The Best VR Headset in India for 2021

Nowadays Virtual reality (VR) headsets in India are very much discussed, but before buying it, it is necessary to have complete information about it. Virtual reality (VR) is now heavily dominated in this era of technology. Everyone wants to buy and use it. But there will be few people who are fully aware of what it is and how it works. Next, we are giving you information about what virtual reality is, how it works, where consumers buy it, and the Best VR Headset in India.

Virtual reality i.e. VR headset can take you to a different world right from home. Through this device, you will have a very different feeling in gaming and applications. In this, the picture appears where you turn your head. The display also changes its settings according to the sound and motion in VR. In VR, video is shot with a special 360-degree camera.

Consumers can use virtual headsets in two ways.

 1. VR headset on console

To use a VR headset directly you can connect it to the gaming console. After which you can enjoy gaming in addition to watching an event live.

  1. On the smartphone screen

At the same time, most of this is being used by consumers through smartphones. Nowadays mobile VR headsets are quite popular. You can fit them on a smartphone and then watch gaming or video while enjoying virtual reality on mobile. To use a VR headset on a smartphone, separate VR games and applications are available which have to be downloaded.

Here is the list of best top 5 VR headsets in India

Brand RatingsBUY ON AMAZON
Oculus Quest4.5/5 StarBuy on Amazon
Samsung Gear VR4/5 StarBuy on Amazon
IRUSU VR3.5/5 StarBuy on Amazon
Homido Virtual Reality Headset4/5 StarBuy on Amazon
DOMO Enhance VR104/5 StarBuy on Amazon

 1. Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest VR headset is designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. According to reports, 50 games can be launched along with this headset at the time of sale. Get Most out of the VR, the Oculus Quest Lets You Access Hundreds of VR Compatible Games.

Best VR Headset in India


With its Blazing Fast Processor and Highest Resolution Process, You get the Best Experience Wherever Your want. Explore old Favourite on Quest Content Library. Unlike the other VR in the Market That Required other additional Equipment, the Oculus Quest is Very Easy to Setup without any Hassel. All these Amazing Features Make it one of the Best VR Headset in India.

Key features of Oculus Quest VR Headset

  • Oculus Quest works on Google’s Android mobile OS. It has Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon-835 processor.
  • Its specialty is that it is a standalone headset, that is, it has no wires of any kind and it can be used by charging.
  • This headset has a camera and sensor inbuilt, which will track the movement of the users, as well as wireless controllers, whose job Is to track the movement of the hands of the users.
  • Easy to Setup Just with Smartphone Application. There is No Need for a PC or console.

2. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR gives smart glasses. It feels lighter with the best fitting design. South Korean company Samsung has launched its virtual reality headset ‘Gear VR’ in India. The company has a headset based on Oculus’ technology. It can be purchased from some of Samsung’s retail stores and e-commerce sites.

Samsung Gear VR


Samsung says that it makes the experience of watching movies or 360-degree videos and playing games even more spectacular. Foam cushions have been installed to make it one of the best VR Headset in India which is more comfortable for the user.

Key features of Samsung Gear VR Headset 

  • It is a very lite weight like a piece of paper 11.22 Ounces.
  • Control comes Naturally.
  • Equipped with Touch Key, Volume Key, and Trigger for Immunsive Experience.
  • Compatible with all Your Galaxy Devices and other Smartphones.


IRUSU VR headset with remote controller and conductive touch button. Highly Calibrated 42MM HD Resins Lens for an immersive mobile virtual reality experience. Customer experience is also very good.

 Best VR Headset in India


It’s a Feature-Packed VR with High-Quality Lens and in-build Headphones which Provides You immersive Experience. So If You are Looking for a VR in Budget then There is no better option than Irusu. Equipped with Focus Adjustment it can be Used to Focus the Mobile Screen for Better Experience.

You can Watch 360 Videos, 3D Slides, and Normal Videos in this VR Headset. With its 360 Degree Surround System You will Experience the Next Level of Entertainment while using this VR.

To Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light, It comes with Anti Blue Lenses. People Who are Suffering from Myopia Don’t have to Worry about Wearing these VR. This VR won’t Damage Your Eyes and You can Wear them with any Glasses. Making it the second Best VR Headset in India.

Key-features of IRUSU VR

  • Removable Front Panel for Ventilation.
  • Equipped with 3.5mm Jack.
  • IPD Adjustment with FOV up to 110
  • Compatible Devices with IOS and Android Devices Both.

4. Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Homido Virtual reality glass is made of good quality plastic with excellent workmanship and elegant design. Better leather material around the eye area and headband makes it comfortable to wear while watching movies or playing games.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset


Key features of Homido Virtual Reality Headset

  • It has 0.91 pounds of weight.
  • Virtual Reality Headset for 4-6
  • Adjustable Pupil distance and object distance.

5. DOMO Enhance VR10 Universal Virtual Reality

Dono Enhance VR10 Universal VR has Always Been one of the Best VR Headset in India. Equipped with Surround Stereo Speakers Headphones, this VR headset is compatible with any Smartphone up to 4″ to 6.2″ Screen.



It comes with 120 Large Field View Lenses which Enhance the Experience for Watching or Playing Games on it. TO Reduce the eye Strain You can Adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD). The Headphones comes with Soft Memory Foam which Provides Excellent Support to Ear and Improves the Overall Sound Quality.

DOMO VR10 is Made up of a Multi-layer thermolysis design that Doesn’t Let Your Phone Heat Up while Using it for a Longer Period of Time. For the Features, it offers in the Price Range it is one of the Best VR Headset in India.

Key-feature of DOMO Enhance VR10 

  • Equipped with Inbuilt Stereo Sound Headphone.
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons for Smartphones.
  • Compatible with all the Devices with Gyroscope.
  • 5/5 Star on Amazon.

Which VR You should Buy? 

People buy VR Headset Mostly for Playing Game and Watch Some 3D Entertaining Videos. There are plenty of VR Options Available in the Indian Market. But You can Not Except Same Quality and Experience from all of Them.

VR can make You Feel Like you are Experiencing some other World. So If You Have Decided to buy a VR Headset to Experience the Magic, We would Suggest You Go With Samsung Gear VR. 

Samsung Unsurprisingly Makes the Best VR Headset in India. It is the Brand we Indian Loves and Trust the Most. The Gear VR Headset Has its Own unique strengths and weaknesses. But from the Price, Samsung is Offering this amazing Piece of Tech, You Can Not Complaint Much.

If You are someone who Loves to Pay VR Games then Oculus Quest is the best option for You. It is the Most Expensive VR in our List of Top 5 Best VR in India, But its amazing features Like Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD, Integrated Spatial Audio make it Stand out among the Rest Four VR in the List.


In Conclusion

VR is now so popular in India among the young generation. After reading the above article I hope you are better understood about the Virtual Reality (VR) headset in India is best for you and the two uses of VR headset. They all are available on so many popular online product selling websites.

We Hope With this Article We have Cleared all Your Queries Related to Best VR Headset in India. If You have any Queries related to Pricing, features, or Warranty of VR Mentioned in this List Above then feel Free to Share with us in the comments below.

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