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How to Connect Panasonic Smart TV to Mobile

Last updated on December 12th, 2023 at 11:25 am

Smartphones are essential to our lives as we spend most of our time scrolling through them for entertainment. But sometimes we want to enjoy our favorite shows or videos on a bigger screen like a smart TV.

This is where screen mirroring comes into play. Through this technology, we can watch the content of our phone on a big screen like a smart TV or a projector.

So here are a few tips to help you connect your mobile with Panasonic TV.

To cast on Panasonic smart TV there are a few inbuilt apps in the smart TV that can help you display content from your smartphone to smart TV. But not all Smart TVs or older models come with the mirror casting feature or inbuilt apps.

So, the other way to connect your smartphone to Panasonic smart TV is through screen mirroring apps. These apps are downloaded on your smartphone and help you watch smartphone content on your Smart TV.

Tips To Connect iPhone to Panasonic Smart TV

This guide is for you if your smart TV has an inbuilt mirroring app.

  1. Switch on your smart TV and make sure your Panasonic Smart TV and your iPhone are connected to the same internet.
  2. Go to the apps section of your smart TV and look for a Casting App or mirroring app which are by default available on your Panasonic smart TV.
  3. Once you open the app you will see an interface where your smart TV name will be displayed.
  4. Now go to the control center of your iPhone, you can find a screen mirroring icon in the control center. Click on the screen mirroring icon, and you can find your TV name displayed. Click on the TV name and you can cast your iPhone to your Panasonic smart TV.

How to Connect Android Smartphone To Panasonic Smart TV

  1. If You are using an Android device like Oneplus, even then you can mirror your Android mobile device to a Panasonic smart TV.
  2. Go to the Settings of your Android device.
  3. Search for Cast. Click on the Cast option and you can see your smart TV name displayed.
  4. Click on your TV name and you will see your mobile screen displaying on your Panasonic Smart TV. Now you can watch whatever you want to mirror from your Android phone to a Panasonic Smart TV.

If your smart TV does not have a screen mirroring app, here is a step-by-step guide that can help you cast your smartphone screen on Panasonic smart TV.

  1. Look for screen mirroring apps on your Play Store if you are an Android user or App Store if you are an IOS user.
  2. There are a host of screen mirroring apps online. You can download the app which you find best.
  3. Open the app once downloaded, and switch on your smart TV. You can click on the option you want to watch on a smart TV  mirror, for example, photos, videos, music, etc. Once you click on either of the options, you will see your smart TV name appearing on the app. Now enjoy your favorite content on your Panasonic smart TV.

Screen Mirroring Through OTT Platforms

If you want to watch OTT content on your smart TV through mobile mirroring, it is possible through apps like Netflix and Disney Hotstar.

Open the app from which you want to watch the content. You can see the screen mirroring icon in the top right corner.

Check if your TV is on, then click on the screen mirroring icon on your smartphone and play the content you like to watch.

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