Malware: How cybercriminals are targeting gamers and making millions in cryptocurrency

Cyber ​​criminals always seem to be looking for new ways to trick users on the Internet. A report from CNBC reveals that their latest target is: gamers and they make millions cryptocurrency. The report cites research done by cybersecurity firm avast.
According to Avast Researchers, Cybercriminals Hide Crackonosh malware at games. The games used to target users are NBA 2K19, Far Cry 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, and The Sims 4 – all extremely popular titles. Avast said in its report that these games are readily available on torrent sites.
How does the malware affect users?
Crackonosh malware after it is installed uses the processing power of the computer to mine cryptocurrency for the hackers. Avast researchers claim that for the past three years, hackers have used the malware to generate $2 million in cryptocurrency.
Crackonosh installs itself by replacing critical Windows system files and exploiting Windows safe mode to compromise system defenses, Avast said.
This malware further protects itself by disabling security software and operating system updates, and uses other anti-analysis techniques to avoid detection, making it very difficult to detect and remove.
Once the malware is installed on the computer, the overall performance becomes slow. So far, Avast claims that more than 2.2 lakh users have been infected so far. The security company also said that about 800 devices are infected every day, although the number could be higher.
The worst affected countries are Brazil, India, the Philippines and the US.
As long as people continue to download cracked software, attacks like this will remain profitable for attackers, Avast said in a post explaining the malware. “The main takeaway from this is that you really can’t get anything for nothing and if you’re trying to steal software, there’s a good chance someone will try to steal from you,” the security company noted.

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