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Best Bucket washing machine in India [2021]

If You do Not have Space for Full Sized Washing Machine, a Bucket Washing Machine is the Best alternative for You. Bucket Washing Machine is Ideal if You are living in a Small Apartment. These Small Washing Machines are designed to fit in a Very Tiny space. The Best Bucket Washing in India does the Same Job as the full-size Traditional Washing Machines. 

There are Hundreds of Options available for the Bucket Washing Machine in the Market. Buying the Best Bucket Washing can be a bit confusing. To Help You out We’ve done the research, and here is the best Bucket washing machine You can Buy in Indian Market. 

If You travel a Lot, Washing Your clothes is a Real Headache. These Handy Appliances Gives You an Easy option to wash Your clothes anytime, anywhere without any Hassel. Every Bucket Washing Machine comes with Energy-efficient Design to which Saves a Lot of Energy and Decreases Your Electricity Bills. 

Usually, the Bucket Washing Machine is Less Powerful Than a Traditional Full-Sized Washing Machine. The Portable Washing Machines Capacity usually Averages around 3KG. For Best Washing Results, Make sure You Do Not use More than 2-3 Pair of Clothes in these Washing Machine. Here the List of Best Bucket Washing machines that’ll work in a variety of Clothes. 

Top 7 Best Bucket Washing Machine in India 


1. Onida Portable Washing Machine 

Onida is one of the Most Trusted brands of Electronics in India. The Brand is Known for its Reliable Products. Recommended for Its mobility and effectiveness, the Onida is one of the Best Bucket Washing Machines out There. It comes with a 6.5 KG Capacity which allows You to Wash 5-10 Clothes at one Go. This Model has a Powerful 270 W Motor which Generates More Power which assures adequate Cleaning. 

Onida Portable Washing Machine 


It has a Sleek Design with an Anti-Rust Fiber Body which guarantee to Last for Years. Although It has a Bigger Capacity than some other Bucket Washing Machine But, the overall Size is Great for Apartment Living. It won’t Take unnecessary Space in Your Bathroom or Washing Area. You can Easily Keep this Portable Washing Machine in any Cornor. 

The Onida lilliput Semi-automatic Washing Machine Features two wash programs. The options allow you to select the ideal wash Setting for Your Different variety of Clothes. It is an ideal machine to Wash Your Heavy Clothes once Every Week. The Machine is Large enough to Spin Your 8-9 Clothes in One Go. The Machine Spins quietly and Doesn’t make any unnecessary Noise Around making it one of the Best Bucket Washing Machine in India. 

It features a Transparent Opening Lid and a Buzzer so that You can Monitor the whole Process of Spinning and Switch off the machine once It has done Spinning. 

Key-Feature of Onida Lilliput Portable Washing Machine 

  • The Product comes Ready to use, there No Installation Required.
  • Features an inbuilt 270 W which generates More Power for better Spinning and ensures better Cleaning of Cloths. 
  • The Machine has a Capacity of 6.5 KG which is Suitable for a Small Family of 3-4 Members. 
  • Motor Spins at 800 RPM for Faster Drying.
  • It is Made up of High-Quality Anti-Rust Fiber Body that long Lasting.
  • The Product Comes with 1 Year National Warranty. 

2 . Hilton 3 kg Single-Tub Washing Machine

On our list of Top 7 Best Bucket Washing Machine, the Hilton Single Tub Washing machine is the Second Best you can Buy in Budget. This Affordable Washing Machine Delivers Superior Wash Just Like a Traditional Full-Sized Washing Machine. Compact and Movable, the Hilton Bucket Washing Machine is Perfect for Washing Medium-Sized clothes up to 10 Items. 

Hilton Single Tub Washing machine


This Bucket Washing features a Compact & Durable which Ensures that You can keep it anywhere in the Room. The Body of the Washing Machine is Made up of Polycarbonate Plastic which makes it very durable and impacts resistance. 

Additionally, there are Two RRotery Knobs that Lets You control the Timer and Spin selector. The Knobs Perform both Clock and Anti-clockwise Washing Modes. Apart from this, this Bucket Washing Machine also Removes the detergent residue from the cloths to make it Completely Clean. 

To Start using this Machine, fill the Tub with Water and Your Dirty Clothes. Set the Timer of 15 Minutes and Let the Machine Start Spinning. Make sure to No Load More than 4-5 Cloths Together. Avoid Hot Water for Spinning as It might Damage the Electrical Components of the Washing Machine. Once the Washing part is done, Now You can Dry Your clothes up to 30-40%.

Overall It is a Great Portable Washing Machine in Budget. If You are a Bachelor’s or have a Small Family then this Bucket Washing is very Much Suitable for You. 

