.
  • Equipped with Powerful 600W Motor for Efficient Cutting.
  • Compact Size helps allows comfortable gripping.
  • Made up of High-Quality Material results in Less Vibration & Lower Noise Level.
  • Comes with a Side guard for Maximum Safety. 

4. iBELL AG10-70 Angle Grinder 

iBELL is another Highly Popular Brand in India that Makes Angle Grinders. The iBELL Angle Grinder is Equipped with 100mm Maximum Disc Diameter and 850W Rated input power. 

iBELL AG10-70 Angle Grinder 


The Power and Weight Ratio of iBELL angle Grinder is Distributed Equally for Better Performance. It comes with a Quick Adjustable Lever and U Shape Guard for Quick Adjustments. If you are someone who will be using this Tool Mostly for Wood or Tiles Cutting, then there is a Better option than iBELL. It comes with a dust blown exhaust which Provides ultimate Protection Against Dust. 

The Ergonomic & Lightweight Design of iBELL Angle Grinder Provides Excellent comfort while Cutting or Grinding. Despite its Affordable Price, The Package is Loaded with Features Like Grinding Disc, Spanner, Auxiliary Handle, and More. All these Amazing Features Makes it one of the Best Angle Grinder in India. 

Key-feature of iBELL AG10-70 Angle Grinder 

  • Equipped with 850W Powerful Motor and 11000 RPM No-Load Speed. 
  • Quick Adjustment Level for Better Cutting & Grinding.
  • Ultimate Dust Protection with Inbuild Dust Blower Exhaust Design.
  • Ergonomic Design Helps in Better Handling.
  • Pop off Brushes Defends the Ammauture from any Injury. 
  • Indian Manufacturer with the Headquatered in Kochi, Kerela. 

5 . KHADIJA AG-801 100MM 850-Watt Angle Grinder

For High-Quality Grinding & Cutting, the KHADIJA AG-801 is a Gold Standard Angle Grinder. It comes with a Powerful Electric Motor of 850Watts and It can Operate for the Maximum speed of 11000 RPM. 

KHADIJA AG-801 100MM 850-Watt Angle Grinder


The Angle Grinder supports discs of sizes 100 mm or 4 inches which are Capable of Grinding, Cutting, Sharpening, or Polishing without any Hassel. For better Control in all Operations, the KHADIJA AG Angle Grinder is Equipped with a two-position handle. The Operative can Handle the Machine from Both Side Depending upon the Task he is Performing. 

Despite the Affordable Price Tag, KHADIJA offers You 6 Months of Warranty from the Date of Purchase. The company will Bear all the Expenses in case of any Manufacturing Defect within 6 Months of Purchasing the Product. 

For Better Usability the Grinder highlights a toggle switch on the Back of the Grinder. The Switch Helps in continuous Operations without Worrying about the continuous ON/OFF. 

Key-feature of KHADIJA AG-801 Angle Grinder 

  • 850 Watts Powerful Motor with No Load Speed for 11000 RPM.
  • Best Tool to Cut, Grind or Polish.
  • The Product comes with 6 Month National Warranty. 
  • The Angle Grinder is Powered by Standard 220V- 50 Hz AC supply.
  • Equipped with a Two-Position handle for Better Usability. 
  • Spindle Lock to Avoid any Mishappening while Working. 
  • Ergonomic Design & Compact Size Best for Industrial usage. 

6. Aegon Ag100pa Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder 

For the Price of 1200 INR, the Aegon Angle Grinder offers a Lot of Value for Money. It comes with an 850 Watt Motor for Seamless Performance with no Load Speed of 11000 RPM.

Aegon Ag100pa Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder 


Offering the Product for 1200 INR, Aegon has Not Compromised in Safety. It comes with a burst-proof guard which Provides maximum Safety to the User. The safety protection helps to Avoid Sparks and Metal Chips While using the Angle Grinder. 

The Tool has Various Capability to Cut, Grind or Polish any Material. Equipped with On/Off Toggle Switch, It helps the user to Operate the Machine with One hand. The Hight Weight Design Ensures Minimum fatigue While using the Angle Grinder for Longer Time. 

