Best Headphone Brands in India

Top 10 Best Headphone Brands in India

Music is a term for relaxation, everyone loves to hear and enjoy music depending on their taste and culture they follow or which inspire their positivity. So when it comes to music we guys think of earphones and headphones because it is the only thing that can take us to another world with its powerful features. Today we’ll try to give you the Best Headphone Brands in India which will give amazing results and long-run life, believe me, it will be much better than your last purchase.

Well, I always keep my earphones on, I don’t want to hear outside clutter really, at a time this condition happens with everyone on this planet. It provides privacy from the outside world and floats on lyrics. Research says that people who start their day with light music have great days as compared to people rushing to the office.

Earphones or headphones whatever you use, using good quality earphones and headphones may control your budgets on buying earphones every month, many of the people use cheap earphones for 100 rs and then curse on earphones for not running smoothly or running on sides. Good quality earphones may make your pocket empty but it will long run.


Top 10 Best Headphone Brands in India

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1. Sony – Famous Japanese brand which is running in not only India but every part of the planet successfully, you’re a liar if you say you didn’t hear of Sony. Almost every one of us knew about its electronics products and its quality experience.



This brand makes a wide range of products from washing machines to mobile phones to every consumer electronics item you’ll find in this brand. It is the Best Headphone Brand in India, the top leading consumer electronics brand in India.

In every middle-class household, you can find its products. The reason why people go for Sony is for the quality of their products and services they provide to consumers that meet their requirements.

Sony headphones sound remarkable, very bright, and clean with a flat frequency response which is something I particularly like when looking for headphones. They also have boosted bass models headphones for people who love bass. Let’s check out our best pick from Sony.

2. JBL – With its top-notch superior sound quality, JBL is another trusted headphone brand in India used by customers, an all-rounder with solid sound quality. It makes premium quality earphones for its different user base from cheap to High range models.



Its cheap earphones are also worth buying. JBL has always been making quality sound systems towards mass markets, that’s you can find it easily in markets but due to its high-value market, fake JBL products are running in markets that are of no use.

JBL has been working for 70 years and is one of the most innovative headphones and earphones makers in the market. I also have JBL earphones used for my online meetings and fun relaxation.

Its headphones are extremely durable and the company is known to make portable wireless speakers and headphones meant for exercising and sports, so they will very likely hold up better against rough handling than other brands. They are also lightweight and comfortable which makes them one of the Best Headphone Brands in India. Let’s check out our best pick from this trusted brand.


One of the most leading and pioneer brands of India, it’s an American audio brand making high-quality sound systems in India for two decades. Its headphones have a high price for High-end products which is quite real.



You can’t get super quality headphones at those cheap prices. Bose is a brand which we’re all familiar with, its price may disappoint you but its sound quality cannot. I remember when we got our family car and we head towards its accessories shop BOSE was the sound system which I have observed in every other car.

With the changing technologies, this company also changes its technology from wires to wireless and sporty and different user range and its better durability makes it one of the Best Headphone Brands in India. Let’s look out for some of the best headphones you can choose for yourselves.

4. Sennheiser – Well we all know about its premium quality headphones and earphones, it’s the most trusted headphone brand in India and every part of the world. You may also have seen on any concert or band using this brand’s instruments, it’s because of the trust this brand has made in our hearts.



It’s one of the oldest brands we have provided best quality musical instruments, earphones and headphones, soundbars, sound system and many more accessories used in music industries.

As it is one of the most trusted headphones brands in India providing top-notch accessories when it comes to music just blows your mind. Let’s check out its best products on our list.

5. Skullcandy – A US-based headphone brand which is going trendy among the youngster and many age groups but most probably you’ll see youngsters using these headphones. Skullcandy is one of the Best Headphone Brands in India due to its trendy and colorful looks it’s liked by everyone.



As I have said earlier, Skullcandy headphones come with different colors features targeted to customers preference and it’s not costly and can be light on your pocket.

