Best Portable AC in India

Top 5 Best Portable AC in India [2021]

With the Temperature Going Up every Year in Summers, the best way to Keep Your House cool is to buy a Portable Air Conditioner. Portable Air conditioners are a Great Alternative to those Large Window unit AC. They are Cost-efficient and More Effective in Lower down the Temperature and Humidity in Your Room. To Make buying Portable AC Easy & Simple, we have Put together the List of Top 5 Best Portable AC in India. Read on for the Expert Review of the Best Portable AC to ensure you get a great deal.

Best Portable AC in India [ Our Top Pick ]

BrandTonnageBuy Now
Bluestar Portable AC1 TonBuy on Amazon
Lloyd Mats1 TonBuy on Amazon
Midea Portable AC1 TonBuy on Amazon
Honeywell-Buy on Amazon
Cruise Portable AC1 TonBuy on Amazon

1 . Bluestar 1 Ton Portable AC

Bluestar is one of the leading Air conditioner manufacturers in the world. The Portable AC From Bluestar combines the elegant looks and top build quality to Blend Into Any Room. 

Bluestar Portable AC


With the simple Design and Touch Controls, The AC offers You the best Experience while Operating. Suitable for Rooms Up to 100 Sq Feet, It Has High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor, It Delivers Maximum Cooling with Very Less Power Consumption. 

Provided with Hydrophilic Golden Evaporator Fins Doesn’t Allow the Water to Compensate to accumulate. It Keeps the Dust and other Particle to Damage the Performance of Your Air Conditioner. All these Features Make it the Best Portable Air Conditioner in India. 

The Bluestar Portable AC has a Full Tank Alarm which Helps You Know Exactly when the Tank is Full. You can Manually Drain the Water out of the AC When it is Full. 

No Matter What, but we have to protect our environment. It is Important to Use Eco-Friendly Appliances to Preserve the Ozone Layer. Most of the Air Conditioners Function on HFCs and Hydrofluorocarbons Slowly Contributes to Greenhouse Gas and Destroyes Ozone Layer. The Bluestar Portable AC Uses Environment-Friendly Refrigerant which Has Zero Ozone-Depleting Substance. 

At 32 KG, It Features Caster Wheels which Lets You Move the AC from one Place to another without any hassle. You can Keep the AC According to Your Need in any Particular part of Your Room. The Only Problem We Encountered while testing this Portable Air Conditioner is Noise. You Might Not want to Leave this AC Overnight Running. 

Key-Feature of Bluestar Portable AC 

  • Portable 1 Ton Air Conditioner For Delivers Maximum Cooling.
  • Equipped with Anti-Freeze Thermostat Helps Prevent frost formation on the heat exchanger. 
  • Features a Dry Mode which is Useful in Removing the moisture from the room.
  • It has a Remote Controller to Operate the AC from Distance.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty on the condenser and 5 years on the compressor.

2 . Lloyd Mats 1 Ton Portable AC

The Lloyd Mats is the Second Best Portable AC in India. The AC has the Best Design and Higher Rating among the other brands in the Indian Market. Equipped with a Smart Touch Control Panel which Enhances the overall Look of and Air Condition.

Lloyd Portable AC



It is Best Suited for Room Between 100 to 200 Sq. Overall the Airflow of this Lloyd Portable is Good, and It can Easily Cool Down Your Room within 10 Minutes. The AC also Comes with Remote Controller which Lets You Control the Temperature Easily. 

The Portable AC Uses Different Build-in Filters to Keep the Air Fresh in Your Room. Lloyd has Specially Designed this Portable AC to consume Very Low Energy. You Do Not have to worry about those Heavy Electricity Bills at the End of the Month. 

The Lloyd Portable AC has a Smart LED Indicator that Lets You Know the Status of the Different operations in AC. The Digital Display is Read the Read and it overall Enhances the Beauty of Your Air Conditioner. With the Minimal and Practical Design, the AC is Very Convenient to Use. You can change the Airflow or Move the AC Anywhere in the Room with the Help of Sturdy Handle Grips on the Side. 

Key-Feature of Lloyd Mats 1 Ton Portable AC 

  • Best Portable AC in India with Elegant Design.
  • Features a Smart Touch Control on the Top, which Makes it More convenient to use and Also Magnify the Beauty. 
  • Smart LED Indicator to show the Status of Different Operations in AC.
  • Uses Environment-Friendly Components to which Does Not Damage the Environment. 
  • The Lloyd AC Uses a Blue Fin Coil, which is one way of enhancing efficiency.
  • It features an Auto Swing Function which manages the Equal distribution of the air in the room.
  • The Product comes with 1 Year of Warranty on the condenser and 5 years on the compressor.

