Samsung’s next smartwatch may have a big ‘edge’ over Apple Watch

Samsung is expected to host the next big event in August. The South Korean tech giant is rumored to be launching the next generation of Galaxy Fold and Flip smartphones in addition to the next Galaxy Watch. The rumor mill is buzzing with leaks about the products. The latest rumor suggests that the Galaxy Watch may have a body fat measurement feature.
According to tipster Max Winebach, the Galaxy Watch will have a BIA or Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis function that measures the composition of body fat. The feature can help users about their body fat percentage and let them know when they are getting close to their weight loss goals. The feature is curiously missing in the Apple Watch up to now.
Rumors have suggested that the next Samsung smartwatch — galaxy watch 4 — will have a brand new processor.
The other big reveal of the Samsung smartwatch is the new Wear OS developed in collaboration with Google. At the annual developer conference in May, google announced that it was entering into a partnership with Samsung. “Samsung and Google have a long history of working together. Now we bring the best of Wear and Tizen into a single platform. Working together, we’ve been able to leverage the strengths of each and combine them into an experience with faster performance, longer battery life, and more of the apps you love available for the watch,” Google said during the event in May.
Apple dominates the smartwatch worldwide with Counterpoint Research stating that every third smartwatch sold has a Apple Watch. Samsung hopes – together with Google – to make a dent in Apple’s market share with the Galaxy Watch 4.

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