Google Meet to soon get these two new features

NEW DELHI: google Meet the video conferencing app from Google Workspace, will get two new features that will enhance live streaming capabilities. Google Meet users can now invite people from other domains to their live streams. In addition, they can also allow live captioning for better accessibility.
Currently, Google Meet allows users to host live streams with up to 100,000 participants. One of the limitations of hosting the live stream was that only accounts within the host’s domain could be invited to these live streams.
Now the tech giant has added a feature that allows the domain’s administrators to allow live streaming between domains. With the rollout of this feature, administrators have the option to invite guests from a trusted Workspace domain.
Apart from this, Google has also added support for closed captioning on live streams and this will be a great accessibility feature for deaf and hard of hearing users. It also allows users to follow the live stream even if their audio is turned off.
The company has announced that live streaming captioning and cross-domain live streaming support will be added to Google Workspace accounts starting July 27, 2021.
Recently, Google rolled out the redesigned Google Meet layout. After the redesign, a person’s self-image will appear in the lower-right corner of the grid, allowing them to focus on the video feeds at eye level, according to Google. Users can also unpin the content that others are sharing so they can see more and bigger video feeds.

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