Best Room Heater In India

Top 10 Best Room Heater in India for Winters

To keep things warm in Freezing Winter Nights you’ll most probably need a Room Heater. Room heaters are often a Smart solution to Keep your Home Warm in chilly weather. If You are in a search for a Room heater for Your Home, then we have rounded up reviews of the Best room heater in India to help you to purchase the Right Product.

Whether You are at Home or in Your office, a personal Room Heater is something we all prioritize in Winter. With Different Brands Coming into the Market with their new styles and designs, Room Heaters are Available in the Market. Depending upon You Needs it is Important to look into Different Features before Buying the Best Room Heater in India.

Ideally, Room Heaters should create a Warm temperature inside Your Room. But this Doest Not Mean Room Heaters Cheap to Run. Nowadays most of the Room Heaters in the Market are Energy Efficient but Still, it is very important for us to do the research from our End. To Make Your Work Easy all the Best Room heaters we have mentioned in the List are Energy Efficient and Helps in Power Consumption.

Here the Top 10 Best Room Heater In India for Winters

Brand Warrenty Period Buy Now
Amazon Brand Solimo Room Heater1-year Limited WarrantyBuy on Amazon
AISEN Halogen Room Heater1 Year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector 1 Year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Heater1 Year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Orient Electric Areva Room Heater 1 Year Replacement WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Bajaj Majesty RX11 Room Heater 2 Year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater Not Available Buy on Amazon
Usha Quartz Room Heater1-year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater2-year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Quato1-year Replacement WarrantyBuy on Amazon

1 . Amazon Brand Solimo Room Heater

Solimo is an Amazon Brand That offers kitchenware, Home Appliances, Decor, and Many More. Equipped with a 2400 RPM Powerful Motor, it is Capable of oscillating the heat an area of up to 300 Square Feet.

The safety feature of Solimo Includes an Auto-shut Feature which switches the motor off when the Temperatures Reaches 130° C. The Plastic Body of Solimo is Made up of High-Quality Material which is 100% fire retardant, Making it a Safe Option for Families and the Best Room heater in India.

Amazon Brand Solimo Room Heater


Solimo Room Heaters comes in a Portable size makes it ideal for a small to medium-sized room. The Heater comes with Two Knob for Temperature Setting. You can set the Temperature of the Heater According to Your Preference, Making it one of the Best Room Heater in India.

For Additional Safety the Heater Features a Metal Grill Which Keeps the Copper Element Separated so that Your Kids Don’t Touch it unintentionally.

The heater comes with a versatile Dual Function Where You can also use this as a Normal Fan in Warmer Weather. You can Easily Mount this heater on Wall away from Your Childers and Enjoy the Warm and Cosy Nights in Freezing Winters.

When You will first time Run the Heater, You Might experience some burning smell. Don’t worry about that as the Burning Smell is coming Due to the motor lacquer getting heated for the 1st time. This is our No.1 Recommendation for anyone Looking for the best room heater in Budget for their Family.

Key-Feature of Amazon Brand Solimo Room Heater 

  • Equipped with a Powerful 2400 RPM Copper Wired Motor.
  • Ideal for Small & Medium-Sized Rooms.
  • Lightweight & Portable Size.
  • Comes with 1-year Limited Warranty.

2. AISEN 1200 Watts Halogen Room Heater

Aisen is one the Industry Leader in Kitchen and Home Appliances. The Aisen Room Heater features a 3 Heat Setting which lets You indicate the Temperature of the Heater According to Your Preference. You can set the Temperature to Low, Medium, and High and Enjoy the Freezing Winters Nights in Your own Comfort.

AISEN 1200 Watts Halogen Room Heater


It Features a Wide-angle Spinning which helps to Deliver the Flow in Multi Direction. Safety has been Not Been Neglected in Aisen Room Heater as this Heater comes with ISI Certification, it is Bureau of Indian Standards. Exceeding industry safety standards, it is one of the best Best Room Heater in India.

For Trouble-Free handing, the Aisen Room heater comes with an Easy carrying Handle which Lets You Keep the Heater anywhere in the Room without any Hassel. The heater is capable of Generating Enough Heat for Small to Medium Sized Room.

