Yet Another Bird Game  Review

Yet Another Bird Game Review


Yet Another Bird Game is a pun and current craze started by Angry Birds. But this game from our very own SuperSike Games Studio took second prize in the Square Enix Game Development competition and in the time we’ve spent with it, we understand why. However, this game is not free and if you are wondering if you should buy it or not, read the review.

Another detailed Bird Game review


Since Angry Birds took the iTunes App Store by storm, there are many games designed around the same concept. Today we are reviewing Yet Another Bird Game (yes, that’s actually the name of the game), a game developed by a native studio called SuperSike Games. The game was Runner Up at the Square Enix Game Development Contest, so we wanted to see for ourselves what all the hype was about. So we scored a copy (the game is on iOS only) [iPhone and iPod touch] and is not iPad compatible) and played for hours to see if the game was worth the $0.99 price. Here are our thoughts:

Story and purpose:
Yet Another Bird Game is set in a universe where an evil scientist hates birds. For example, he develops “Current-X” to free birds from their natural habitat: electrical wires. So the game takes place on the high voltage wires with six species of birds that use them as habitat. Your goal is to make sure that every time a surge of current goes from one end of the wire to the other, you remove any birds from that wire.

You have six types of birds, named Beanbag, Forkwing, Spartan, Scarecrow, Dr. Strangebird and Ben, with each bird having its own unique ‘powers’. While five of your birds are allies, Scarecrow is a kind of jerk, which will shock all nearby birds into ashes, causing you to lose a life. Lose three birds and the game is over. How do you lose a life? Well, besides Scarecrow being a total jerk, you can also fry your birds if Current X hits one of them.

Yet Another Bird Game is essentially played by moving the birds from one thread to another by selecting them and then choosing where to go. While the game starts off nice and slow at first, the pace picks up steadily, with power going from one wire at a time to two at a time. At any given time, you will have four birds on the wires, a number that increases as the game progresses. One of the birds dressed as Merlin the Wizard has the ability to warp you from one “world” to another. The Spartan bird is particularly troublesome and usually refuses to move when “commanded” to do so. The challenge therefore becomes to protect the Spartan with Dr. Strangebird.

If you think you can get away with single-handed gameplay, something else is coming your way. Between multiple streams and Scarecrow trying to zap its own kind, or between having to collect worms for points and special powers (different colored worms offer different powerups) and looking forward to the stream, you’ll find yourself scrambling around to use both thumbs fairly quickly.

Visually, Yet Another Bird Game uses muted shades of pink and blue, combined with a very flat 2D style of artwork very reminiscent of early 90s game design. Designed with great attention to detail, the birds will often generate expressions of enthusiasm while playing. The sound is an eclectic loop combined with the buzzing sound of electricity as it flows through the cables.

Bottom line:
Yet Another Bird Game is not just another bird game. It relies heavily on hand-eye coordination and requires incredibly quick thinking and reflexes. The game revolves around a fairly simple action, but with the passage of time, that action becomes a lot more challenging. Yet Another Bird Game is sure to keep you entertained for hours, if not days, and we highly recommend buying it for its meager $0.99 price tag. You can download the game for iOS here.

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