Key-Feature of Hilton Single Tub Bucket Washing Machine 

  • Portable Washing machine with Spin Dryer.
  • 3 KG Capacity allows You to wash Sufficient clothes in one Go.
  • Made up of Polycarbonate Plastic makes it more Durable.
  • Lightweight & Compact Size Ensure that It can be placed anywhere in Your Washing Area in a Small Space. 
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

3. DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine

If You are looking to Purchase a Bucket Washing Machine to Avoid Laundry Expenses in Your Apartment then DMR Mini Washing Machine is for You. This Product Features a compact design that can Fit in a Small Space. You can Easily Carry this Machine from one Place to another in Your House for Your convenience. 

DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine


This High-end Bucket Washing Machine Has an Impressive 3 kg Capacity which can Easily spin Your 3 Jeans and 2 Shirts Together. The Washing Machine Features 2 ergonomic Knobs, one for Spin Selector and the other for Timer. You can set the timer for a Maximum of 15 Minutes to Wash Your Cloths Properly. All These Features Makes it one of the Best Bucket Washing Machine in India. 

The Machine Features and Filter collect any Lint in a Separate Portion during the spin so that it Does Not Get Mix with Cloths. While testing this Machine we Loved every feature offered by this Washing Machine. 

It comes with a Semi-Transparent Lid that Helps You to Easily Monitor the Laundry Process. Talking about the Brand DMR, they are one of the most trusted brands in India. They are the First brand that Introduced Mini-Washing Machine or Bucket Washing in India. 

Key-feature of DMR Portable Bucket Washing Machine 

  • Portable Washing Machine with 3 KG Capacity.
  • Equipped with 3 Knobs on the Top for Spin Selector and Spin Timer.
  • Easily Removes any Dirt and stains From Your Clothes.
  • Features a Filter which collects Lint Seperatly and doesn’t Allow it to Mix with clothes. 
  • The Product Comes with 1 Year of Warranty.
  • Semi-Transparent Lead to watch the Spin process. 

4 . Home ice Mini Washing Machine 

Most Bucket Washing Machines are Quite Small which is Sometimes frustrating if You have many Clothes to Wash. This Compact Washing Machine From Home ice Packs a Lot of features Despite its Compact Design. If You travel regularly then this is an Absolute Best Bucket Washing For You. 

Home ice Mini Washing Machine 


The Machine features a Semi-Automatic Washing Function which can Clean Your Clothes within Few Minutes. Since the Size of the Machine is Compact with Lightweight Design, You can Keep this Portable Washing Machine anywhere in Your Room or Balcony. 

To Use this Bucket Washing Machine, Simply Load the Machine with Your Clothes, Pour the Water with Detergent and Start the Machine. Within 15-20 Minutes, Your Clothes will be completely Cleaned. It comes with Inbuild TouchPad for Easy operations. You can Control the Settings for Your Washing Using the TouchPad Provided on the Machine. 

The only Drawback which we Observe while testing this Bucket Washing machine From is the Size. It is Good if You Live Alone or Travel Frequently, But If You live with Your Family, we won’t Recommend You Buying this Portable Washing Machine. 

Key-Feature of Home-ice Bucket Washing Machine 

  • Compact Foldable Design Washing Machine Suitable for Students, bachelors, and Frequent Travellers.
  • Capable of Cleaning 3-4 Clothes Together within 10-15 Minutes.
  • Inbuild touch Control for Easy Operations.
  • It can be placed on any cornor of Your bathroom or Balcony without taking Much Space. 
  • Wash all Kinds of clothes Types Including Shirts, Jeans, towels, underwear, socks, and More.
  • Semi-automatic Cleaning Function Makes Your clothes Super Clean. 

5 . DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine

Finding a Bucket Washing Machine should Not Mess up Your Interiors Decor. The DMR Single Tub Washing machine is one of the Best Looking Portable Washing Machine we have Reviewed. 

DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine


This Sleek Looking Washing Machine is Lightweight and Doest Take Much space in Your Apartment. It features a 240 Watts Powerful Motor which can Easily wash Your clothes in 10-15 Minutes. 

The Semi-automatic Washing Machine has inbuild Ergonomic Knobs, one for a spin and the other for Selecting Timer. The Knobs can Perform Both Clock and Anti-clockwise Functions. 

This Model features a Copper wire Which Performs Efficiently to give optimum washing performance. It has a Transparent Lid that Lets You Monitor the Washing Process while Performing other Work. All These Amazing Features makes it one of the Best Bucket Washing Machine in India. 

Made up of a High-Quality Plastic Body, the Character Protects it from any Damage or Rust. An exterior surface is a Place that Makes it Easy to Clean. The Minimal Design Looks Aesthetic Pleasing and Compliments Your Apartments Interior. 

