Best UV Water Purifier In India

Best UV Water Purifier In India 2021

Everyone wishes for a healthy life, and constantly working hard to improve their lifestyle. But daily pollution is causing people to suffer from various diseases, so if even drinking water is not clear, there can be many serious diseases.

Tap water is no longer fit to drink because of water pollution. Water filters and purifiers are essential for every home. Water purifiers clean up the water and make it drinkable. If you’re planning on buying water purifiers, then Here the Detailed Article on Top 7 Best UV Water Purifier in India.

The Water Distributed in Public Areas Carriers a Lot of Bacteria, Germs, and Parasites. So it is Very Important to have a UV Water Purifier at Your Home. The Purifier Not just Improves the Flavour of Water, but It also Protects You from Harmful Bacteria and Leads.

There are Hundreds of UV Water Purifier Available in the Indian Market. Each Purifier Comes with its Own Sets of features. Choosing the Best UV Water Purifier Can be a Complicated Process. Don’t Worry We are Here to Help You with the list of Top 7 Best UV water purifier You can Buy for Your Home.

What is UV Purifier?

UV (Ultra Violet) is the technique that kills the underwater virus and bacteria. But this approach cannot cleanse the dissolved arsenic and chlorine in the water.

This method needs to be used in regions wherein water is sweet, like hilly regions. The water needs only bacteria to be killed. Pollution is also killed within the water. The UV Water Treatment is Safe and It Does Not use any Harmful Chemical to Clean the Water. The UV Water Purifiers use UV-C Light to Disinfect the Water.

The UV Water Purifiers Kills 99.99% Germs and Viruses in the Water which Guarantees that the Water You are Drinking is Always Safe. Like other Chemical Disinfected the UV Water Purifiers Does Not use Chemical to Disinfect and Also doesn’t leave by-products in water.

Top 7 Best UV Water Purifier in India

UV Water PurifierCapacity Warrenty Buy Now
Eureka Forbes Water PurifierNo Storage1 Year Buy on Amazon
Kent Maxx UV water purifier7 liters1 Year Buy on Amazon
Eureka Forbes Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier-1 Year Buy on Amazon
Kent New Grand UV water purifier8 Liters1 Year Warranty + 3 Year extended service freeBuy on Amazon
Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier-1 Year Buy on Amazon
HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier4 Liters1 Year Buy on Amazon
Livpure Zinger Smart UV Water Purifier6.5 Liters1 Year Buy on Amazon
  1. Eureka Forbes Water Purifier

If you plan to buy electric water purifiers then Aquaflow DX is the best UV water purifier option. It is made with double cartridges and it can eliminate odors from suspended particles, organic compounds, and water and make your drinking water sweet.eureka forbes water purifier                                              SHOP ON AMAZON

With Its Smart Flow Feature, The Eureka Forbes water purifier provides you 2 liters of water in a minute. This purifier will ensure you to work perfectly during voltage fluctuations as the voltage stabilizer is designed.

Its smart signs are; This UV bulb life monitors the life working off the cartridge and indicates if there’s a problem so you can immediately schedule your service call accordingly.

Designed to Ensure Complete Safety, the eureka Forbes water purifier kills all the Germs and Bacteria in the Water to Make Your Drinking Water Safe.

Key-Feature of Eureka Forbes Water Purifier 

  • Superior UV Protection Technology.
  • Can be used for TDS
  • Free Installation Provided by the Eureka Team.
  • Works Even in the Voltage Fluctuations.

  1. Kent Maxx UV water purifier

Kent Maxx water purifiers are mounted in the wall. It is helpful in using the double purifying technique of UV and UF that gives you safe and healthy drinking water. It is made from a transparent separable storage tank which helps in easy cleaning.Kent Maxx water purifier                                            SHOP ON AMAZON

This purifier is constructed with a high storage capacity of 7 liters, ensuring a steady supply of water even when power cuts are available. It comes with a Detachable Storage Tank which Helps in on-site Cleaning without Hiring any Technician.

One of the Best Features of the Kent Maxx Water Purifier is that it comes with Computer controlled operations, The Alarm system is Purifier Indicates at the Time of Replacement of the Filter and UV Lamp of Purifier. All these Amazing Features Makes it one of the Best UV Water Purifier in India.