Aegon has a Decade of Experience in making Standard Tools for industry usage. Design for a Most excellent performance. The Grinder is one of the Best Angle Grinder in India Under 2000 INR. 

Key-Features of Aegon Ag100pa Heavy Duty Angle Grinder 

  • Powerful 850 Watts Motor with Toggle Switch.
  • Equipped with Brust Proof Guard for Safety Against Sparks.
  • Ergonomical lightweight Design for Easy Handling. 
  • Comes with Spindle Lock for Faster Replacement for Grinding and the Cutting Wheels. 
  • Capable of Cutting, Grinding, Polish of any Metal, Stone, and Wood. 
  • Adjustable Rubber Handles for Better Comfort and Control While Working.

7. iBELL 1050W Angle Grinder 

The Next Product in our List of Top 10 Best Angle Grinder in India is Again from iBELL. It is Difficult to Beat this Angle Grinder for the features it offers at Such a Low Price. It comes with a 1050W Powerful Motor with a Maximum Speed of 11000 RPM for Effortless Cutting. 

iBELL 1050W Angle Grinder 


The Ergonomical & Lightweight Design is Easy to Operate. Amature Works can also handle this Machine without any Prior Experience. The Sturdy Desing & Good Quality Material used in the Grinder Reduces the Vibrations During operations. 

You can use this Angle Grinder for Various operations Like Cutting, Grinding, Sharpening, or Polishing. Equipped with a Protective Guard, The Angle Grinder from iBELL will Protect You from the Sparks or Metal Piece while cutting the Metal or any hard material. 

Key-feature of iBELL 1050W Angle Grinder 

  • Equipped with a Powerful 1050W Motor for Efficient Performance. 
  • The Product comes with a 6 Month Warranty from the Date of Purchase. 
  • Comes with Protective Guard which Helps You Protect the Worker from Sparks, Excess material of Metal or Wood Pieces. 
  • Heavy Duty Motor capable of Deliver up to 11,000 RPM
  • Ideal tool for Sharpening, Cutting, and Grinding. 

8 . Spartan DW801 Heavy Duty 850W Angle Grinder 

If You Need an Angle Grinder to Tackle Heavy Project in Your Workshop then there is No Better Tool than Spartan Angle Grinder. It comes with a Heavy-Duty Powerful 850W Motor for Efficient Performance.

Spartan DW801 Heavy Duty 850W Angle Grinder 


Manufacture in New Delhi, India the Angle Grinder offers a Lot of Features for Less Price. In addition to the tool, the Spartan DW801 is Equipped with a Spindle lock button. The Lock Helps in simple disc change. 

Ideal for Industries and Workshop the Spartan DW801 Angle Grinder can be used to cut, Grind, or Sharpening Materials Like Metal or Wood. 

Key-Feature of Spartan DW801 Angle Grinder 

  • Excellent Fan System for Maximum Airflow. 
  • Equipped with Spindle lock button for Easy Disc Change.
  • Made in India Product by Eagle Network Supply.
  • Generic Product with Warranty.
  • 850W Powerful Motor for Superior Performance.
  • No Load Speed of 11000 RPM.

9 . Stanley STGS9125 900W Angle Grinder 

If Your Budget is Around 2000 to 2500 Rupees then there is no better option than this Machine. The Stanley STGS9125 comes with a Powerful 900W Motor which is Specially Designed for Heavy Duty Works.

Stanley STGS9125 900W Angle Grinder 



This Versatile Tool is Suitable for Cutting, Grinding, or Polishing without any Hassel. The Compact Size and Ergonomical Design Provides Smooth and Precise Work. Doesn’t Matters If You are Working on Metal or Wood, the Powerful Motor is Capable of Cutting Any Heavy Material with Ease. 

The Angle Grinder comes with two handles which allows Better Grip & Comfort while Working on Different Surfaces. Overall It is one of the best Angle Grinder in India Which You Can Invest In. 

