xbox: Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to Apple iPhones, iPads and Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has made Xbox Cloud Gaming available on Apple iPhones and Windows 10 PCs through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The tech giant announced this in a blog post. The service has been rolled out to 22 countries where users can access it on the above devices via Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari browsers. If you already have a subscription or want to subscribe, type “” into one of the three browsers from your iPhone, iPad or Windows 10 PC.
Once your subscription is activated, you can play online games. Every game from the Xbox library that you play alone or with friends is streamed from an Xbox hardware in a Microsoft data center, the tech giant says. You can save your game progress whenever you want and pick up right where you left off later. Players can use “a compatible Xbox wireless controller or one of the many supported controllers and mobile gaming accessories, including the all-new Backbone One for iOS” to play through Xbox Cloud Gaming.
So, how smooth will the gaming experience be through the browsers? Microsoft assures it is using custom Xbox Series X hardware to stream the games in the cloud service. It claims it has upgraded its data centers around the world with the “fastest, most powerful Xbox hardware” to give gamers faster load times, improved frame rates and low latency with their gaming experience. Microsoft claims that to achieve that, its data centers would stream the games at 1080p at up to 60 fps.

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