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Best Mosquito killer machine For Home India [2022]

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More Than one Million People Every Year Die From mosquito-borne diseases Like malaria, dengue, and Zika. Luckily There are Some Effective Mosquito Killers Available in the Market to Protect Your Self and Your Family From These deadly insects. Using Mosquito killer machines For Home can effectively lower the Chances of Getting any mosquito-borne diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India recommends the usage of Mosquito killer machines For Home. Unlike mosquito repellent which Doesn’t Kill the Mosquito, The Mosquito Killers Machines Attract the Insects and Mosquitos with light and then kill them.

But Since There are So Many Mosquito killer machines For Home Available online, It can Be Difficult to Choose the Best One for Your Home. We’ve analyzed the best Mosquito killer machine For Home India Available on Amazon India to help You narrow down the search.

In this article, We have Complied the List of Top 10 Best Mosquito killer machine For Home India that will Help You Get Rid of mosquitoes in Your Surroundings.

Best Mosquito killer machine for home

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1. Coroid Eco-Friendly Mosquito Killer Machine
If You are in a Search of Portable Budget-Friendly Mosquito Killer Machine For Your Home, look no further than Coroid Mosquito Killer. This is the Best Mosquito Killer Machine You can Purchase for Under 600 INR. It Features an Ultraviolet LightWave Trap that Attracts the Mosquitos and Kills Them. Dimensions measuring at 12 x 12 x 19 Centimeters, It is one of the Most portable Mosquito Killer which is Very convenient to use at home or office.


The Coroid Mosquito Killer Machine features a Removable glue pad trey that Prevents the Mosquitos to Escape once Trapped. The Tray is Very Easy to open From the Main Body. You Just Have to Rotate It Counterclock Wise to Remove the mosquito Trey Downwards. Once Removed, you can Wash the Tray with Water and Clean It with a Dry Cloth.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Equipped with Ultraviolet Light trap.
  • Weights at 360 Grams.
  • Convenient Easy to Carry and Compact Design.
  • Can be used in homes, offices, hospitals.
  • Features a removable Glue Pad.

2. Timesoon Mosquito Killer Machine 

Timesoon Mosquito Killer Machine is one of the Safe Machines To use. Similar to Coroid, this machine is also Designed to Attract Mosquitos with Lights and Trap any Mosquitos that come too close.


In terms of Effictvness, this Machine is Perfectly Suitable For Indoors. It can Cover estimates 200 square feet. You can Keep this Machine anywhere in Your House Where you think the Mosquitos may have hidden. Even though It Weight 200 Grams, The product is much More Durable than it Feels. It Comes with a nontoxic chemical composition that is Safe For Children or Pregnant Women.

Furthermore, You can use a USB Cabel to Charge and operate this Device. The Compact Size Makes it Easy to Carry anywhere You Want. It also features a removable tray which is Very Easy to Clean.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 6 cm
  • It can Be Charged and Operated using a USB Cable.
  • Features a UV Light to Attract & Kill Mosquitos.
  • Input voltage: AC 220v 50hz

3. Coroid International Mosquito Killer

Coroid International Mosquito Killer is a Minimal Design Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine. Specially designed for attracting mosquitoes with UV Light, this Machine Works Best in Closed Dark Rooms. The Machine Has a Vacuum Fan that Pulls all the Nearby Flying Insects into the Cage.


To get the best Results From Coroid Mosquito killers Place it Near the pantry, fruit bowl, or anywhere you see the Most Number of Mosquitos. With a range of 320 square feet, The Coroid International Mosquito Killer is ideal for smaller and mid-sized apartments.
In terms of Weight and Size, it’s a Compact Machine that Weights Just ‎320 g. You can Easily Carry this Mosquito Killer Machine while Traveling. About the Pricing, This Model offers Super Value For Money For which It Comes.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Equipped with a light wave to Attract Insects.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Compact size at 15 x 10 x 2 cm.

4. Mexonic Electronic Led Mosquito Killer

The Mexonic is an Eco-Friendly tested and Reliable Mosquito Killer Machine for Your Home. Mexonic Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Machine For Home Uses the same method of operation as Coroid. It features an ultraviolet LED that Attracts the Mosquitos and the Airflow moves them downwards From where Mosquitos can Not Escape.


The Removable Glue trap box Where all the Mosquitos Get trapped Needs to clean or Replaced Every Couple of Days. The only thing which didn’t Impress Us is its Coverage Area. It Has a Coverage Area of 20 square Feet which is Not Enough Even For a Small Room.
The Mexonic Mosquito killer machine For Home Works Well in Dark Room. While using It, Make sure to Switch off all the Lights in the Room. Turn On the Machine 2-3 hours before going to sleep to get a Mosquito-Free Room.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • It has a built-in 360-degree suction fan to Catch Nearby Flying Mosquitos.
  • Ultraviolet LED to Attract Insects.
  • Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 8 Centimeters.

