How to add Admin to Facebook Group

How to add Admin to Facebook Group in 4 Steps

Facebook is one of the Greatest Social Media Platform Where People can Share their pictures, Thoughts & More. Facebook is a User-friendly Platform and it is open to Everyone. Facebook Allows its Users to Start a Group They can Discuss or Share Different topics among People with Similar interests. If You are also a Group Admin and Want to Know How to Add Admin to Facebook Group, Then You are at the Right Place. 

Being Community Leaders, the Admin of the Facebook group are Responsible to Share Their Experiences and Build a Better Community around the Group members. The Group Admin or Moderators can add People as Group Admin to Manage the Group in a better Way. 

How to add Admin to Facebook Group?

Follow the Simple Steps Mentioned Below to Make someone Admin or moderator of Your Facebook Group. 

Step 1 – Navigate to Your Newsfeed and click on Groups in the left menu and Select the Group You want to Add Admin. If You Can Not See the Group, click on See More. 

How to add Admin to Facebook Group

Step 2 – Select Members Below the Group Cover Photo. Click on the More option, If You do Not See members. 

How to add Admin to Facebook Group

Step 3 – Now You have to click on the three-dotted Icon Next to the Person You want to Make the Admin of Your Group. 

Step 4 – Select the Make Admin or Make Moderator option and Then Send them Invite.

Group Admin

Once the Group member Accept the Invite, they will become the Admin of the Group. You can also cancel the Invitation to Make someone Admin, Just Go to Admins & Moderators click on the Three-Dotted icon Next to the Name of member and cancel the Invitation to become the Admin of Group.

Keep in Mind that Once You make someone Admin of Your Group, They will Have the Authority to Remove any member or Admin of the Group. They can also edit the Group Details Like Description and other Settings. 

We hope this Article Helped You to Know More about how to add admin to Facebook group. If You have any Queries about Group Admin or Member, Please feel free to share with us in the comment Section Below. 


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