Key-feature of Aisen 1200 Room Heater 

  • 1200 Watts Power Consumption.
  • Sturdy Design for Minimum Utilization of Space in Room.
  • ISI Certified
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

3. Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector 

Usha is one of the oldest consumer durable manufacturing Companies in India. Meant for Spot heating, the Usha 423 N is one of the Best Room Heater in India. The Heater Includes a User-Friendly Control Panel Where You can set the Fan Speed According to Your own Preference.

Usha 423 N 200-Watt Room Heater is Very Safe and Effective to use. The heater Automatically Shut-off to Protect it from Overheating. All these features make it the Most trusted and Popular Convector Present in Indian Market.

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector 


Featuring a Twin Turbo Design for Better heating, the Usha 423 Heat Convector can cover 150 Square feet Area and Allows you to heat up the room quickly. At 2000 Watts the Usha Room Heater is Slightly More Powerful than Your Average heaters Present in the Market.

Key-feature of Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector 

  • Twin-turbo Design for better Heating.
  • Equipped with Side Air-intake Grills.
  • Comes with Overheat Protection.
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

4. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Ideal for small and Medium Size Rooms, the Orpat OEH 2000 Watt fan Heater is a Must have a product for Winters. The Orpat Room Heater comes equipped with two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W, You can set the Temperature According to Your Preference by Simply Rotating the Knob.

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater


Orpat is one of the top Brands to Look out for in the Room Heater Market, offering the Best performance at Affordable Price. Taking about the Safety this Heater comes with a Safety cut-off Feature in case of over-heating.

The Heater comes with an Inbuild handle so That You can Move it from one place to another even when it’s working without any problem. The Cool to Touch Exterior Ensures Safety When Touching or Moving it even while it is switched on.

Key-Feature of Orpat OEH-1220 Room Heater 

  • Overheating Heating Protection.
  • Thermal Cut-off for Added Safety.
  • Comes in 2 Heat Setting – 1000 Watts & 2000 Watts.
  • Can be Used as Table Fan in Summers.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

5. Orient Electric Areva Room Heater 

Orient Electric is one of the Leading Consumer Electric Brands in India. If You are Looking for a Room Heater which is ideal for room size of up to 180 Square Feet then the Orient Electric Areva is the Best Room Heater in India You can Buy.

Orient Electric Areva


Meant for Spot Heating, this Room Heater Features a Full Copper Motor that Helps to Boost the Performance and Allows You to Heat up Your Room Quickly and Easily. Product coming from such a Huge Brand, the Areva Room heater is Made up of ABS Plastic which Increases the Safety and Durability of the Product making it one of the best Room heater in India.

Orient Electric Areva Room Heater has an Impressive Range of Heating Mode 1000W & 2000W. You can Pick Your own Desired Setting from the Easy to use Knob. One of the Best features of this Heater is You can also use this Product as a Fan During the Summertime.

The Safety features of Orient Electric Areva Include an ABS Plastic Body and 5 Level of Protection for Enhanced Safety. The heater comes with a 1.3 Meter Long Cord so that You can Easily Move it to Your Desired Position in Your House without any Hassel.

Taking about the Design, It Looks Great in White Colour. The Metal mesh in front Enhances the Looks and also Makes it safe for the kids at Home.

Key-feature of Orient Electric Areva Room heater 

  • Ideal for Room size of 180 Square Feet.
  • Full Copper Motor for Better Durability.
  • Approved by ISI
  • Power 2000 Watts
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

6. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Room Heater 

Bajaj is one of the Most Trustworthy Brands in India with its Wide Range of Home & Kitchen Appliances. All the Appliances from Bajaj are Symbol of high quality and durability. The Bajaj Majesty RX11 Ensures Comfort During Freezing Winters Night.

Bajaj Majesty Watts Room Heater 


If You are Looking for a Product with Multiple Safety System with Premium Quality and Performance then the Bajaj Majesty RX11 is the Best Room Heater in India. To Safeguard the Heater from overheating It features a thermal fuse.

The Heater comes with 2 Different Heat Setting. You can Either Choose 1000W or 2000W According to Your own Preference and Desired temperature in Your Room. Taking about the Design, It is Based on Internation Style Standards which makes it Look very Attractive.

Equipped with Cool touch Housing and an In-Build Handle Makes it Easy to carry and Move without any Risk Involved in It. Fast Heating isn’t the only thing that sets apart this Heater. Firstly It comes with 2 heat Setting and It also Features a Thermal shutoff to Prevent Overheating. Clearly, it is one of the Best Room heaters in India.