3. Midea 1 Ton Portable AC

Midea is one of the Best Portable AC Brands in India. Although Midea is Not a Well-Known Brand in India, But their Product is Reliable and their Customer Service is Excellent. The Midea Portable AC Has Infini Anti-Freeze which Does Not Let the Frost collect on Heat Exchanger. This Ensures Smooth Functioning of Your Air Conditioner. 

Midea 1 Ton Portable AC


This Portable AC is Proficient in Cooling Down Your Room within 10-15 Minutes. The Functioning of this Air Conditioner is very Smooth. You will Hardly Notice any Vibrations or Unwanted Noice. 

The AC Was Fairly Easy to Setup, unlike the Window Unit You Do Not Need any Technician to Install this Portable Ac in Your Room. The installation Kit and Manual are Provided within the Box. 

It has Inbuild Gold Evaporator Fins, which keep the dust away from the Copper Coil and enhances performance. If You would Prefer a Minimal Design Portable AC, then there is No Better option than Midea. The Controls on the AC is Easy to Operate, You can use it just like you would any other AC. 

Unlike other Portable Air Conditioner in the Market, the Midea Portable AC comes equipped with zero ozone Depleting Substances. This feature also Helps the AC to Save around 25% Electricity. 

Key-Feature of Midea 1 Ton Portable AC 

  • The AC Comes with an Auto-start Feature. You Do Not Need to Reset the Setting After Power-cut. 
  • Equipped with Gold Evaporator Fins to Ensure effective cooling and Better Performance.
  • Features an Auto-Sleep Function that Adjusts the Temperature According to Room Temperature. This Ensure You get a Perfect Sleep at Night. 
  • Suitable for 90 Sq Feet Room. 
  • The AC Comes with a Manual and Installation Kit for Easy Installations. 

4 . Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner 

The Honeywell Portable AC is the 4th Best Portable AC in India. The AC has a Compact Size which Allows You to Keep it anywhere in the Room. It offers You Powerful Performance and Capable of Cooling up to 450 Sq Feet of Area. The Unit is Portable and Easy to Install, You Do Not Need a Technician to Install this Portable AC in Your Room. 

Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner


The AC is Ideal for Cooling Area with Excess Heat and Humanity. Featuring a Low Noise Motor, the AC Doest Have any Unwanted Noise while You Sleep. The Unit Features a Dual Dust Filtration & Dual Filters It Protects the System from any Dust and Enhances the Performance.

Honeywell Provides You with ISTA-6 certified packaging, which will Protect Your Air Conditioner while Delivery. 

The Unit Features Full Digital Controls on the top with 3 Fan Speed. It Seamlessly helps Reduce the Temperature of the Room, covering up to 450 square feet. One of the Best features of Honeywell Portable AC’s Which we Love the Most is the Remote Controller.

The Remote Controllers Helps You control the AC From a Particular Distance. You Do Not have to stand up every time from Your Place to Adjust the Temperature to Swift on/off the Air Conditioner. 

The Air Conditioner is Eco Friendly and Doest Damage the Environment. Overall, If you’re looking to stay cool on a budget, there is No Better option Then Honeywell Portable AC. 

Key-feature of Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner 

  • 3 in 1 Portable AC capable of Cooling Down Area up to 450 Sq Feet. 
  • Features an Automatic vertical wind motion that Helps in Equal Distribution of Air.
  • The AC has an Impressive 1200 BTU and can cool a 450-square-foot room with ease. 
  • Features a Built-in dehumidifier removes up to 69 pints.
  • An easy installation Kit is Available in the Box. The User can Install the AC within 15-20 Minutes. 

5 . Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC

All Though Most of the AC we have mentioned in this List are Easy to Move. But if You want something Very Slim which can Easily Fit in any Cornor of Your Room, then there is a Better option than Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC. It has a Portable and Compact design which is Attractive and Function at the same time. 

Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC


The AC Features a 4-in-1 Function that Allows You to Switch Between Functions Like conditioner, dehumidifier, air purifier, or just fan mode. The Airflow on the Air Conditioner jet aero blades. The Vents Automatically Adjusts 120 Degree According to Your Needs. 

