Best Food Processor in India

Top 10 Best Food Processor in India [2021]

A Food Processor is an electric-powered kitchen device used to chop, grate, mince, slice, puree, and mix numerous Food ingredients. Food processors have distinctive blades that carry out multiple functions, encompassing kneading dough with a knife instead of a hook.  It makes your cooking experience more comfortable as it is of great help. We have some of the best food processor in India on which we shall have a look later on.

Food processors are primary types: the ones wherein maximum of the paintings get achieved in an available bowl with the aid of using a flat blade, and people equipped with many attachments. Common add-ons consist of a piece bowl, Lid, cutting edge, blending blade, and disks for cutting and shredding.

The Food processor can generally carry out any of those responsibilities in minimum time, making it a critical device within the kitchen. The processing or keeping boxes on Food Processors are to be had in sizes starting from 2 to fourteen cups. The smaller-sized Processors get constrained by their functionalities; however, paintings nicely for too constrained and small responsibilities

Typical add-ons or additives can also additionally encompass any of the following: Food feeder tubes (extensive or slim mouth); small to massive processor bowl (a few have a snap-on lid for the garage of processed contents); disk blades, steel “S” blade for reducing, a dough blade, disk cutting blades for first-rate or medium cuts, and grater disk blades for first-rate of the medium grating.

When thinking about responsibilities finished via way of means of Food processors, they may be commonly pleasant for:

  1. Reducing or mincing objects together with herbs, garlic, nuts, olives, and pick out vegetables
  2. Grating carrots, cheese, chocolate 
  3. Cutting cabbage, onions, potatoes, and vegetables
  4.  Mixing, mixing, or making breadcrumbs, bread or pizza dough, hummus, mayonnaise, and tapenade

It gets recommended that chores together with grinding spices or nuts, pureeing into easily mixed mixtures, or cutting into same lengths and sizes can pleasantly get carried out with a blender.

There are several hints and strategies for the usage of Food processors; however, numerous which might be not unusual place encompass

  1. To grate tender objects together with delicate cheese, dried fruit, meat, poultry, or chocolate, to call a few, freeze the Food to stiffen it right into a more impregnable texture that grates less difficult and greater uniformly; 
  2. To reduce or chop Food objects into sizes or shapes that might be similar, pre-reduce the Food into smaller portions, after which technique with a way of means of again and again turning the processor on and stale for quick durations.

Top 10 Best Food Processor in India

BrandWarranty Buy Now
Usha Food Processor1 YearBuy on Amazon
Philips food processor2 Year on product & 5 years on Motor Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Food Processor 2 Year on product & 5 years on Motor Buy on Amazon
Butterfly Food Processor N/ABuy on Amazon
Morphy Richards Food Processor2 yearsBuy on Amazon
Preethi Zion Food Processor 5 YearsBuy on Amazon
Inalsa Food Processor INOX2 YearsBuy on Amazon
Panasonic Food Processor 5 yearsBuy on Amazon
Bosch Lifestyle Food Processor 2 YearsBuy on Amazon
Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep2 yearsBuy on Amazon

1 . Usha Food Processor

The First Product on our list of Best food processors in India is From Usha. Usha is one of the Most trusted Consumer Durable Brands in India. This Powerful Machine proves that there No Need to Spending a Lot of Money to get a Powerful High-quality Food Processor. 

Usha Food Processor


Equipped with a 1000 Watts Powerful Copper Motor, the Usha Food Processor can Easily Process Hard and Soft Foods. The Processor Earned 4 Star Rating From 900+ Reviews on Amazon. Be it Chopping, Slicing, or kneading the Usha Food Processor Reduce Your Food Preparation Time. 

Besides the Powerful Motor for Seamless Performance, the Usha Food Processor also has overload protection for motor safety and a double safety lock mechanism. One of the Best features we liked about this Food Processor is thirteen separate attachments. No other Food Processor in the Same budget offers 13 Different Attachment, which makes it one of the Best Food Processor in India. 

