Best security Camera for home in India

Best security Camera for home in India

There was a time when the best security camera for home in India were confined to shops and offices. Due to changing times and increasing technology, and decreasing prices, the security cameras became accessible to the common man.

The security cameras give not only a sense of safety but also deliver you to where your eye cannot reach. The parking lot can be kept in check, from the car to the entry maker in your house.

Not only that, if you want and do not satisfied you may also see the live footage of your home by your mobile phone or laptop while you’re away from your home. To understand the best security camera for home in India first we have to understand why these are called closed-circuit cameras.

To see anything recorded by a camera, a circuit carries it to the viewer. The cable company either gives the connection to watch cable TV programs or we can decode the program at home by direct to home services.

The best security camera for home in India transmissions is called open circuit camera transmissions, meaning the transmissions that anyone can view. On the contrary, when many of the actions recorded by the camera are watched by a limited number of people, close circuit camera transmissions are allowed.

These cameras record activity in a particular place and deliver it to limited people. Space and market depending on how many types of close circuit cameras are available generally box cameras with a rectangular unit with lenses at one end and video recorders at the other end Better for indoor use.

Buying a CCTV Camera can be a Complicated Process. But Don’t worry, To Help You out We have Prepared the List top 5 Best security camera for home in India You Can Buy for Your Home or Office Security 24×7.

Top 5 Best Security Camera for home in India

BrandTop Feature Buy Now
TP-Link Smart WIFI Camera Captures Footage in 1080p High definitionBuy on Amazon
CP PLUS Cosmic Series CCTV SecurityThe Product Comes with 2-year WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Sricam Security CameraEquipped with IR Lens helps in Night VisionBuy on Amazon
TechEase WiFi Wireless CCTVRemote Access to the camera via 4G Mobile NetworkBuy on Amazon
Dahua 1080p Bullet CCTV Security CameraRecording up 30fps at 1080pBuy on Amazon
  1. TP-Link Smart WIFI Security Camera 

If You want a Dependable Home Security Camera for Both Indoor and outdoor Then there is no Better Security Camera then TP-Link Smart WIFI Camera. Ensuring the Safety of Your Home the TP-Link Smart WIFI Camera Comes with a 360°horizontal range and 114°vertical range.

TP-Link Smart WIFI Camera 


It features a Sound and Light Alarm which can Shock Away any Unwanted Visitors at Your Home. There are Many Security Cameras Available in the Market Which Doesn’t have a Night Vision to Capture Footage. But with TP-Link Smart Camera You don’t have to worry about unusual Activities at Your Home or office. This Camera can provide a visual distance of up to 30 ft with Clean Image at Even Nights. All these features Make it the Best Security camera for home in India.

Key-feature of TP-Link Security camera 

  • Captures Footage in 1080p High definition.
  • No Issue of Storage, It Supports Micro SD Card (up to 128 GB).
  • Equipped with Privacy Mode. You can Shut Down the Surveillance anytime.
  • Works Well with Alexa and Google Assistance.

2. CP PLUS Cosmic Series CCTV Security

Cp plus Indian is the most popular brand in the surveillance market. According to the report 2017, CP plus fastest post 4th number. CP plus is the top 2 listed brands in Asia. Cp plus surveillance systems at pretty reasonable prices.

The company has always delivered the quality supported products to its customers. This could be a good option in India for CCTV security surveillance. If You are Looking for a camera on Budget with Not compromising on Budget then This is the Best security camera for home in India.

CP PLUS Cosmic Series CCTV Security


There are thousands of people who work in the production plant of cp plus, who perform 8 to million camera manufactures each month. Increase in the number to 18 to 20 million. CP Plus R & D department also spends a lot of time in market lens products from quality technologies.

Key-Feature of CP Plus Security Camera 

  • 3.6mm Fixed Lens with 20 Meter Range.
  • Can Be Watched Online Using Cloud P2P
  • The Product Comes with 2-year Warranty
  • IP67 Weatherproof.

3. Sricam SP018 Wireless Full HD 1080P Security camera 

Sricam Makes one of the best security camera for home in India. Equipped with 11 IR LEDs, this Camera can Capture up to 10 meters at Night without missing any important action. The Motion Detector in Camera Will sends you an alarm when some motion is detected.

Sricam SP018 Wireless Full HD 1080P Security camera   SHOP ON AMAZON

Connected to Your WIFI, If Someone Comes in Front of the Camera Frame, it Automatically Captures the Photos and Sends it to Your registered Email Address. It supports a 128GB External SSD Card for non-Stop Recording.

There is an Inbuild 4x Digital Zoom along with 1080p Lenses that Enhance the Viewing Experience of User. The camera can Rotate 90 Degree to give you the View You Need. It also works with Ethernet and supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Encryption.

Key-feature of Sricam Wireless Security camera 

  • It can Rotate Vertical or Horizontal with the Help of an inbuild Motor.
  • Equipped with IR Lens which helps in Night Vision.
  • Supports up to 128 External SSD card.
  • 2 Way Audio

4. TechEase WiFi Wireless Full HD 1080p IP Security Camera

In the Market Full of Securities Cameras, TechEase stands out With its Amazing Features at an Affordable Price. With its Simple and Easy WIFI Set up, anyone can set up this Camera at their office or home. You can Easily Get the Acess to the Camera on Your Smartphone via 4G network or WiFi.