5. All Out Ultra Mosquito Repellant

All out is one of the Well Known Brands In India to Kill Mosquitos. The All-out Ultra Mosquito Repellent is One of the Compact models on Our list, and it’s also among the cheapest Mosquito repellants out there in the market. You Get the Mosquito repellant with Two Refill packs Just For 150 Rupees.


It Works Differently Than Other Products Mentioned on our List. The device features a Power Slider that is Specially Designed to Spread the Liquid in More Wider areas. Depending on the intensity of mosquitoes, You can Control the Slider.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Protects From Malaria and Dengue.
  • Unique thermal cutoff limits heating.
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 1.1 x 8.5 cm

6. Ardith LED Mosquito Killer Machine

The Ardith Mosquito Killer Machine is one of the Most Reliable machines Out There in the Market. You can Use this Machine Indoor and outdoors. However, to get the best results, Use this Machine in a Closed Dark Room.


Regardless of where You Keep It, The Machine is Fine in a Mid-Sized Room. It can Easily cover areas that are up to 1600 Square Feet. In terms of size and weight, it’s a Compact Device Weigh at 499 Grams. Unlike repellants which can cause Irritation on Skin, The Ardith LED Mosquito Killer Attracts the Mosquito Towards It Using the LED Light and Trap Them in Anti-Escape Box. All These features Make it one of the Best Mosquito killer machine For Home India.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 2 Centimeters
  • Can Be Charged Using a USB Cable.
  • Equipped with Strong Suction Fan, LED Lights & Detachable Box.
  • Low Noice.

7. Seafront Mosquito Zapper

If you’re searching for a mosquito trap that looks superb and Works Well Too, look no further than Seafront Mosquito Zapper. Suitable For Indoor, We Recommend this Machine For all Small and Mid-Sized Home or office Rooms.


Seafront Mosquito Zapper Uses Ultraviolet Lights to Attract the Mosquitos and Catch them. This Machine Doesn’t Use any time of Toxic Chemical composition which Makes it one of the Best Mosquito killer machine For Home India.

We Recooomonf Using this Particular Model because It is Very Effective in Killing Mosquitos and Other Insect. Furthermore, it’s decently affordable and remarkably compact which Makes it Easy to Carry Anywhere.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Coverage Area: 50 to 100 Square Meters
  • Dimensions – 10 x 7 x 3.5 cm
  • Features an Ultraviolet Light to attract Insects and Catch Them.
  • Safe For Kids and Pregnant Women’s.

8 . Kattich Insect Killer Machine

Looking For a compact Insect Killer For Your Home or office? Then Kattich Insect Killer Machine is the Best Choice. It is Capable of getting Rid of all Kinds of Insects and Mosquitos From Your Home. Its wall-mountable design makes it Perfect to Hang this outdoors.


The Kattich Insect Killer Machine Uses two UV bulbs that generate 365 nm wavelengths to Attract Mosquitos and other Insects. It is very simple to use, Just plugin the Device and simply Turn It on. It will Start Working. It Has a Removable Tray that collects dead insects.

It Terms of Size is Weight, this Machine weighs slightly above the other Machines we have Mentioned on the List. But the good thing is it gets a Wall Mount so that You can Directly Hang this thing Directly into the wall. Even Though It is one of the high-priced models on the list, it is a Value For Money Product.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 37.47 x 6.99 x 25.4 cm
  • Equipped with Safety Guard to Prevents Kids From touching It.
  • Aluminum Body For Better Durability.
  • Simple Installation.

9. Mortein Mosquito Killer Liquid

Mortein is one of the well-known mosquito-repellent in India. Similar to All out, this Model Provides 100% Protection From Mosquito-Borne Desises Like Malaria and Dengue. The Mortein weighs just 140 g and has a sleek design.


It comes with Automatically Changing Modes which Eliminates the Hassel of Changing The Modes Manually. Mortein Mosquito Killer Liquid is Very Easy to use, You Just Need to insert the Liquid Vaporizer with the machine and Plug the Device into a Socket.

Available in 2 variants, this moderately-priced Mosquito killer machine For Home works better than most of its competitors. For the Best Results, You can Plug in this Device Near to Windows or Door From Where Mosquitos Enter your House.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Dimensions : ‎ 12.7 x 8.6 x 5.9 cm
  • Smart Modes to Eliminate the Manual Settings.
  • The double TFT formula begins operating in 5 minutes

10. iBELL 231K Insect Killer Machine

The last product on our list of the top 10 best mosquito Killer Machine For Home India is iBELL 231K. This Machine is extremely effective in getting rid of Mosquitos in Your Home, office, or Outdoors. The ibell Insect Killer Uses ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects and Kill Them with high voltage current which flows through electrified metal grids.


 This Machine Doesn’t use any harmful chemicals which makes it an Eco-friendly and Safe Product For Kids and Pregnant Women. The only thing which we didn’t Like about this ibell Mosquito Killer Machine is its Minimal Coverage. Unlike the other Products on the List. Considering the prices the Coverage Area should Have been a Little More.