Key-Feature of USHA Food processor 

  • 1000 W Powerful Motor with Frequency of 50Hz.
  • It comes with 1 impact Resistance Jar with 2 Stainless Steel Jars and 1 Food Processing Bowl.
  • Free Home Service From Usha.
  • 13 Attachment for operations Like Atta Kneading, Chopping, Shredding, and More.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Plus Warranty.
  • Premium Design to compliment Your Modular Kitchen Interiors. 

2. Philips food processor

Philips is an Industry Leader Brand in Home Care. Among all the Food Processors We Tested, the Philips Food Processor was one of the easiest to operate. It comes with a Powerful 750W Motor that is Capable of Easy grinding, mixing, and blending. The Processor is Very Sturdy While Grinding and delivers excellent performance. The Modern and Compact Design Makes it Easy to Keep anywhere in Your Kitchen.

Philips food processor


It has a Solid Base and Doesn’t Move Around While You Use the Food Processor. The Processor Does Not Require any Installation, You can Directly use it out of the box. For Quick Cleanup, all the Parts of Philips Food Processor are Dishwasher Friendly. 

Ranking at Second Number in our List of Best Food Processor in India, The Philips Food processor is a Versatile Machine with Modern Technology & features. 

Key-feature of Philips Food Processor 

  • Equipped with Powerful 750W Motor for Seamless Performance. 
  • Compact Size with Modern Design to compliment Your Kitchen.
  • Leak Proof Jars for Superior Performance. 
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5 Year Warranty on the Motor.
  • No installation Required on the Product.

3. Bajaj Food Processor 

With 500+ 4 Star Reviews on Amazon, the Bajaj Food processor is one of the Best Food Processors in India. Equipped with 600 Watts Powerful Motor, the Bajaj Food Processor functions Efficiently to Chop, slice, and shred all your vegetables and other food items. The feature offered by Bajaj at such an Affordable Price Range is Just unbelievable. The Processor Has 3 Speed Setting which with a pulse function that Works Efficiently. 

Bajaj Food Processor 


It Has Set of 3 Polycarbonate Stainless Steel Jars which Makes it Easier for You to Prepare various Food Items. The Jars Has Interlocking System to Prevent any Injuries or Accidents while Operating. The Classy and Sturdy Design will Enhance Your Modular Kitchens Interiors. All These Features makes it one of the Best Food Processor in India. 

Key-Feature of Bajaj Food Processor

  • Inbuild Powerful 600W Motor for Efficient Grinding. 
  • Motor overload Protection to Avoid any mishappening.
  • Stainless Steel Blades For Fine Chopping.
  • Jars and Bowls are Made up of unbreakable polycarbonate.
  • The Product comes with a 2 Year Warranty and a Motor with 5 Years. 

4. Butterfly Food Processor 

The butterfly is Fairly a New brand compare to the other Product on the List. But the reason why We have included this product in the list is That the Quality. For the price of around 6000 INR, You get a Wonderful Food processor that Works like a charm. 

Butterfly Food Processor 


Powered by a 1 HP Motor, the butterfly Food Processor can Grind the toughest ingredients in Your Kitchen. It has an FPSS Technology which provides Exclusive Speed Control while operating the Food Processor. The 4 Speed Motor is Specially Designed for Indian Households to offer the Best grinding Experience. 

Premium Stainless Steel Jars, Vegetable chopper, Atta kneader, and Juice Maker Makes it one of the Best Food Processor in India. The Stainless Steel Blades are Best for Slicing and Chopping. With the Designer Blades, You can get your sliced vegetables in a Different Style.

Key-Feature of Butterfly Food processor 

  • Inbuild 1 HP Powerful Motor for Efficient operations.
  • 4 Speed Control for Quick grinding.
  • Classic Timeless Design Stainless Steel Jars to Enhance Your Kitchen’s overall Look.
  • The Product is Proudly Made in India. 
  • It Has Food processor selective speed technology for Better Control.

5. Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor

We Loved Morphy Richards Icon Food Processor for Its Elegant Design and Easy use features. It Comes with a Powerful Motor that Enables You to Perform the toughest Grinding Easily. Equipped with Quadra flow technology ensures that all the ingredients are blended Perfectly As You want. The processor Provides 7 Different thickness Cutting for Vegetables which Allows You to Get the Perfect Dish.

Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor


It Has a Separate Citrus Juicer which can Easily Extract Juice From Different Fruits Like Orange, Lemon, Sweet Lime, and More. In our Test, the Processor Performed exceptionally well and it’s built more solidly than other processors in the same price range. 

Key-Feature of Morphy Richards Food Processor

  • The Product comes with 2 years of Warranty.
  • Quadra Flow Technology Ensure perfect Grinding.
  • Powerful Motor for Efficient Performance.
  • 6 Different Types of Blades for best Cutting.
  • Child Lock to Avoid any Accident.
  • 11 Different Kinds of Attachment For Best operations. 

6. Preethi Zion Food Processor 

For anyone who is Looking for a Food Processor in Budget, then There no better option than Preethi Zion. It is the Machine You want in Your Family Gathering. The Preethi Food Processor Has a Powerful 750W Motor with Safety indicators Ensures reliable performance.

It is a magnificent product which enlightens you with Elegant Performance. Along with a Powerful Motor, it has a fast Cooling Function which Ensures it Doesn’t Get Overheat While Using it for a longer time. 

Preethi Zion Food Processor 


Preethi is a Pioneer in Kitchen Appliances and Known for Giving Perfect Kitchen Experiences. It Has a Wider Base that Ensures Better Stability while Grinding or kneading. Preethi Test their Motor for 215 Hours which Guarantees Better grinding for 30 Min. 

Key-Feature of Preethi Food Processor 

  • Robust Motor tested for 215 Hours.
  • Build For Continue Usage of up to 30 Minutes.
  • Made up of Eco-Friendly Materials for Heath Safety.
  • Equipped with Safety Indicator in case of OverLoad.
  • Faster Motor Cooling.
  • The Product comes with 5 Years of warranty. In case of any Damage, the Company will Bear all the Expenses. 

7. Inalsa Food Processor INOX

The reasonably priced inalsa Food Processor is one of the Best Food Processor in India. With 12 Different Accessories and a 1000 Watts Motor, the Inalsa Food Processor is Excellent at chopping, shredding, Grinding, and kneading.

Unlike many other Products in the Market, the Inalsa Food Processor is Made with high-quality steel which can be used for compelling processing. The Additional Attachment Allows You to Create Smoothie, Juice, Sauce, and Much More. All These Amazing features Make it one of the Best best Food processor in India. 

Inalsa Food Processor INOX


It has a 1.5L PC BPA-Free Blender Jar,1.0L Dry Grinding Jar,400ml Chutney Jar. You can Grind the Toughest ingredients in Your Kitchen with Ease. The Food Processor Has a Strong Base which Keeps it More Stable while Grinding. Taking about the Design, it will be Going to Compliment Your Kitchen Interiors. 

We Appreciate Its Large 2L Bowl which is Ideal for Preparing Food in Large Quantity. It Reduces Your Meal Preparation time and Overall Effort in Family or Friends gathering. It Has a 3 Speed Setting With a Pulse Function which is Very Much useful in chopping, shredding, and grating.

Key-feature of Inalsa Food Processor INOX

  • Equipped with Powerful 1000W Motor for Seamless Performance.
  • Superior Quality Multi-Purpose Jars Made with Stainless Steel.
  • The Product Comes with 2 Years Warranty.
  • Precise slicing with Best in Class Blades.
  • Easily Fit in any Cornor of Your Kitchen.
  • Suitable for Chopping, shredding, slicing, and blending foods.

8. Panasonic Food Processor 

The Brand Panasonic Doesn’t Need any Introduction. Panasonic is Known to Make the Best Kitchen Appliances and other Electronics Products. It has a Powerful 550W Motor that is Capable of Grinding any ingredients Easily. Designed to Provide Smooth Operations, The Panasonic Food Processor comes with Magic Seal Protection which Preserves the Lubricant on blade shafts thus giving long life.