The Design of this Heater is Pretty Classic, Build with Durable Good Quality Material. It comes in a Two-way Installation, Horizontal and Vertical so that You can Keep this Heater anywhere in Room without Consuming Much Space.

Key-feature of Bajaj Majesty Room heater 

  • Personalized Comfort with Two heat Setting.
  • Can be used as a Personal Fan in Summers.
  • Auto-switch off feature to Prevent over Heating.
  • Approved by BIS.
  • The Heater comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

7. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater 

Here another Product from Orpat in our List of Top 10 Best Room Heater in India. The orpat OEH 1260 Room Heater is an Ideal Heater for Small and Medium-Sized Rooms at a Very Reasonable Price Range.

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater 


The Heater comes with 2 Heat Setting Mode so that You can set the Heat Flow According to Your Need. If You are someone who Lives in a Hostel in Shared Accommodation, this Heater has the Ability to Warm up a Medium-Sized Room in 10-15 Minutes.

You can also use this Heater as Fan in Summers along with being used as a Heater in Winters. The only Downside of this Heater is that It Doesn’t come with any handle which Means You have to be more Careful While Moving this Heater around Your Room.

Key-feature of Orpat OEH 200 Watt Room Heater 

  • Pure Copper Wire Motor which Enhances the Performance.
  • Overheat Protection & Touch Sensor.
  • It can be used as a Fan in Summers.
  • Cover up to 250 Square Feet of Area.

8.Usha Quartz Room Heater

The Next Heater in our List of Top 10 Best Room heater in India is from Usha. The Usha is a Well Known Brand in the Indian Consumer Market. The Usha Room Heater is very Effective and it will keep you warm during chilly winters.

Usha Quartz Room Heater


Ergonomically Design for Indian Household, the Usha heater consumes 230 volts. To Prevent it Overheating it Automatically Switches off the Heater before it Gets Heated. The Minimal Design and Lightweight makes it Easy to Position this anywhere in Your Room.

The Usha Quartz Room heater comes with a unique feature of the cord storage facility. The Power cord of the Heater can be Easily Mounted on the Hooks Provided at the Back for Easy Storage. The Heating Element used in this Heater is a quartz tube.

Key-feature of Usha Quartz Room Heater 

  • Ideal for Small Rooms, it can cover Area up to 150 Square Feet.
  • Automatically Switches off the Heater In case It Falls.
  • Power Consumption in Usha Quartz is very less.
  • The Product Comes with a 1-year Warranty.

9. Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater

The features Bajaj Flashy Room Heaters Provides in the Budget are Just Unreal.  Ideal for Small & Mid Sized Rooms, this 1000 Watts heater Instantly Warms Your Room During Winter. With the Different heat Customization options, You can Increase or Decrease the heating According to Your Preference.

Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater


You get a 1.5 M Cotton Braided Cord with a heater which Lets You Move the Heater anywhere in the Room without any Hassel. Taking about the Safety Provided by Bajaj, this Heater assures safety from overheating. The stylish Modern design and Compact Size of this Heater increase the Ambience in Room.

With the Stainless Steel reflecting Surface on the Heater Reflects the Heat evenly on the Whole Room. All these Amazing features Make it one of the best Room heaters in India.

Key-feature of Bajaj Flashy Room heater 

  • Best Choice for Small Rooms.
  • Customize Heat According to Your Own Preference.
  • Stainless Steel Reflector.
  • Equipped with Strong Flexible Stand.
  • The product comes with a 2-year Warranty.

10.Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Quato

The Maharaja Whiteline Room heater offers Great Value for Money. The Room heater is Equipped with 2 heat settings, 400 & 800W for Efficient Heating. Designed for Low Power consumption You can Adjust the Heat Setting According to Your own Preference. These features Make it one of the Best Room heater in India.

Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Quato


Key-feature of Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater 

  • Designed for Spot Heating.
  • ISI Marked
  • 1-year Replacement Warranty.
  • Operating Voltage: 230 volts

Things We Should Consider Before A Room Heater

The tremendous snowfall in hilly areas has affected most of the northern states. From Delhi NCR, Bihar and Rajasthan cold winds have started blowing up. On the whole, winter has already started to play havoc and is expected to drop in temperature further over the next few days.

It’s not enough to wear only warm clothes to avoid cold, as it’s important to keep your room warm. Especially in the morning and evening, it may work for your Best room heater in India. If you don’t have the room heater and are planning to buy one, know what are the things you need to be taken care of when you buy the best room heater in India.