With amazing and clear crisp sound good durability and if you break one you can always buy the other, even I like it so much. Let us check out some best skull candies reliable to your ear and pocket. With amazing and clear crisp sound good durability and if you break one you can always buy the other, even I like it so much. Let us check out some best skull candies reliable to your ear and pocket.

6. Beats – Founded by Rapper Dr. Dre, a Best Headphone Brands in the Indian market, its innovative music experience is loved by every modern music lover. All the BEATS earphones and headphones are wireless supported by Bluetooth 5.0, it only makes headphones and speakers which gives incredibly sound quality.



It Best Headphone Brands in India, not expensive and with this modern era it also gives out a bunch of categories for its headphones users as per their uses like sports and gym, entry-level and audiophile headphones.

By seeing that you have a wide range of categories as per your uses. I believe in BEATS because I have used it earlier and I like its sound quality not as much as Sony and Sennheiser but good as for newbie guys and gals. You can gift someone with this they’ll surely like. Let’s check out some hit beats

7. BOAT – If you’re a style freak and want to groove in your world without any outside noise then surely you’ll love these headphones from BOAT. It comes in a wide range of colors and amazing sound quality, definitely a youth choice.



It is a Delhi-based Indian music brand which is growing rapidly in the music & sound Industries, if you don’t believe then you are allowed to check the reviews by people using boat accessories. This company is acquiring the mass market as per Indian consumer standards, not very cheap nor very costly.

providing quality products as per user requirements sporty, unique, trendy, etc. As per durability is concerned, it is quietly durable but if you throw it deliberately then it will break (jokingly), sound quality is amazingly crisp and clear. let us checkup on some BOATs.

8. BOULT – Another superb product by our Indian Brand founded in 2006 known for its superb stylish build quality and superb sound quality, although BOULT is an Indian brand its products are manufactured in China.



Its affordable price range and amazing music experience have made its products the best consumer choice, It also provides different categories of headphones for bass lovers and sporty people.

Best Indian Brand headphones in the market with an affordable price range and best output. The products for this brand come loaded with features such as pro bass audio boost, accentuated high definition sounds, built-in microphone controls, and wired & wireless mode for both IOS users and Android users.

9. Audio Technica – A well-known Japanese brand in the music and sound Industries but many people didn’t aware of this brand, AUDIO TECHNICA has some amazing sound quality and high-quality headphones running in the market, its headphones and accessories are seen in professional music geeks, many music geeks use these headphones.

Delivering professional-grade sound quality, the range of headphones from Audio-Technica is really impressive. whether it’s for sports, studio recording, or simply budget in-ear headphones, with some different price range categories with different options available for users with distinct taste is very useful for them to choose the best suited for them. Let’s check out its best budget headphones suited for you.

10.Ptron – If you have got a tight budget and need some balanced crisp and clear sound quality then believe me you’ll love this brand of headphones. It’s a youth-centric headphone brand that provides quality headphones, earphones, and TWS for every kind of user like gym, classy, music lovers, and bass lovers.



Ptron is an Indian brand, yes you heard it right which is headquartered in Hyderabad, promises its customers with incredibly crystal clear and high-quality audio experience, and features extra bass. One of the top-rated selling headphones on Amazon and Flipkart. let us check out some of its headphones best suited to your budget.

In Conclusion

So, these are some of the best and Best Headphone Brands in India you can choose for you, I know some of these have a high price but give top-notch output and yes, there are some which best fits your budget if you have got a tight budget but for God Sake please don’t compare one of superior or lower range headphones.

As far as durability is concerned you always know these are all consumer electronics if you’ll deliberately throw them into the wall then they’ll get a break, please don’t try that. Do durability means hear how long it will work? Good quality headphones will go around 5-6 years as per your use may be longer if you use them correctly.

Do we hope you people have found what you wanted? In this article, we tried to show best according to different people’s uses. If we missed out on some of the Best Headphone Brands in India, feel free to mention them in the comment box.

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