Panasonic Food Processor 


It Has Samurai Edge Blades which are Strong enough to grind the hardest substances in Your Kitchen. With 3 Speed Setting, the Panasonic Food Processor Gets Extremely Easy to Use. The Processor Has the Best Quality Handle which Is Designed to Use Roughly and Hassel Free. Overall it is one of the Best Food processors in India for Grinding, Chopping. 

Key-Feature of Panasonic Food processor 

  • Double Safety Locking System for Extra Protection in Operations.
  • Can be Used for Juicing, blending, mixing and dry grinding, wet grinding, egg beating.
  • Classic Design to Compliment the Overall Kitchen interiors.
  • 3 Speed Settings for convenient Usage.
  • The Product comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the Motor. 

9. Bosch Lifestyle Food Processor 

The Bosch is seen as one of the best food processors for the money by many of its purchasers. With a Powerful 800W Motor and More than 50 Functions, the Bosch Food Processor Seems to be one of the Best Value Money Products. It Has a 2-Speed Setting option so that users can Adjust the Speed as per the requirement of Ingredients.

The Multilevel Blades in Bosch Lifestyle Food processor is Designed to Blend the Toughest products Quickly and Easily. 

Bosch Lifestyle Food Processor 


The Food processor Has a Separate 1 Liter Jar for Preparing smoothies, Shakes, and Juices. You can Prepare Your Favourite Shake anytime using this Little jar. The Processor Comes with a Smart Storage so That all the Attachment Can be Kept Safely without misplacing them.

Key-feature of Bosch Food Processor 

  • Inbuild Powerful 800W Motor for Efficient Grinding.
  • 2 Speed Setting to Adjust Speed According to Requirement.
  • Food Processor Includes More than 50 Functions.
  • Classic Design to Complement Your Interior Kitchen.
  • BPA free plastic
  • Sturdy base for extra stability.
  • The product comes with 2 years of Warranty.

10 . Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep

The last product in our list of the top 10 Best Food processor in India is From Inalsa. The Inalsa is one of the few cheap food processors that have adequate performance. It Has a Powerful 800W Motor that Efficiently Does all Chopping, Grinding, kneading, and shredding. The Food Processor Has a Child Safety Lock Function for Better protection. 

Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep


It Has a 2 Speed Setting with a pulse function so that You can operate the Processor at Your Required Speed. You can also use the extra boost of power with pulse function. The Main bowl Capacity of the processor is 2 Ltr which makes it Ideal for Preparing Large Meals. 

Key-feature of Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep

  • The Product comes with 2 years of Warranty.
  • Inbuild Powerful 800w Motor for Easy operations.
  • 1.4L Large Bowl Capacity to Process Large Volume of Food Easily.
  • Equipped with overload Protector for better performances.
  • The Attachment Can be Clean Easily. 


Things to Consider Before Buying Food Processor 

There is an end number of things that you can take into consideration before buying a Food Processor. However, all of them are not equally important. That is why to help you out a bit; we have prepared a list that you can read below. And, it has got a mention of all the essential things that you must take into consideration before buying a food processor. 


The motor that powers your Food processor matters, Why? It would surely help if you had a Food processor that cuts and chops tough nuts, cussed parsnips, and all kinds of hard ingredients with ease. The Best Food Processor in India has a stable kingdom motor.  

You may pay extra for any such motor however might be spared the disappointment that it incorporates a processor that can’t do its job.


You will need an assurance that your included need to the surprising occurs. And, your Food processor grinds to a halt after only some months of proudly grinding up carrots and kneading pizza dough. 

How lengthy do you need your assurance to last? Shoot for three years. Remember that Food processors get designed to cope with healthy foods. Your ordinary blender genuinely works higher for liquids. If you intend to make healthy smoothies each morning, you need a blender.

Bowl Capacity

Nobody is aware of your necessities for cooking and Food processing besides you. So, ensure which you purchase the proper bowl length in step with the dimensions of your circle of relatives or step with your coaching style. 

It is essential because you get a bowl length smaller than your necessities; then you must do two times the work. Similarly, if the bowl length is more significant than your real needs, then cleansing it could get exhausting, and it’s going to occupy the more substantial area of your kitchen.