  • Heating ailments: The higher the heating element on your room heater, the better it is because it will heat up your room more quickly.
  • Watt: To run a heater that is larger and stronger than a small heater, one will need more of it. Therefore, avoid products that do not have an energy rating and are falsely claiming to save energy.
  • Temperature setting: Do not take the best room heater that has only one or two options for heat settings. Look for a room heater with different heat settings, which is appropriate for your room.
  • Power cut: It is recommended to take a room heater with an auto cut feature on reaching a certain temperature. This saves electricity and is safe.
  • Light: If you are buying a radiant heater, make sure you don’t get too light or you may lose sleep.
  • Portable: While Buying the Best Room heater in India, Make sure the model on your heater is portable so that you can easily move from one place to another in any room.
  • Safety grills: If you have children or pets at home, make sure your heater has safety grills that cover the heating element from outside to prevent accidents.

There are 3 types of best room heater are available

Convection heaters: This type of heater uses convection technology to warm up the room with a coil or panel used for heating. There is a fan or blower next to the heat panel, which spreads the hot air throughout the room.

Conduction heaters: Such best room heaters transmit heat through metallic coils which are capable of heating when heated through electricity. The surrounding area is warm first, after which the warmth spreads to the entire room.

Radiant heaters: Best room heaters work on infrared radiation technology. Heat rays heat up directly surfers where they occur, causing the warmth that is needed in the room.

What are the Safety Precautions We Should Take While Operating Room Heater?

● Proper inspection of the heater before using it is very important to Check the faulty wiring.
● Keep the heater clean, and keep inspecting the ducts.
● Make sure you test the room heater before using it.
● Use it for at least 10 minutes and check if it is providing proper heat to the room.
● Don’t keep room heaters right next to the door or near the entrance.
● Keep the heater out of flammable material.
● Keep the heater far from the reach of children and pets.
● Don’t use room heaters to dry clothes.
● Also, keep your room heater away from the water.

Learn these few things before using a room heater:

When a heater is installed in the winter, it is felt as if all the facilities are available around the world. But there are two concerns together. Of the first power consumption and physical damage to the second heater.

Worry about physical harm can be considered as being too great, as heaters work to absorb moisture from the body, which can be detrimental in the long run. It also reduces oxygen in the body. Its various aspects are being told about the selection corporation. So Be aware of this While Buying the Best Room Heater in India.

Weight free electric heaters are not as damaging to health. This causes chimneys, which serves good ventilation. And dangerous gases from a heater such as carbon monoxide could be taken out of the room.

But these are more expensive than other heaters, so most people don’t buy that heater. However, an untapped electric heater is mostly chosen to prevent bad elements from coming out and all kinds of harmful gases can damage the health of the living room.

When heaters work to soothe the cold, they are also damaging to the skin. Overuse of these products can dry out the skin. The latter wrinkles up and we do not even know how to cause a heater.

Air on the heater worsens the quality of the skin and causes damage to the skin’s tissues. These tissues are within the skin and can lead to a worse pigmentation problem.

As the heater removes moisture from the room, it is important to make sure that the moisture is maintained. For this first then do not completely block the room. The ventilation should always be maintained in the best Room heater in India.

This would prevent a shortage of oxygen in the room. In addition, a bowl full of water can be placed in the room. This also helps to reduce the moisture in the room.

Room heaters keep the cold away from our bodies, but the environment absorbs moisture to do this. This affects the eyes. The eyes are itchy and sometimes red. If timely attention is ignored, these may also increase the risk of infection.

In Conclusion 

What’s more, to come from a room heater will cover the area. Because we’re mostly in a room so large as a heater, trying to heat it while understanding it has its own formula.

The number entered on the heater by dividing it by 10 should be considered square feet of a room affected by the heater. If the heater is 2000 watt, it is 200 to divide by 10. This is a 200 square feet room area where the heat of the heater is best.

Oil heaters are best chosen if the room is heated and health is not damaged. It is because they produce less oxygen in the atmosphere than others. And so carbon monoxide is also reduced from this heater. This is the most deadly gas for using a heater. When you get rid of it, there is no problem with using a heater.

We hope You Gained some Knowledge about Room Heaters from this Article. If You have any Queries related to the best Room Heater in India, Feel Free to Share with us in the comments below. Thank You for Visiting.



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