Satya Nadella on who his ‘boss’ is and what it means to be chairman of Microsoft

Earlier this month, Microsoft Director Satya Nadella appointed chairman of Microsoft. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 as an engineer and became CEO in 2014 and now chairman. It is the first time since 2000 that the same person has held both positions at Microsoft. Now that Nadella is the chairman, who is his boss? In an interview with The roadside, Nadella revealed the answer to the question. When asked who’s boss, the Microsoft chairman replied, “If your boss is defined as the person who can ultimately hold you accountable, it’s the independent directors of the Microsoft board.”
Speaking of his role as chairman of Microsoft, Nadella went on to say that it was the lead independent director “who has full authority over all people who are part of management, including me and my compensation and my performance.”
Nadella said he thinks becoming chairman is a natural consequence of what he’s been doing as CEO for the past seven years. “There is no real change, frankly, around the rigor of corporate governance and who really has the authority to hire and fire the CEO. And those are the independent directors of Microsoft’s board of directors,” he told The Verge.
He also said the way he interprets any change – in his becoming chairman and CEO – is that “how we bring the management team and board together around what Microsoft’s purpose is. [and] strategy? How do we hold ourselves accountable as a team?”.
Microsoft under Nadella has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s market cap reached a whopping $2 trillion. The only other US tech company to hit the $2 trillion mark was: Apple in 2020.

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