This is what Airtel has to say on Reliance and Google’s JioPhone Next

Arch-rival and one of the country’s largest telecom operators airtel has welcomed Reliance’s new affordable smartphone JioPhone Next. “Airtel welcomes ‘s low-end smartphone initiative Trust Jio and google. We support any effort that the upgrade from feature phones to smartphones brings to get more Indians online,” the company said in a statement.
In an ironic statement, it added that when entry-level samrtphone users climb the ladder, they go for Airtel’s network. “Our experience has shown that when customers with entry-level devices upgrade to quality smartphones (priced above Rs 7,000), they show a strong preference for Airtel’s brand and network. In the long run, this complements our strategy to focus on quality customers with world-class services.”
The company added that it will provide customers with easy financing options to purchase quality smartphones and strengthen its partner ecosystem for the same. “Airtel will continue to work with device manufacturers to make quality smartphones accessible to customers through innovative financing and bundling offerings, strengthening the efforts of all our partners in the ecosystem,” said Airtel.
This means that in the coming days we may see Airtel partner with smartphone brands to offer buyers an easy financing option along with bundled data plans. The company already has such plans for Apple iPhones.

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