How to change business category on Facebook

How to change business category on Facebook

How to change business category on facebook – Facebook is the Number 1 Social media Platform for any Business. With over 2.01 billion active users, It Let you Connect to Customers From any Cornor of the World. Users can create a Facebook Page for Their Business and Effectively Promote Their Businesses. 

Since Most People Keep Making Changes on their Business Page, the Chances of making mistakes also increase. If you too have accidentally changed the category of your Facebook business page, then Here a Detailed Article on the How to Change Business category on Facebook. 

How to change business category on Facebook 

Your Facebook Page Category Appears Below Your Page’s Name and It Helps People to Know More about Your Business. People often Search For Business categories Like “Chinese Restaurant” and this Way Your Business can Get in More Search Appearances. Here How You Can Change the Category of Your Facebook Page. 

Step 1 – From Your Newsfeed click on the Pages option on the Left Menu and Select the page whose category you want to change. 

Step 2 – Click on Edit click Info Below Manage Page option on the Left Side of Menu. 

Edit facebook Page

Step 3 – Scroll Down to the Categories option and And select the category of your business from the Drop Down List. Once Selected Your Business Categories will be Automatically Saved. 

How to change business category on Facebook

You can change the category of your business as many times as you want. If you are not getting the category related to your business, you can put something similar. This is How to change business category on facebook Easily without any Hassle. 

Why you should Have a Facebook Business Page 

Facebook Continue to be one of the Biggest Social Media Platform in 2021 & 2022. When we compare the Audience Base of Facebook, There No other Social media platforms that can compete with Facebook. 

If You are Someone who Owns an online or offline Business, A Facebook page has many potential advantages for your business. Here Some of the Main Reasons Why Your Business Should have a Facebook Business Page.

Low-cost marketing strategy – Promoting Your Business online or offline via Paid ads would cost thousands of dollars. Facebook is an Ideal Platform to Promote Your Business for Free of Cost. Medium or Large Scale Business can Promote their Business with Facebook Ads with a limited marketing budget. 

Billions of Potential Customers – Facebook Has 1.85 billion daily active users. You can Reach Thousands of Potentials of Customers every day through Your Facebook Business Page. Categories Your Business Page and Start Creating Good Content for users to Start Promoting Business for Free of Cost Via Facebook.

Audience Insights – Facebook Business Page Provides You Insights of Your Audience. It shows You the Number of Page Views, Page Likes, Post Reach, Engagement & More, which helps you understand your potential customer better. 

facebook Audience Insights

Customer Support – Small Businesses Doesn’t Have Separate Customer Support for Their Business. With Facebook Business Page, the Business Owners can Provide after-sales Services without Spending a Dollar on outsourced Customer Support Services. 

Targeted Advertisement – The Business Owners can Use Facebook Ads Services to Target Their potential Customers. Facebook Analyze their users Data and use that information to Target Ads. You can Target People Based on Their Demo Graphics, Interest, Sex, devices, jobs, Marital Status & Many More. For Example, if Your Business Sells Trendy Clothes, You can Target Young Girls and Boys based on Their type of interest in Fashion. 

Organize Events – You can Organize Various online or offline Events to Connect Your Audience with Your Business. See How many people are Interested in Coming to Your Event. Offer them Discounts to Attract them to Buy Your Services & More. 

Organize Events

In Conclusion 

We hope this Article Clears all Your Queries about how to change the business category on facebook. Make sure You Like our Page on Facebook and Follow us on Linkedin to always be Updated about Such Articles. 


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