 Key-Feature of Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier 

  • This Machine can Purify 60 Liters of Hour.
  • Equipped with 7 Liters Storage Capacity.
  • Wall Mounted Design Makes it Easy to use in any House.
  • 100% Pure by Multiple Purification Process.
  • Made of up ABS Food Grade Plastic to Maintain Good Quality of Purifier.
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

  1. Eureka Forbes Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

The Eureka Forbes Crystal Plus is one of the Best UV Water Purifiers Available in the Indian Market. The Purifier comes with Advance Mineral Guard technology Which Removes Germs, Leads, and Pesticides to Make Your Drinking Water Clean and healthy.

It is made up of food-grade plastic, this ensures that the voltage works in fluctuations as it is made with the voltage stabilizer. It comes with a backflush.

Eureka Forbes Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier


If there is some malfunction in the purification process, an advanced Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) ensures safe water by constantly scanning the water and turning the machine off. To keep the filter clean, the backflush removes the stagnant water.

Key-Feature of Eureka Fobes Aquaguard UV Water Purifier 

  • The Machine Automatically Switches off the UV Lamp If It is Not in Use for 10 Minutes.
  • Save Electricity and Increases the Life of UV Lamp.
  • Kills Germs and Viruses to Makes the Drinking Water Pure.
  • The product comes with a Free installation from Eureka.
  • It comes with a 1-year Warranty.

  1. Kent New Grand UV water purifier

Kent ultra purifier is suitable for areas where there is less supply of TDS. It is able to provide you 100% pure drinking water as it works in conjunction with activated carbon filters, UV disinfection, and sediment filters.

Kent is Industry Leader in Making the Best UV Water Purifier in India. The Kent New Grand Purifier It is one of the Most Trusted and Largest Selling RO Which comes with an Inbuilt TDS Controller.

Kent New Grand UV water purifier


This Purifier Uses Different Purification Process Like RO+UV+UF+TDS which Kills any Kind of Bacteria or Viruses in Water to Provide You 100% pure and Healthy Water. For water purifier service Kent Provides You More than 1500+ Service Center Across India. If in Case You face any Issue with Your UV Water Purifier you can contact kent Customers care

Key-feature of Kent New Grand UV water purifier

  • It comes with 8 Liter Storage Capacity.
  • Equipped with Wall-Mount for Domestic use.
  • Water Level Indicator which Helps to Keep the Track of Purified Water.
  • 20 Liter Purification Capacity Per Hour.
  • Product Comes with 1 Year Warranty + 3 Year extended service free.

5.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Eureka is the best option if you are looking for a lightweight purifier. This purifier is designed with a special glass holding space where you can keep the glass and fill with healthy drinking water. It is designed with 3 stage water purification so that you get pure drinking water. Its water flow rate is 2 liters/min.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier


The UV rays in the Eureka Forbes water Purifier Deactivates the Bacteria and Viruses Without even using any Chemicals. It Purifies Water to make it healthy and Tasty. The Purifier comes with an Energy Saver Mode Which Saves Electricity and Enhances the Life of UV Lamp.

If You live in an Area Where the Electricity Voltage is Not Stable Then this is the best UV Water Purifier You can Buy. It comes with a Voltage Stabilizer which Prevents your Purifier from Low Voltage and Voltage fluctuation.

Key-Feature of Eureka Forbes UV Water Purifier 

  • 100% Chemical Free Water Purification.
  • Activated Carbon Filter to Stop bacteria Growth.
  • Voltage Stabilizer to Protect the Purifier from any voltage fluctuation.
  • Good Quality Plastic.
  • The Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

  1. HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier

Pureit is one of the biggest and one of the best UV Water Purifier Brands in the Country. Since its launch till today, the Pureit has been Building Revolutionary Products using the Most Innovative Technology.

HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier


This water purifier has a detailed purification process which consists of a variety of technologies and filters that give you the best. The sediment filter subsequently separates the particles and sediments from the water and subsequently the residual impurities by the sediment filter Deposits.

The HUL Pureit UV Water Purifier Comes in a Compact and Sleek Design which is Perfect for Your Modern Kitchen. Pureit Provides Free Installation within the 24 Hours of Purchase.

Key-feature of HUL Pureit Water Purifier  

  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
  • Comes with 4 Liter Water Storage Capacity.
  • Assured 100% Purification of Water.
  • Removes 1 crore viruses and 10 crore bacteria in every liter of water.

