In-person work ‘essential’ for employees, says senior Apple executive

Apple Director Tim cooks last month he sent a memo saying that most employees will be asked to report to the office three days a week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. “Despite all we’ve been able to accomplish while many of us are separated, the truth is that something has been going on” essential missing from the past year: each other”, Cook said in the email. “Video conferencing may have narrowed the distance between us, but there are things it just can’t replicate.”
Now Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior VP of retail and people, has also reiterated the importance and need of people working together in person. In an interview with The roadside, O’Brien said that “personal collaboration is essential to our culture and our future.” O’Brien went on to say that the innovation in Apple products and services is due to personal collaboration. “As we take a moment to reflect on our incredible product launches over the past year, the products and launch execution were built on the foundation of years of work we did when we were all together in person,” he said. Apple’s senior executive. The edge.
Some Apple employees are not in favor of coming back to the office and want work from home to continue. The employees wrote to Cook and made a few requests, such as Apple considers decisions about remote work and location-flexibility to be just as autonomous for a team to decide as decisions about hiring. “Not only do many of us already feel well connected with our colleagues around the world, but now better than ever. We look forward to working as we are today, without the daily need to return to the office. It feels like there’s a mismatch between how the executive team thinks about remote/location flexible working and the life experiences of many of Apple’s employees,” the employees wrote in an email to Cook.
Apple has reportedly said it expects employees to be back in the office by September under the hybrid work model. However, the company will consider each case individually whether remote working is acceptable or not.

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