DMR has Designed this Washing Machine to give optimum washing performance with Less Energy. You Do Not have to Bother about the Heavy Bills and Environment Pollutions, The Machine is Pocket Friendly. This Washing Machine from DMR uses the Clock and Anti clock Spinning cycle which Gives You the Best 

Key-Feature of DMR Single Tune Portable Washing Machine 

  • Compact Design with 4.6 kg capacity can Easily Fit in Small Space.
  • Features Two Ergonomic Knobs one is for wash and spin selector, and the other one is for wash and spin timer.
  • Made up of High-Grade Plastic Body to Protect From Rust and other corrosion.
  • Energy Friendly and Cost Efficient Design.
  • Power 240W Motor gives optimum washing performance. 
  • Easily Wash 8-9 Cloths in one Go without any Hassel.
  • Can perform Both clock and anti-clock Wise Spinning. 
  • The Product comes with 1 Year National Warranty. 

Advantages of Bucket Washing Machines 

People Living in Small Apartment can Not Keep a Full-Sized Traditional in Their Home. Using the common Washing Machine for Laundry in Building just feels awkward. It can be difficult to Wash Your clothes on Rainy Days when There no sunlight outside to Dry the Clothes. 

One of the Solutions for this Laundry Problem is to Get Your Bucket Washing Machine. The Portable Washing Machines come with Their own Set of Advantage and Disadvantage. Let the Discuss the Advantage of Owning a Portable Washing Machine. 

  • Save Money – The Average Price of a Bucket Washing Machine in India is Around 3000 Rupees, which is 30-40% Less than a Traditional Full-sized Washing Machine. The Portable Washing Machines can also cut down Your Electricity Usage and the Heavy Bills. If You are a Student or Live alone, The Bucket Washing Machines are a Great option for You to Wash Your clothes without Spending a Lot of Money. 
  • Space Saver – The Portable Washing Machines are compact, You can Keep them in any cornor of Your Apartment. Designed to fit in Small Space, the Portable Washing machines are Maximum of 3 Feet Tall and 2 Feet Wide in Area. 
  • Ideal for Travelling – If You are a Frequent Traveller who travels a Lot by his/her Care, then a Portable Washing Machine will be a Life Saver for You. You can Keep the Washing Machine in Your Cars Boot and Use it anywhere You want. These Washing machines are Small & Lightweight and Keep can take them Anywhere, Be it Camping or Roadtrip with your Family. 

The disadvantage of Bucket Washing Machines 

We can Not compare a Compact Washing Machine to a Full-Sized Traditional Washing Machine. The Bucket Washing Machine also Has its own Set of Drawbacks. 

  • If You live with Your Family or With 5-6 Friends, then the Bucket Washing machines are Not a Great option for You.
  • Some of the Portable Washing Machines are Difficult to assemble. It’s Good if it is Delivering with Instructions Manual. 
  • Servicing is one of the Major Problem You Might Face with Bucket Washing Machines. It is hard to find the Parts in the Local Market. Sometimes the local Technicians are also aware of the Different Wiring in the Machine. If You Live in a Remote Area, it is Better to buy a Full-sized Traditional Washing Machine Because That You Last You Longer than a Portable Washing Machine. 

Different Types of Washing Machine in the Market 

Different Types of Washing Machine in the Market

Front Load Washing Machines – Front Load Washing Machines have an Opening Lid at the Front of the Machine. These Washing Machines are Extremely Famous among the People Because of the Features It offers. The Front Load Washing Machines Generally Needs Less Water. They Wash by picking them up and dropping the Clothes into the wash water frequently. 

Front Load Washing machines are Usually More compact than a top Load Washing Machine. You can Easily Fit in the Front Load Washing Machine under Your Kitchen Cabinet. However, the Front Load Washing Machines are Much more Expensive than a Top Load Washing Machine. They offer a wide range of Washing Programs and can be quieter too.

Top Load Washing Machine – The Top Load Washing Machines are known as the Traditional Washing machines. They have Drum Rotating at the Horizontal Axis. These Washing Machines are Best for Someone who Has Mobility Issues. The Top Load Washing Machines are Usually Cheaper Than a Front Load Washing Machines. 

Compare to the Front Load Washing Machines, the Top Load Washing Machines have Fewer features. Talking about the Size, the Top Load Washing Machines are Larg. If You have enough space at Your Apartment or Bathroom to Keep Those Big Washing Machines, Then Front Load Machines are a Good option for Less Price. 

Most of the best Bucket Washing Machine in India are Top Load. Cost is one of the major factors in Portable Washing machine. To Keep the Price of Washing Machine Less, Companies Make Top Load Portable Washing Machine. 

Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Washing Machines are one of the Most Required Appliances in our Household. But Choosing the Best Bucket Washing machine in India Can be Bit difficult. If You are Confused between Fully automatic or Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, Here a Guide to Help You understand.

  • Fully Automatic – A Fully Automatic Washing Machine Doest Requires any Manual Work. You can Simply Select the Wash Setting and Let the Machine Handle Everything From Washing to Drying. Compare to a Semi-Automatic Washing machine, these machines Requires Less Maintenance. 
  • Semi-Automatic – The Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Requires More Manual Work. These Models Have Two Separate Tubs, one for Washing and another one for Drying. You have to Manually set the Timer and Spinning Mode for the Washing. The Semi-Automatic Are Less Expensive compare to Fully Automatic Washing Machines. These Models use Less Energy and are energy efficient. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Bucket Washing Machine

  • Capacity – Most Bucket Washing Average around 3KG with Dryer Capacity of 1.5 KG. You can Easily Wash Your 5-6 Cloths at the Same Time. Your 3 KG Washing Machine is Capable of Washing Cloths Like Jeans, Shirt, Tops, Bedsheet and More without any Hassel.
  • Wash Setting – Most of the Bucket Washing Machine comes with Different Wash Setting for better Washing. With These settings, You can customize the Wash Type to clean Your Dirty Clothes. You can Adjust the Speed & Timer from the Rotary Knobs Provided on the top of the Washing Machine. 
  • Noise – Buying a Portable Washing Machine with Less Noise is very Important. Washing Machine is an Appliance which we Use in our Daily Basis. If It Makes a Lot of Noise, Then it will Difficult to Use. Washing machine Making Less Noise can be Beneficial for You in Longer usage. 
  • Filters – The Filters in Your Washing Machine Prevents lint to mix with the clothes. These Textile Fibers usually Get consolidated in the Botton of Machine which Eventually Damages the Cloths. The Washing Machine Must wash Your Clothes without any Damage. 
  • Compact Design –  The Size of Bucket Washing Machines is Smaller than a Traditional Full-Size Washing Machine. While Buying these Washing Machine, make sure You choose the Machine that carries a compact design. The Portable and compact design takes very Little Space in Your bathroom and is very easy to relocate and carry.
  • Warranty – The Warranty is an important aspect while buying a Washing Machine. The Warranty covers all the Damage Repair within a Particular Period. In case of any Damage to Your Bucket Wahsing Machine, the Company will bear all the Expenses. 

The Best Bucket Washing Machine in Our Opinion 

So Which is the Best Bucket Washing Machine in India You Should Invest In? In Our Opinion the Best Budget-Friendly featured Loaded Washing You can Buy is Onida Portable Washing Machine.

Coming From a Brand like Onida, You can Definitely Invest Your Money in this Amazing Product. The Company offers 1 year comprehensive and 6 additional years on motor, which Makes it Clear Winner among the other Portable Washing Machine in the Market.

One of the Best features we Loved about this Washing Machine is Power 240W Eco-friendly Motor. Most of the Washing Machine eat up a Lot of Energy, Each Month You have to Pay Heavy Electricity Bills. The Onida Bucket Washing is Energy Efficient certified and extremely effective in Saving Electricity.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) 

What is a Bucket Washing Machine?

 A Bucket Washing Machine Compact Size Washing Machine Ideal for Small Families or Bachelor. 

What is required to set up a portable Washing Machine?

The Requirement can vary From Model to Model. Most of the Washing machines Doest Require any Installation. 

Top-Load vs. Front Load Washing Machine? Which one is Better

Both Top Load and Front Load Washing Machine have their advantages and Disadvantages. Front Load Washing Machines Have More Features compare to Top Load Washing Machine. Top Load Washing Machines are More Traditional, They Have Less feature But offer More Value for Money.

Can Washing Machine be Kept in Balcony?

Yes, You Can Keep You Washing Machine on the Balcony. 

How to protect Washing Machine From Sunlight?

There are DIfferent Types of Washing Machine covers Available on Amazon. You can buy any of them to Cover and Protect the Machine from Direct Sunlight in Balcony. 

Can we use Hot Water for Spinning in the bucket Washing Machine?

No, You should Not use Hot Water for Washing Your Clothes in Bucket Washing Machine. The Hot water can Damage the Electronics in the Machine.

Final Words 

We hope this Article Clarify all Your Queries related to the Best Bucket Washing machine in India. We know a New Washing Machine is Not a Small Purchase. Our Ranking System Value Your Budget, all the Product we have Listed above is Budget Friendly.

Have more questions about buying your next Bucket Washing Machine? Drop a Comment Below or Get in touch with us via Email. We are Always Happy to Help.


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