It features an In-Build Filter that Stops the Dust Particles to Enter the Machine and Increases its overall Performance. It has an Easy to Slide in our mechanism filters, making it easy to Clean Regularly. The Cruise Portable AC has a feather touch control panel that Lets You control the air conditioner remotely.

The feature we Loved about this Portable AC is De-Humidification. It Allows You removes sticky heat from the Room and Keep the Environment Fresh. All these amazing Features Make it one of the Best Portable AC in India. 

For Better Performance in Tropical Climate, the AC Uses a Powerful Robust Motor for Non-Stop Cooling. It has a High quality grooved copper tube heat exchangers which Increase the Performance and Efficiency of the Air conditioner by 3x Times. 

Key-feature of Cruise 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner 

  • Portable 1 Ton Air Conditioner with a powerful compressor For Better Performance.
  • Equipped with Anti-Bacteria and Dust Filters to Improve the Life of AC.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty on the condenser; 1 year on the compressor.
  • It Features a Smart Control Panel with a temperature display.
  • Equipped with Cluster Wheels which Makes it Easy to Move from one Place to Another in Room. 
  • Adjustable Exhaust with Window Kit which can Expand up to 11 ft to Remove the Hot Air from the Room. 

Things to be Consider Before Buying a Portable AC

We all know there are two kinds of Air Conditioners Portable and Non-Portable. And, there are loads of things to take into consideration while buying Portable Ac. Now, we are specifically going to discuss the things that you must take into consideration while purchasing a Portable Ac.

Maintenance – Keeping a versatile AC is moderately simple since all you require to do now and again is to deplete any dampness it gathers, which is essential for the cooling cycle. In any case, there are versatile AC units that include a self-evaporative plan.

With these units, you will presently don’t have to consider manual depletion. All that you need to do is clean the channels and defrost the unit once you see a presence of ice developing in the curls.

Noise Level – The calmest convenient AC units have a dB level of 45, while standard ones accompany a dB level somewhere in the range of 50 to 59. The previous is best for your room or a nursery, and the last is adequate for your youngster’s den.

Portable AC units produce a specific measure of clamor as they buckle down in chilling off your space. The noise they create gets frequently shown by their decibel (dB) level. The lower the dB level of a unit, the less-clamor it makes as it cools a room.

Warranty – Everyone realizes that if a client gets disappointed, he won’t ever purchase something from that organization later on. Remembering this, consistently go with the brand that offers some benefit to its clients after selling something. Go for a trusted brand and also look out for their after purchase consumer service. It shall help you to make a better deal.

Convenient to Room – The cooling of the room is the principal thing somebody sees when he goes into the room. The next thing can be your Air conditioner. It will be a smart thought if you purchase an AC, which makes your room look more lovely. You won’t disclose to them it highlights except if they notice your air conditioner’s smooth plan and delightful body.

Quality of Air – Regardless of which AC you pick, it’s primary function must be to improve indoor air quality. It should have channels to give clean air by catching smoke, undesirable smell, and pollution. A decent dehumidification unit is additionally a reward, as it will assist with guaranteeing an agreeable climate in the storm season by lessening the moistness.

Energy Efficient – In case you’re worried about energy productivity (for the climate or potentially your month to month energy charges), at that point, you should take a gander at a PAC’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER reveals to you the number of BTUs that get used for every watt of force. All in all, units with higher EERs are more energy proficient.

Dual and single hose Portable ACs – There are two primary fumes hose alternatives regarding compact cooling units: a solitary hose or a double hose. Single hose units pull the air from inside the room and remove warmed air and dampness outside. It makes a negative gaseous tension since you are pushing the ventilate of the room.

The outcome is air must be supplanted in the room and is therefore sucked in from breaks underneath entryways or around windows. The warm air, like this, powers the unit to work more diligently to keep the room cool, and it’s great.

Single hose units, which are less complicated machines, don’t, for the most part, represent a difficulty when utilized in more modest settings and are by and large, more affordable.

Safety – Nowadays, ACs use P2 secured capacitors with the most significant well-being highlights with self-recuperating properties and overpressure separation and for more security accompany the defensive metal packaging on the electrical circuit box.

Likewise, while overhauling the AC, it should be guaranteed that no adjustment or expansion can negatively influence the presentation. . Things like window ornaments and burnable writing material that can undoubtedly burst into flames should not re-get placed in the place of unitary climate control systems.

