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Best FREE Computer Courses with Certification

Are You Looking for the Best Online Computer Course with Certification in 2021? Check out this list of Free online Computer Courses to Learn the Fundamentals of computers. Computers Play an Important Role in Modern Business World. Having a Proper Knowledge of Computer will Help You to Prepare for a more suitable Career.

People often have this Question that Is there any computer course with no fees? Well, My answer is Yes. There are Hundreds of Free online Computer Courses available for beginners and as well as Experts. Anyone Can Start Learning Basic of Computer From their Smartphone.

In the 21st Century, Finding a Job that does not require the use of a computer is challenging. Most of the offices these Days Use Computers to Increase their work Efficiency. Having a Good Knowledge of Computer Hardware and Software can help you be more efficient with Modern Technologies.

Now that You Know that Computers are an important part of Your Life, You need to understand how to use them. To Help You Out with the Best FREE Computer Course Available on Internet, We Have Prepared a List of Top 5 Best Courses. The Courses Mentioned on the List will Help Your Get Familiar with the computer Quick.

Top 5 Free Computer Courses with Certification in 2021 

1. Udemy FREE Computer Literacy 101 Course

Udemy is an Online Course Platform with More than 155,000 courses and 70,000 instructors. The FREE Computer Literacy 101 Course will Help You Understand the basic concepts of computers with a summary of the Windows 10 operative system. 

Key-Points of Udemy computer Course 

  • Learn the basics of Computers.
  • Understand the Troubleshooting Network.
  • Computer Hardware & Software Components.
  • Introduction to the command line.

The Course is Perfect for Students or Non-technical users with no IT experience. The Course Duration is of Total 41 Minutes which is Divided into 7 Lectures of 6-7 Minutes Each. Start learning Now click Here. 

2. Coursera Introduction to Computers and Office Productivity Software

Coursera is one of the Biggest online Learning Platforms. They work with various Universities and institutes to offer online Courses to Learners. The Introduction to Computer Course is an Entry Level Course which Helps You to Learn More about Computer. 

The Course is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology which is a Leading International research University. After the Competition, You will Get a Certificate From HKUST. With a rating of 4.6 on Coursera, More than 20,514 People Have already enrolled for the Course. 

Key-Point of Coursera Introduction to Computer Course 

  • Learn about the Major Hardware component of Computer System.
  • Details about Word Procession Applications Including MS Excel, Word & PowerPoint. 
  • Different Types of Software on Computer.
  • Computer Graphics 

Overall it is an 8 Week Course which is Divided into 8 Modules. At the End of the Course, You Have to apply for the test and complete the Capstone Project. In this Project You have to apply Everything You have Learned and Specialization in Course Duration. Click the Link Here to Apply Now. 

3. GCF Global Free 

GCF Global is an online Platform offering Courses in More than 200+ Topics. From Computers to Academics Studies, one can get every type of content in GCF Global. The Computer Basic Course from GCF will help Your upgrade Your skills From the Convenience of Your Home. You can Enroll For the Course online

Key-Point of GCF Free Computer Course 

  • Easy to Learn Beginner Friendly Course.
  • Learn about What is Computer, Basic Components, Operating System & More.
  • Test Your Knowledge by Taking the Basic Quiz at the End of the Course. 

The Course is Great for Someone who very new to Computers. One of the Best things about the GCF Course is that it is available for Free on Youtube. Enroll in for the Course Now by Clicking on the link here. 

4 . Alison Free Office 365 Web Apps Course 

Alison is an online Platform of Free Courses where they Focus on workplace-based skills. In this Course on 365 Web Apps, You will Learn about how You can use them for Your business Productivity. 

Microsoft office 365 Provides You an opportunity to Experience Various Productivity Services at Microsoft. All the Students will learn about the Various Apps Present at the 365 Web Apps Course. 

Key-Point of Alison Free Office 365 Web Apps Course 

  • Discover about the Office 365 Web Apps From Scratch.
  • Know-How to Setup Skype for Business Meetings.
  • Learn More about collaborating with Shared Files. 

5. Meganga Basic Computer Course 

Megagna is a Platform created to provide computer training for the elderly and beginners. The Basic Computer Course From Meganga is Perfect to upgrade Your Skills in 2021. Apart From Computer Basics, the Course also Covers Knowledge Related to Internet & Microsoft office. 

Key-Points of Meganga Basic Computer Course 

  • Easy Lessons on Computer Basic for Absolute beginners.
  • Learn More about the Internet, Social Media, online Security, Gmail & More.
  • Covers Basic Graphic & Photography Queries. 
  • All MS Office Tools with Cloud Storage & Smartphone Learnings. 


All of the Computer Course we have Mentioned in the List will help You to Brush up on Your Skills. Make sure You Select the One which will Help You to Build a Better career. All the Best with Your Computer Learnings, Make Sure You Share the Article with Somone who is also interested in Learning More about Computers & Internet.  


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