Highlighted Key features – 

  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 49 x 5.5 x 27 cm
  • Equipped with ultraviolet bulbs to attract flying Insects.
  • No Chemical, Poison, Fumes Used.

Benefits of Using the Mosquito Killer Machine For Home 

  • All-round protection – Unlike Mosquito Repellent, The Mosquito Killer Machines is Much More Effective in Killing Mosquitos. These Machines Uses Ultraviolet Light to Attract the Mosquitos in Dark and instantly Catches Them once they Come Close to machine.
  • No Chemicals – Research Has proven that the Chemicals used in Most Mosquito Repellents can cause Many Skin Related Diseases. The Mosquito Killer Machines Don’t have any of these Chemicals which makes it Safer to use in House Hold with Small Kids.
  • Safety from Dieses Like Malaria and Dengue –Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of malaria and Dengue cases Per Year in India. That’s why preventing Yourself From mosquitoes should be Your priority. Using a Mosquito killer machine For Home Gives You an instant solution to rid of mosquitoes and other bugs.

Different Types of Mosquito Killer Machines 

There are Several Types of Mosquito Killer Machines Available in the Market. Each machine has Its Advantages and Disadvantages. Let us See Different Types of Mosquito Killer Machines and which one will be the Best For Your Home.

  • Zapper – Insect Zapper also known as an electric insect killer is a Device that Attracts Insects with Ultraviolet Light and Catches Them. An Insect Zapper is usually encased in a protective cage Made up of plastic with a UV Light fitted inside. Many Zapper is Also Fitted with a Glued Tray to collect the Dead Mosquitos and other Insects.
  • Mosquito Racket – The Mosquito rackets are one of the Most Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Mosquitos. These rackets are Powered by a rechargeable battery and a LED Light which helps in killing mosquitoes.
  • Liquid Repellent – The Liquid Repellent vaporizer Machines are very popular in Indian Households. These Vaporizers Comes with and a Refill which kills Mosquitos.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an est Mosquito killer machine For Home

Mosquito is one of the Most Common problems for Indian households. There are Several Types of Disease Caused by mosquitoes, it is hard to believe that such Small Insect Can cause so Many Diseases.

Whether you’re in your room or in the garden, Having a Good Mosquito Killer at Your Home can be highly effective in killing the mosquitoes in Your Surroundings. When You are Searching For a Good Quality Mosquito Killer Machine For Home, Make sure that Your Product Has all the Essential features.

To help You Out we have Created a List of Four things You should Consider Before Buying a Mosquito Killer Machine For Your Home. Irrespective of Price or Brand These features Should be Present in Your Mosquito Killer Machine for Home.

  • Safety – When Buying a Mosquito Killer machine For Your Home, Safety Should be Your Number one Priority. Whatever Ever Product You Buy, make sure to check If it is Safe For Your Kids or pets at home.
  • Warranty – A Warranty is Brands Written agreement to repair the Product in case of any Damage within the Warranty period. When You are Buying a Product online, It’s hard to tell if the product is of Good quality or Not. Hence, You should always Look for products with a Warranty to Ensue that even the Product Gets Damaged in shipping or while using, You will get a Replacement.
  • Area of Coverage – There are Plenty of Mosquito Killer Machines Available online and Each Machine Has Its Coverage Area. First and Foremost You Have to decide where you will use this device. If You are Buying this Machine For Indoors the Minimum Coverage Area Should be 150 Square Feet.
  • Reviews – If You are Buying a product online, Customers Reviews can be Really Helpful. Who else can give a better review than people who have used the product? Before Buying any Product online, Make sure to check the Reviews on the Button Product Page. This way You can get a better idea of Product Quality, Effectiveness, Durability, and Safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mosquito Killer Machines really work?

Yes, Mosquito Killer machines are very much Effective in Killing Mosquitos in Your Surroundings. Before Using a Mosquito Killer machine For Home, make sure You read the User manual Guide For Better Results.

Is Mosquito Zappers have chemicals in Them?

No, The Mosquito Zapper Uses Ultraviolet Light to Attract Mosquitos and Kill them with Electric shock.

How to keep mosquitoes away From Your Home?

The most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from Your Surroundings is to Buy a Good Quality Mosquito Killer Machine and Use It Near the Door or Windows.

Are mosquitoes attracted to Ultraviolet Light?

Yes, mosquitos are attracted to Ultraviolet Light.

In Conclusion

Mosquitos can cause some serious diseases Like such as malaria, dengue, and zika. It is very important to protect Yourself From These Little flying Insects. However These Days There are many Types of Solutions Available to Safeguard Yourself From Mosquitos.

With this Review, We have presented You with the Top 10 Best Mosquito Killer Machine For Home India. We hope this Guide will Help You Buy the Best Product For Your Home.

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