The first and primary issue you ought to do earlier than you purchase a Food processor is to peer the distinctive evaluations. Reading direct consumer evaluations is a notable practice. However, you want to examine expert assessment if you’re going to have real expertise of the professionals and cons of Food processors of every company. 

For example, you could test the were view shopping to make a knowledgeable and ideal choice.

Power and Blade

The blades of the Food processor must be sharp. However, there are a variety of different matters which you want to realize approximately knives. 

For example, the fabric of the blades decides the sturdiness of the blade. Similarly, you want to test what number of styles of knives your Food processor has and what number of kinds do you want. It will assist you in making the proper choice.

Different regions have distinct wattage supplies. Therefore, you want to test the wattage of the Food processor. Many organizations are presenting energy-green Food processors. You want to pick out an energy-green Food processor if you need to keep cash on your energy bill.

Speed and Pulse Function

It’s helpful and also important to check the number of speeds the food processor has. Two rates are all you need on a food processor. Anything more than that is probably excessive. You’ll need a faster speed for processing solid ingredients like nuts or chopping up vegetables. And, the slower pace is ideal for doughs and making emulsions.

And another essential feature is the pulse function. It is excellent for controlled chopping when the slicing blades’ speed and power are too extreme for what’s processed. Make sure Your best Food Processor in India Has the Pulse Function. 


Take a look at each Food processor grating cap potential on carrots, cheese, and chocolate. And, take a look at how appropriate it’s miles at cutting on cucumbers. Also, please look at their reducing cap potential on onions, bread, and whole hazelnuts, and we also mince beef. 

Have a separate take a look at for purée features with chickpeas. We whip cream and mix home-made mayonnaise, too. We blend pastry dough and cake batter to look how properly every processor copes for the kneading and combining elements. 

And, we then bake each to check the feel of the completed product. So you can also apply these tips and techniques to your testing the best Food Processor in India. 

Modes and Body

The majority of Food Processors have only three modes: on, off, and pulse in maximum instances that are greater than sufficient. However, few features could require more excellent velocity controls. For example, the only kind of dough can also additionally require exclusive blending speeds.

Before committing your cash to a specific Food Processor brand, ensure that its controls will aid the meant uses. Some heavy masses can purpose sturdy vibrations. Stability is a crucial component with regards to Food Processors. 

You ought to pick out a Food Processor that has a solid-constructed frame and broader bases. Wide bases will aid balance and save you the Food Processor from transferring or dancing to your kitchen counter.

Feeding Tube

When it involves Lid ensures that it does tight correctly. Loose lids can purpose content material to spill out. In the case of a feeding tube, this ought to preferably be as huge as possible. Narrow feeding tubes would require the Food to get reduced on the way to boom call for your guide work.

Some of the exceptional Food Processors have huge feeding tubes with an optionally available narrower pusher inner them. It ought to make the feeding of smaller objects like carrots easier.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions on Food Processors )

What is Pulse Function in Food Processor?

Pulse Function is Used when You Need Some short bursts of Power in Your Food Processor. 

What size of food processor do I need?

A food Processor with a 2-liter capacity is more than enough for an Indian Family.

Which is the Best Food Processor in India?

In Our Opinion, the Best Food Processor In India is Usha FP 3810 Food Processor. The Processor Has a Lot of Amazing features offered at very Sensible Pricing. 

Can I Process Hot ingredients with my Food processor?

No, You should Never Process Hot ingredients in Food Processor. Let the ingredients cool down to room temperature, and then You can Process them.

How Do I Clean my Food Processor? 

You can use any Cloth or Towel to Clean the Main Body part. For Lid and Different Attachments, You can wash them in warm soapy water.

In Conclusion

Your Kitchen is Incomplete without a Food processor. Food processors are one of the smartest inventions for the Kitchen. All Your Recipes Become Much Easier to Prepare with the Help of a Good Food Processor. From Chopping Vegetables to mixing the batter, It will Do Everything for You.

We hope this guide Helped You to Find the Best Food Processor in India. If You have any Queries Related to Food Processors, Make sure to share them with us in the comments below, We are Happy To Help You.

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