Jio 5G Speed, Applications, Google Cloud Partnership & More Announced at Reliance AGM 2021

Aside from the launch of the Jio Phone Next, Reliance Industries Limited Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani, made a few key announcements regarding Jio 5G, at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today. . At the event, Mukesh Ambani talked about Jio 5G infrastructure, Jio 5G speed, Jio 5G trials, applications of Jio 5G in various sectors of the economy, and he also shared some details about the launch of Jio 5G in India. Let’s take a closer look at all the Jio 5G announcements made today.

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Jio aims to be the first to launch 5G service in India


Let’s talk about something that everyone has been waiting for and that is the launch date of Jio 5G India. Well, Mukesh Ambani says Reliance is “confident” that Jio would be the first in the race to launch a “full-fledged” 5G service in India. In simpler terms, Jio 5G could be the first 5G service in India, trailing Airtel and Vi. Unfortunately, Reliance has not announced an exact launch date for Jio 5G India. According to him, Jio’s “future-proof” network is “uniquely positioned” to “upgrade from 4G to 5G quickly and seamlessly”.

What about the affordable Jio 5G smartphone everyone has been waiting for? Well, no such announcement was made today. That said, Mukesh Ambani did reveal a few details about Jio 5G devices. According to him, the company is working with “leading global partners” to develop a “full range of 5G-enabled devices”. Maybe he meant that Reliance Jio develops 5G smartphones in collaboration with other companies or maybe he meant that the brand is working on devices like Jio 5G hotspot. Nothing is clear at the moment.

Jio 5G achieves 1 Gbps speed during trials


According to Mukesh Ambani, Reliance has a “100% proprietary and comprehensive 5G solution developed by Jio.” While he didn’t go into details, we assume he meant to say that the company has its own 5G infrastructure rather than being dependent on Nokia and Ericsson. He adds that the company’s India-made 5G solution is “comprehensive, complete and globally competitive”. The company also says that once the Jio 5G made in India solution is proven in the Indian market, the company plans to export the Jio 5G solution to other telecom operators around the world.


Mukesh Ambani continues with the Jio 5G speed, saying that the company has tested the Jio 5G network in India and that the Jio 5G solution has achieved speeds “well above 1 Gbps”. However, expect the Jio 5G speeds in real life to be much slower when it officially launches in the country. Speaking of testing, Mukesh Ambani adds that the company recently received “regulatory approvals and pilot spectrum for 5G field trials.” According to him, the Jio 5G Standalone Network has been installed in the company’s data centers in India and 5G pilot sites in Navi Mumbai.

Jio 5G Solutions in Healthcare, Education and More Sectors


Which brings us to applications of the Jio 5G in India. According to Mukesh Ambani, “Jio 5G technology is well positioned to create exciting applications for consumers and enterprises in healthcare, education, retail and other key sectors of the economy.” The company has announced that the Jio 5G will be implemented in ambulances and telemedicine services at HNRF hospital. As for the application of Jio 5G in education, Mukesh Ambani says it will be implemented in Reliance Foundation Schools for “immersive and interactive AR/VR content”.

Reliance Announces Jio 5G Partnership with Google Cloud


Last but not least, Reliance has announced a partnership with Google for Jio 5G. While the exact details of this partnership are still unknown, we’ve gathered that Reliance will shift its core retail business to the Google Cloud infrastructure. According to a press release published by Google, “They (Reliance Jio) can take advantage of Google’s AI and machine learning, e-commerce, and demand forecasting offerings. Leveraging the reliability and performance of Google Cloud, these companies can scale as needed to respond to customer demand.”

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