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11 Wonderful Games Like Roblox You will Love

If You are someone who Loves Playing Games which Takes You Creativity to another Level, Then should Try Roblox. Founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, The Roblox is one of the most popular computer games ever created. The Game has More than 164 million monthly active users. But if you are bored of playing this game, Then Here the List of Games Like Roblox That will Boost Your Creativity. 

Founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, Roblox is a Free Play Game that can be Downloaded From the official Website. 50% of Game Users are Below the age of 16 which makes it one of the Most popular creative Games in the United States. 

Games Like Roblox to Enjoy Creative Gameplay 

Below is the list of the top 15 Games Like Roblox You can Play & Enjoy with Your Friends & Family. 

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Algodoo
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Growtopia
  • SurvivalCraft
  • Cube World
  • Wurm Unlimited
  • Creativerse
  • Blockland
  • The Blockheads

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the Most Popular Among Youth. Developed by Mojang, it was First 18 November 2011, Minecraft Has Sold More Than 200 Million Copies on Game with 126+ million monthly active users in the Year 2020. 

Image credit – Minecraft

Minecraft Lets You Make Your World of Blocks with your digital hands. You start the Game on an Empty Island and Start Building Your Shelter and Fine Food To Survive. I Have Playing this Game for More Than 3 years Now, and Still, I find Something Unexplored Every time I Play. 

As a New Player, You get the Default Skin of either Steve or Alex But Sooner You Get the option to Create New Custom made Skins. Minecraft Have Various Games Mode Like Survival, Hardcore, Adventure & Spectator mode. 

In Survival Mode, the Players Have to get Their natural resources Like Wood & Stones to Build Blocks. While in Creative Mode You have Access to nearly all resources and items in the game. You can Rome Freely in the Game and Your Character Won’t take any harm by Hunger.

 For a Beginner, I would Suggest You Start with Creative Mode so that You can Focus More on Building various Projects without Thinking much about the Availability of Resources. 

Minecraft Has a Multiplayer Mode that Lets You Interact & Communicate with Your Friends While Playing. All These Amazing Features Makes it one of the Best Games like Roblox You can Play. 

2. Terraria

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game Published by 505 Games. It Was First released For Microsoft Windows on 16th May 2011. The Game Allows Players to Build, Craft, Combat, Survive & Mine. Similar to Minecraft, the Game is Known for its Classic Adventure Gameplay. 

Image credit –

To Survive in this Game, You have to Fight for Your Fortune & Glory. Terraria Game is Made up of Several layers of Tiles. The Players Start with Low health in the Game which can be Increase with certain items. Depend on Several Locations & Events You Have to Face different types of enemies in Terraria.

The Game Has two Different Modes, Expert & Master. The Difficulty Level of the Game gets Increase Depending Upon Various Modes. The Players can Complete Some goals Like Defeating the Boss to control buildings or rooms they have built. 

For an Action-Adventure Sandbox Game, The Terraria is a Good option for games like Roblox to Try Your creativity. Overall It Has Sold More than 35 million copies by the end of 2020. 

3. Garry’s Mod 

Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game which is Developed By Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. If You Truly Loves Playing Sandbox Games then Garry’s Mod is one of the Best Alternative games like Roblox You should Try. 

Garry's Mod

It Has Not Set purposes, The Players Gets spawn as non-player characters and Free to Explore and Do Their Stuff. You can play this game offline or online with thousands of other people around the Globe and Build Your Stuff Like a car, a rocket, or Anything You Want. 

The Game Was Created by the video game programmer Garry Newman. On the First Day of Sale Itself, They Sold More than 5,729 copies. By 2020, The garry’s World Has Crossed a Total Gross of US$119,836,074 with 18,671,533 copies sold. You can Buy this Game on Steam. click here.

4. Growtopia

Based on the Same Concept As Minecraft, Growtopia Allows the Player to Farm, Chat, Add Friends, Trade & More. Release for Android in 2012, The Game multiplayer online sandbox which Has Huge popularity among Gamers Around The World. 

games like Roblox

The game starts with teaching the Basic Tutorials to the Players through reading. Players Have the liberty to create Their World with Blocks, plant seeds, and harvest trees. They can also lock their area using different Types of locks Available in the Game. This Way they can restrict other Players to visit their Area. 

It Can be Downloaded From the official Website of Growtopia and Played on various operating Systems Like Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It Has a Multi-Player mode which will Allow You to play the Game with Your Friends. Overall it is a Great Alternative to Games Like Roblox & Minecraft. 

5. Algodoo

Algodoo is a 2D Sandbox Game that Allows You to play with physics. For Someone Like Me Who Loves Physics, I Enjoyed playing & Exploring Around this game. It Was First Released on September 1, 2009, from Algoryx Simulation AB as a learning tool. 

The Game has a Movable Toolbar that Floats Around the Edge of the Screen which Includes a Menu, Browser, option, Environment & Properties toolBar. With the Help of These tools, The Player can change the language, Draw, Edit, Run tutorials & More. 