TechEase WiFi Wirelessbest security camera for home in india Camera


Equipped with an Inbuild rotating motor then Security Camera and Rotate Vertically or horizontally Without any Problem. It Gets an SD Card Slot Where You can Record videos up to 128GB. With its Crystal Clear 1080p Camera Recording and 16 Feet Visibility, You won’t miss any Moment captured in Camera. It is the best security camera for home in India and also one of the cheap and best Cctv cameras for home.

Key-feature of TechEase WIFI Security Camera 

  • Night Vision Footage up 16 Feet
  • The Camera Supports UPTO 128 GB SSD Card.
  • Quick WIFI Setup
  • Remote Access to the camera via 4G Mobile Network or WIFI.

5. Dahua 1080p Bullet CCTV Security Camera

Dahua is also a multinational brand and serves in almost 180 countries in the world. It has over 16,000 employees all over the world. Dahua company was established in 2001, and at that time the company had launched a real-time digital video slender. At that time in the CCTV market, it was a new revolution. Now Dahua provides several good quality products related to the security industry and Makes one of the cheap and best CCTV camera for home.

Dahua 1080p Bullet CCTV Security Camera


Dahua has invested nearly 10% of its annual sales revenue in R&D since 2014. The company has four research institutes like advanced technology institute, big data institute, chip institute, and video cloud institute, and a high-level R&D team working on state of the AI, IoT, cloud services, cybersecurity, software reliability, and other technologies. The data has recorded more than 1700 patents.

  • 3.6MM Fixed Lens
  • Recording up 30fps at 1080p
  • HD and SD output switchable
  • 4/5 Star on Amazon Rating

Types of Security Cameras

1 . Analog camera: Such cameras capture the picture in the analog form. These can be recorded on direct videotape. Recording speed is set to record a 3-hour videotape to 24 hours of movement. This prevents quenching the quality of the recording.

  • Advantage: The cost of installing an analog best security camera for home in India is less. Installing because it is outdated technology is easier. It is cheaper and profitable to set it low-key locations for example to install in godowns, etc.
  • Disadvantage: This is not usually used for the live feed. Footage recorded using this can be seen only after the event. Need for an operator to operate it.

2. Digital camera: These cameras can record the image in digital format and send it directly to your computer. The footage can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet (even on mobile) by storing it on a server online. The same footage can be easily monitored through a local area network.

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  • Advantage: This allows for good image quality to be recorded. Recorded footage can be seen from anywhere in the world through mobile phones or laptops. Selective location can also be used for security analysis.
  • Disadvantage: Installing costs is high. Need a lot of software. Monitoring requires understanding technology humans.

3 .IP camera: The Internet has completely changed the world of surveillance cameras. Internet protocol cameras are used especially for monitoring. The camera can send recorded footage anywhere via the Internet. Cameras like these are usually called webcam also.

  • Advantage: This can be done bilaterally through speaker and eyepiece from the camera. For example, one can look anywhere on the camera and guide the command center. Cameras can be replaced while they remain in the network. Live footage can be seen from anywhere in the world via the Internet. IP cameras can operate through wireless networks (Wi-Fi or any kind of Internet connection).
  • Disadvantage: Highly cost of installation high-resolution footage requires more Internet bandwidth to view. As the Internet is connected to an open network, there is a threat to be hacked. Different devices and operating systems use a variety of software.

4 . Bullet camera: It’s like a camera tube. It consists of the lens covered with silver or aluminum shape to keep the recording unit connected. High-resolution records are better for externally high-resolution records.

5. Dome camera: Such cameras can easily be installed on the ceiling. This prevents the camera from having a bad look and makes it clearer. Are better for home or in-store use in the common area.

At the office seems to be set up on a dome camera within an entrance a bullet camera. The setup of cameras in the store can be done as per requirement. For example, high-resolution bullet cameras can be installed within the expensive stock shop.

They can monitor the smallest movement of customers and staff inside the shop. In a multi-story shop, each store can be set up with a 1-1 dome, box, and a bullet camera. A set up of 20,000 rupees to 1lakh is possible for an office or shop user account.

6 . Spy camera: After recording every movement of the motion, there may be different ideas on whether you might end up doing something, but the camera may scare people. While the earlier trend of functional detective or security agency used the camera, the common man now knows its strength.

The world of spy cameras is so deep that it’s hard to imagine what shape you’re going to face with the spy camera. Common spy cameras are in the form of pens, caps, bags, ties, buttons, mobile, watch, and key bunches.

High and low camera are present in the market. Most cheap cameras record, but their quality isn’t so great as to be essentially useful and best security camera for home in India.

Whenever you buy a spy camera, do a quality test. Also, ask the shopkeeper to show demo footage. It can be gauging what will be the quality of the recording. Also, check to see what camera memory is.

Usually, cameras come with 4 GB of memory, but most memory cameras can also be found in the market. Spy cameras can range from 250 Rs. to 10,000 Rs. on the market.

Tips for using a spy camera: Understand your need before you can use a spy camera of any type. For example, how far the target is to be recorded and what activity to record. The more the camera sensors and the megapixel, the better the results will be.

Try out all the functions before operating. It is important to know what happens with the button.

In Conclusion 

Securities Camera has become Relatively Affordable in the Past few years. These Cameras offer Great Safety and Security then Ever Before. Most of the Models We have Mentioned on our List is WIFI Supported and With 1080P Quality, You can Monitor Each and Every moment outside Your home or in the office.

With Security is Your Concern then You should Denefity Invest in a Good Quality Security camera. We hope with the Help of this Article Now You will be able to buy the best security camera for home in India. If You have any Queries related to the cheap and best CCTV camera for home, Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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