  1. Livpure Zinger Smart UV Water Purifier

Livpure is a well-known brand that offers RO and UV water purifiers at the best prices. Livpure Zinger UV + UF Water Purifier is a leading purifier from Livpure’s home. This Purifier Takes Less space in Your Kitchen then typical Filters. The Livpure Zinger comes with a Smart Livpure App which will help You in Real-time water consumption tracking & service call log.

Livpure Zinger Smart UV Water Purifier


The High-Quality Storage Tank Dis-in fact any Bacteria and the 7 Stage Purification Process with Copper also Helps in a better digestive system. Livpure Provides Free Installation within the 48 Hours of Buying.

It features a seven-stage purification process that guarantees complete removal of pollutants from water. The elegant form of this purifier can store up to 6.5 L of water.

The Water Purifier Comes with 6 Stage of Filteration, it helps to Eliminate Bad Taste, Lead, Viruses, Bacteria, and other Harmful Substances water Making it Healthy for You. Pure and Clean Water is Very Crucial for our Good health. All these amazing Features Makes it one of the Best UV Water Purifier in India. For Livpure Water Purifier Service, You can Contact Livpure Customer care Number 1800-419-9399.

Key-feature of Livpure UV Water Purifier 

  • Pre-carbon block filter low absorber.
  • The ultrafiltration cartridge removes the fine suspended impurities from water, so as to improve its drinking quality.
  • To simplify the operation, it provides a power-on water purifier indicator, purification process,s, and a tank complete indicator.
  • Silver-improved post-carbon filter enhances the taste and quality of water by removing volatile organic impurities.

How to Choose the Right UV Water Purifier for Your Home?

No Matter How much Water Purification can be Done my Your Area Municipal Authority, There is Still some Risk is Drinking the unpurified water. The Water Distributed in Your Locality Carries Germs and Bacteria which causes Many Health Issues. When It comes to the health of You and Your Family, You should Avoid any Impulsive Decision.

UV Water Filters are Great Tools to Remove all the Impurities from the Water You Get. But How to Choose the Best UV Water Purifier? Here the Top 3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Water Purifier for Your Home.

1.Certifications – Certifications are one of the Most important Factors You should Choose Before Buying any Water Purifiers for Your Home. Certifications are Proof that the Product is Trustworthy. Brands Like Eureka Forbes water purifier, Kent, Alkaline water purifier are the Most Authentic Brands in Indian Market.

2. After Sales Service – Just buying a UV Water Purifier is Not Enough, But is Equally Important to Follow the Right Maintenance Routine. Choose a Brand with Efficient After-Sale Service. Poor Service of Your Water Purifier can Lead to Damage to the Purifier in Long Term Usage. Kent & Eureka are Renowned Names in After-Sale Service of their Any Products.

3. Storage Capacity – Make sure You buy a Purifier with At least 6 L of Water Storage Capacity. With a Larger Tank, You can Store Water for 1-2 Days Without Refilling it Again and Gain. A Good Quality Storage Tank can also help in keeping the purified water pure and Avoid any Germs and Bacteria.

4.Source of Water – If the Water Supply at Home is from a River or any Lake then You Should Go for a UV Water Purifier. If the Water source is Tube Well or Bore Then You can Buy RO Water Purifiers. 

The following Table Sum up the Impurities Each Purifier can Filter

Purification Technology

Advantages of Buying a UV Water Purifier:

  • This purification can be easily done with normal pressure tap water.
  • It is a membrane or layer in which dissolved impurities are cleaned by pouring water.
  • It destroys chlorine and bacteria within the water.

Cons or disadvantages of UV Purifier:

  • For doing water purification may require power without electricity, it will not work.
  • This technique does not carry out water viruses and bacteria but rather kills.
  • Does not clean dissolved impurities.

In Conclusion 

Water Purifiers are one of the Most Essential Appliances in the Domestic Household. With the Pollution Increasing Day by Day, investing in a Good Quality UV Water Purifier is a Necessity to Avoid any Health Issues. I Hope we have Cleared all Your Queries Related to Best UV Water Purifier in India. If You have any Question Related to Purifiers, Feel Free to Share with us in the Comments Below.

Our Recommendation for the Best Purifier is Eureka Forbes Water Purifier. Eureka Forbes is one of the Big Names in the Water Purifier Industry. Most of the purifiers from Eureka come with 6 Stage processing which removes all the Dis-Infected from water and making it Healthy to Drink.

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