Alienware 310H gaming headset  Review: No frills mid-range headset for gamers

No frills mid-range headset for gamers


The Alienware 310H, priced at Rs 8249, offers good value for money. It has a robust build and comfortable fit, allowing gamers to play for hours without too much discomfort. The headset isn’t the best sounding for FPS games as the gunshots sound too boomy, but for other game genres the headset is quite competent, with good imaging and dynamic sound.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset Detailed ReviewH

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days, with brands trying to bring their own offerings into this lucrative market. In addition, gaming headsets are produced in a wide range of price ranges, to ensure that every demographic has one that is right for their needs. Alienware is a brand well known in the gaming world and the company has a good range of gaming headsets also in different price ranges. A good gaming headset would be classified as a headset with a robust construction, to withstand even furious gaming sessions; a comfortable fit, for hours of gaming; a good microphone to talk to teammates on Discord or Teamspeak; and immersive sound, to immerse you in the fictional game world. Here we review the Alienware 310H stereo gaming headset, a mid-range, wired gaming headset, priced at Rs 8,429 but available for Rs 7,999 on Amazon. Let’s see if the headset provides the basics of what makes a good gaming headset.

Construction and comfort

The Alienware 310H gaming headset isn’t flash when it comes to aesthetics. The headset is all black and has a matte texture that feels eerily like the outside of an eggshell. The Alienware logo is embellished on the back of the headband extenders on either side and has a glossy finish, which adds a little bit of contrast.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

The ear cups are a hybrid of soft memory foam, sports fabric and synthetic leather. These materials are intended to optimize cooling and comfort while maintaining sound insulation. In our testing, we found that the material was sufficiently breathable and extremely comfortable to put on. The ear cups are well padded and the clamping force is not too tight either. The cups can also be rotated 90 degrees to sit flat on your chest or on a surface.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

The headband can be extended quite a bit on either side, so most heads should find the headset comfortable to wear. The extenders are not visible and are neatly tucked into the plastic construction. The headband is also padded and sits comfortably on the head. The filling was a little too hard for our liking, but it doesn’t get overly uncomfortable at any point.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

The cups isolate external noise quite well, but due to the sound-isolating fit, they sometimes get hot, especially if you’re in a non-air-conditioned room in a humid city like Mumbai. In the left earcup is a retractable microphone boom, which slides in and out easily. The microphone can be bent and adjusted as needed to produce the best possible sound.

The Alienware 310H is a wired headset that comes with a 3.5mm audio cable. The company has also included a Y-splitter cable in the box. According to Alienware, the headset comes with cross-platform compatibility and can be used with PCs, laptops, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. For this review, we used the headset with a PC.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

The headset also has a small in-line remote with a scroll wheel for volume control. There’s also a fairly discreet mic mute switch on the back of the module that can be pressed to mute the mic and swiped up to unmute.

Overall, the headset is comfortable and robust, but it certainly lacks a gaming aesthetic common to many gaming headsets these days. There’s no RGB or accents that make the headset stand out visually. Still, it serves the purpose of comfort, which is quite sufficient for us.


The Alienware 310H is not feature rich in any way. It’s a simple yet functional wired stereo gaming headset with no frills like 7.1 surround sound, USB or wireless connectivity, software support and game sound modes. However, it comes with a Discord certified microphone, which in our testing proved to be quite commendable for the price. The voice passed through clearly and didn’t sound distorted or distant like some entry-level mid-range gaming headset microphones. However, a fair amount of outside noise is picked up by the microphone and passed on to your teammates, so make sure you’re in a relatively quiet room to get the best experience.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

As mentioned, there’s also cross-platform compatibility, which is pretty common now, but a nice feature nonetheless. The quick mute switch on the inline remote is also pretty handy and works well, a snap. All in all, the Alienware 310H drops the frills and sticks to the basics.


Equipped with custom-tuned 50mm drivers for Hi-Res Audio, the Alienware 310H has a frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz. The headset uses Alienware’s Immersive Audio Technology to enhance its gaming performance. The headset has a pretty decent sound quality for gaming, but there are some issues.

Let’s talk about the positive first. Soundtracks and songs in games sound pretty good on these headphones. Sounds such as explosions also have an impact. The imaging on these headphones is pretty fantastic and you can determine the direction the enemy is coming from based on cues like footsteps. Keep in mind that these are stereo headphones, so you won’t get a surround sound effect.

Alienware 310H Gaming Headset

However, the bass response is quite exaggerated on these headphones, so in FPS games gunshots sound a bit boomy and because of that it can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint the location. Being a closed-back headphone, the soundstage is somewhat limited and the immersiveness is reduced because of this shortcoming. We played Valorant with this headset. The experience was decent, but we wish the gunshots had a little more impact.

Listening to music and watching TV shows or movies with this headset is quite an overall experience. The sound is dynamic and lively, but the exaggerated bass response can sometimes make the headset sound a bit too dark and broody. Overall, it’s a great sounding mid-range headset, especially if you don’t play a lot of FPS games.


The Alienware 310H, priced at Rs 8249, offers good value for money. It has a robust build and comfortable fit, allowing gamers to play for hours without too much discomfort. The headset isn’t the best sounding for FPS games as the gunshots sound too boomy, but for other game genres the headset is quite competent, with good imaging and dynamic sound. The soundstage is a bit narrow, but that’s to be expected due to the closed design. If you want a mid-range gaming headset with a minimalistic look, this headset is a great option. Another attractive option in this price range is the JBL Quantum 400 which comes with slightly better sound quality and software support.

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