There are many other things that you may take into consideration. However, these are quite a few essential things that you must look out for, and it’s needed! Other than that, if you feel like there is something that we missed out on and we may. Then, do let us know regarding the same in the comments section beneath.

And, Don’t forget to hop on to this list before buying a portable. Besides, we are specific regarding the fact that this post shall act as a guide for you.

Portable AC vs. Windows Air Conditioner? Which One Should You Buy? 

When it comes to Air Conditioners, there are Different types of ACs available on the Market. From Split ACs to Windows Unit and Portable Air conditioners, the Number is Just Endless. If you are not sure which type of AC You should Pick for Your room, here are a few guidelines that might help you.

Installation Process – The Installation Process in Portable ACs is Simple. Anyone can install Portable ACs at their Home without any Help from the technician. The Portable ACs are Designed to be More Flexible than Windows ACs. 

On the other hand, the Installation Process of Windows ACs is Complicated and Time-Consuming. The Installation can Not be Done without the Help of a Technician. To Install a Window AC First You Need to Install a Window Frame to fit the Air Conditioner. 

Pricing – Portable ACs are Usually cheaper than a Window Unit. On Average, a Portable AC in Indian Market can Range From 15,000 to 20,000 INR. For Windows Air conditioners the Prices Start from 25000 and It can Go up to 35,000 INR for 1.5 Ton AC. 

Nowadays, people Demand More Portable ACs than Window Units. In the offline Market, the ACs Prices in Peak Summer are Very High. We would Suggest You Buy the AC Online. You can find the Best Portable AC in India for Discounted rates at online Market Place Like Amazon. 

Cooling Capacity – The Cooling of Your Air conditioner Depends upon its tonnage. However, the Portable ACs are Designed to Cool Small Sized Room. Whereas the Windows ACs can Cool Down a Large Area with Better Air Circulation. 

If Your Room Size is Between 100-200 sq ft, then Go for a Window AC of 1 Ton. The Portable ACs may sometimes find it difficult to cool your Larger Room. Hence It is Recommended to Invest Your Money in a Window AC. For Room Size Below 100 Sq Ft, then We would Suggest You Go with a Portable AC. 

If You are someone who is Reading our Review From United States, You can Read this Article From Wirecutters on Best Portable Air Conditioners in the USA

4 Easy Tips to Lower Down Your AC Bills & Save Money This Summer 

4 Easy Tips to Lower Down Your AC Bills & Save Money This Summer 

How to Test the Best Portable AC in India?

Our Primary Concern while Picking the Best Portable AC in India was Good Performance in Best Budget. To Write this Detailed Review of Top 5 AC, We have to Spend More than 5 Days Reading the Reviews on Amazon and other Online Ecommerce Websites. 

The Primary Measurement Factor was cooling Performance. With 50+ Portable ACs to Choose From, we have narrowed our Top 5 with Best of Performance on Low Maintenance and Energy. 

While Making this List we were also worried about the size of the Air Conditioner. Most of the Portable ACs in the Market come with caster Wheels to Move around in the room. But the Size was the Main Concern Here, if the Size of the AC was Huge, it would not be Possible to Move around every time. 

Our Initial Research narrow Down the List of Portable Air Conditioner Promising 10 Models. Later We tested them Thoroughly and settled on Best Portable AC in India. 

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is BTU?

BTU Stands For British Thermal Unit. BTU is the amount of Heat Required to Change the Temperature of one pound of Water by Degree.

How to Decide Tonnage based on Room Size?

If Your Room size is Around 100 Sq Feet the AC Capacity is Required is 0.167 tons. For Room size up to 150 Sq Feet, 1.0 Ton AC is Required. For Room size Above 100 Sq Feet to 250 Sq Feet, the Required AC Tonnage is 1.5 Ton.

My AC Does Not Cool Enough What Should I Do?

Make sure all Your Windows and Door are Closed. Properly Clean Your AC Filters to Get the Perfect Cooling.

The AC is Producing a Cracking Sound, What Should I Do?

This Cracking sound may be coming from the Plastic Parts on the Front of Your AC. You can Get in touch with a technician to Solve this Issue. 

In Conclusion 

Our Review Expert Has Written this Review with Extensive research. We Hope This Article Solve Your Queries related to the Best Portable AC in India. All the Product Mentioned in the List are from Trusted Brands, and You can Trust Them with Your Money. If You have any Question Left Related to the Best Portable AC in India, Make sure to share with us in the comment Section Below. 

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