Key-Feature of Stanley STGS9125 900W Angle Grinder 

  • Powerful Motor Designed for Heavy Duty Tak.
  • Ergonomical & Compact Design Helps In Easy Handling.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty from the Date of Purchase.
  • Spiral Level Gears Provides Less Vibrations & Lower Noise Level.
  • Optimized Air Vents for Better Air Flow.

10. Makita M9513B 850W Angle Grinder

Makita is one of the Well Known Power tools Manufacturer in India. The Angle Grinder From Makita is Equipped with an 850W Powerful Brush Motor which Enhances the Power of the Grinder. The Reliable Motor and Brushes Provides a Longer Service Life to Motor. 



The Easy to Hold Lightweight Design Minimize the Fatigue and Provides More Control of the Machine while Working on Heavy Materials. Equipped shaft locking mechanism which is Designed to Reduce any Risk of Injury.

One of the best things about this Angle Grinder is that it is ideal for Cutting, Polishing, or Grinding. Overall it is a Great Grinder Below 2500 Rupees. All these Amazing Features Makes it one of the Best Angle Grinder in India. 

Key-Feature of Makita M9513B 850W Angle Grinder 

  • Powerful 850W Motor for Effortless Performance. 
  • Ideal for Metal Grinding, Polishing, and Cutting.
  • The Product comes with a 6 Month Warranty from the Date of Purchase. 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying an Angle Grinder 

An Angle Grinder is a Widely Used Tool in Industries and Workshop to Grind, Polish and cut Materials Like Wood and Metal. But Choosing the Right Angle Grinder is Not Easy. 

They came in Different Shapes, Prices, and Materials. There are Tons of Information is Available on the Internet, But sometimes it is Difficult to Know Where to Start. To Choose the Most Suitable Angle Grinder, You Must Take Your Working Condition into Considerations.

  • Budget – Deciding Your Budget Before buying an Angle Grinder is Very Important. You can Find Angle Grinders In a Range of 1500 – 5000 Rupees on Amazon and Your Local Market. For the Price of Rupees of 1500, You can Get a Decent Angle Grinder. But if You want a Good Quality Grinder with Different Features, We would Suggest You Invest at Atleast 2000-3000 INR.
  • Warranty – Warranty Plays an Important Role in Electrical & Electronics Products. In case Your Tool Gets Damage Within the Warranty Period, the Company will Bear all the Expenses of Repair. So Make Sure You buy a Product with Proper Warranty.
  • Disc Diameter – Disc Diameter is one of the Most Important factors in Angle Grinders. Angle Grinders with Larger Disc are More Powerful and Capable of Cutting More Depth. The Angle Grinders with Small Disc Rotates fasters and also they are Easy to Handle. The only Disadvantage of Smaller Disc Is they can Not Cut as Deep as Larger Disc. 
  • Wattage – While Buying an Angle Grinder, make sure You At least go with a 650 + Watts Machine. If you are Going to use the Machine for Cutting Metal or Steel, then You should go for a Higher Wattage Angle grinder. 
  • Side Handles – Side Handles which is Also Known as Auxuliry Handle are Very Important in angle Grinder. This Handle is Normally mounted on the Right Side in Angle Grinder for Easy Operations. The Side Handles Helps the Worker to keep the Grinder Stable While He Focuses on Cutting the Material. 

In Conclusion 

Angle Grinder is one of the Most Important Tool You can Keep in Your Workshop or House Garage. From Cutting to Polishing and Grinding, these Machines are Capable of Doing Everything. But an AnglGrinder can Also be Dangerous It Not used Properly. 

You need to Have a Good Idea of Your new Angle Grinder. Make sure You Read the Instruction Manual Before using the Machine. Always use the Right Disc for Your Work and Make sure to Wear Your Protective gear Before Cutting Metal or Steel. 

We Hope in article We Cleared all Your Queries related to the Best Angle Grinder in India. If You have any Queries related to Angle Grinders, make sure You Share with us in the comments below. You can also Share Your Queries with us using the Contact us Form. 

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