It a Great Tool which can be Used By parents to Educate Their Children about Physics in a Fun Way. The Freeware Software is Available to Download on Windows, macOS & Ipad OS. 

6. Survival Craft 

Survival Craft is Another sandbox video game where You can use Your creativity to Survive. Created by Igor Kalicinski a Game Developer, Survival craft is Available for Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS & Windows Phone. 

games like Roblox

The Game Starts with Players are Spawned on the island and Where They have to Farm, Hunt Animal to Survive using various Tools. They Make to Make Their Clothes, Armor, and Weapons for Their protection. Same As Minecraft, Survival Craft Has five Different Modes. 

Different Modes Has Different Difficulty Level. For Example In Creative Mode, Players Has Unlimited Resources Whereas, in Adventure, Everything is hard to Achieve. For Minecraft Fans who Want to Play the Similar Type of game on Their Mobile Devices, I think You Guys will Love This Game. 

7. Cube World 

Developed and Published by Picroma for Microsoft Windows, The Cube World is an action role-playing game. Similar to Minecraft, the Cube World Has a Large voxel-based world. The Game offers a Creative Space for players where they can Create Food, Weapons, Armors & More. 

games like Roblox
Image Credit –

Monsters are also Part of This World where Player Have to Fight Them with Better Weapons. Sheep and turtles can be Used to Fight the Monsters in the Game. It is available in Single and as well as Multi-Player Mode where You can Play Alongside Your Friends. 

The Game is Currently Available for Windows 8.1 & Windows 10. The Game Requires a Minimum Space of 500 MB on Your Computer. It can be Downloaded From Steam for $7, Click Here to Download Now. 

8. Wurm Unlimited 

Wurm Unlimited is an added version of the sandbox world Wurm Online. The Game has Features of crafting and Adventure, which makes it one of the Best Alternatives Games Like Roblox. 

games like Roblox
Image Credit –

If You Love Playing Adventure Games with some creative Addons, then this Game is Definitely for You. Players can Build their Home, Hunt Dragons, conquer kingdoms & More. You can Capture breed wild animals and Rase Them to fight together. 

It Has 200+ Achievement & Titles, The Players can Earn these Achievements and Build a variety of structures to Guard Your Area with guard towers. It is available to Steam to download for $25, click here to Download Now.  

9. Creativerse

Developed by Playful Corp for Microsoft Windows and macOS, the Creativerse is a Free Play sandbox survival game. It will be Hard for You to Differentiate the Game from Minecraft. Both Games Looks Exact the Same but Both Has Their features and Advantages. 

games like Roblox
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The Players Have to collect various resources From Different Places and Use Those Resources to Build Their weapons, tools, items, and building materials. When You Keep processing in craft, You get More Advance Recipies Like mining cells and extractors. The Mining Cells will Enable Players to collect More materials from the lower layers of the world.

Creativerse is Free to Play But You can Buy the “Creativerse Pro” to Get premium Costumes & recipe bundles. The Creativerse Pro also Has 20 extra inventory slots which Lets You Create as many worlds as You want. You can try these alternative Games Like Roblox. 

10. Blockland

Blackland is a sandbox game that lets You build things with bricks. The Game was Created by Eric “Badspot” Hartman and Released on November 15, 2004. Blackland Allows Players to use Their Creativity to Build various Structures. 

Image Credit –

It is Available on Single and Multi-Player Mode and the Person who Buys the Game can Host the Server of up to 100 people. Blockland is not an open Source Game, Most of the vehicles and weapons Use the add-on system. If You are Looking for Games like Roblox with the Same Creative & Adventure, then Blockland is a Good Alternative For You. You can Purchase the official Game From Steam. 

11. The Blockheads 

The Last Game on our List of Top 10 Games Like Roblox is the Blockheads. It is a Survival sandbox Game Developed by Dave Frampton. The Game Starts with You having Nothing but a Stretched World Around You. 

games like Roblox
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You Have to Build Your Own Buildings, Create Farms and Explore Surroundings to Survive. You have to Find Resources by Digging the World to Build Your House, tools, and Weapons. You can find nuts and berries to Fed Your Self. 

The Multiplayer Mode Allows You to Build and Explore the World Together with Your Friend. Overall You will get a Minecraft and Roblox Experience on Your Android or IOS Devices. Since its Launch, the Blockheads Has Got More than 10 million official downloads. 

In Conclusion 

Roblox Took the Gaming Industry by storm in the Last Few Years. From Simulation to Adventure, Build or Play any Genere of Game with Millions of other people of Community. 

All the Games we Have Mentioned Above in the List are Similar to Roblox. You can Use Your Creativity to Build Your World. We Hope You Loved This Article about Games Like Roblox. Keep Creating Your Virtual World and Don’t Forget to Send Your Worlds images at, We Would Love to Share Your Creativity on our Website 🙂

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