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Lost in Space Season 3: Netflix Release Date & What to Expect

Lost in space – Photo: Netflix

Lost in space Season 3 is currently in post-production as Netflix gears up the show’s third and final season for release. Here’s an update on everything we know so far Lost in space season 3, including where it’s in production, what to expect, and who will be appearing.

The excellent sci-fi series serves as a reboot for the original TV series that ran in the 1960s and the subsequent movie in the late 1990s. It’s been an underrated sci-fi gem, often losing mindshare to people like the Stranger things.

Season two of the show released on Christmas Eve 2019.

Read on for the most comprehensive preview of everything we know about Season 3 of Lost in space.

Has season 3 of Lost in space renewed?

Official Renewal Status: Renewed in March 2020

After a three-month wait, Netflix’s NX on Netflix account confirmed alongside the shows’ official Twitter that the sci-fi series would be back.

However, the news of a third season also came with the news that the third will also tie up the story and be the final entry.

Of course, many fans of the show weren’t happy about that, but in the end it’s good that the series gets a full ending instead of staying on a cliffhanger.

There have been some small petitions asking Netflix for more seasons, but it’s probably a foregone conclusion.

In a statement, Zack Estrin (the showrunner for) Lost in space) spoke the latest season news by saying:

“From the beginning, we’ve always thought of this particular story of The Robinsons as a trilogy. A 3-part epic family adventure with a clear beginning, middle and end. It’s also worth noting that, with what these characters go through to survive each episode – if anyone deserves to catch their breath for their next mission – it will be Will, Penny, Judy, Maureen, John, Don West, Dr. Smith… and The Robot. And of course Debbie the chicken. So while this chapter of Lost in space comes to a smashing conclusion, I’m excited about continuing to discover new stories with my friends at Netflix and all the incredible opportunities ahead.”

Where is Lost in space season 3 in production?

Current production status: pre-production (last updated: 25-06-2020)

The show is waiting for the COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted before shooting can begin.

In June 2020, we found out that the tentative plan (assuming no more productions are discontinued) that the series should begin filming in September 2020 and finish in January 2020.

Shooting for Season 3 will once again take place in a brand new location. As you may know, season one was filmed in Vancouver while season 2 was filmed in Iceland. According to our source, Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada will be the filming location of Season 3.

In September 2020, we got the first signs of life that Season 3 is back in production. According to our source, the shooting will not start until September 9, 2020 and the shooting will be completed on January 14, 2021.

NX on Netflix confirmed on September 26 that it had gone back into production.

Crew members, including Zack Estrin, have already started appearing on set, who are taking strict precautions on set due to COVID-19.

lost in space season 3 covid sign

Covid-19 sign for Lost in Space film set – Via: Zack Estrin on Instagram

During filming, Zack Estrin, in particular, was active on social media to share behind-the-scenes photos.

Then, on January 12, 2021, NX on Netflix and Zack confirmed that season 3 had been filmed.

After the wrap announcement, we’ve seen several updates, mainly through Zack Estrin’s Instagram page. He shared at the end of April that Mina Sundwall has seen several clips of the new season.

In late May 2021, Zack Estrin shared some progress with Lost in Space season 3, informing us that they were currently mixing the first episode of season 3 with the caption “Everything messed up. Afl.301.”

lost in space season 3 mixes may 2021

When will Lost in space season 3 release on netflix?

So far, only a broad 2021 release date has been confirmed.

However, with filming of the packaging in January, we don’t currently expect the final season to be available at least later in the year.

Our ongoing educated guess is that season 3 of Lost in space hits between late summer and fall of 2021.

Notably, the show didn’t feature on Netflix’s Geeked Week.

first look at lost in space season 3

First Look at Lost in Space Season 3

What to expect from Season 3 of Lost in space & burning questions

Warning: Spoilers ahead – watch Season 2 before continuing.

Before we get into what to expect from Season 3 in terms of story, let’s quickly recap the Season 2 finale called “Ninety-Seven”.

Judy, Will and Penny have all escaped from the invading robot army

One of the bigger cliffhangers left from Season 2 is the Jupiter Transport which carries the kids who come into contact with the Fortuna, the long-lost ship mentioned everywhere. Lost in space.

Some have briefly touched on fan theories, some have suggested Grant Kelly may still be alive, and some have even suggested Netflix could recruit some of the longtime cast members to reappear in the final season.

Thanks to the fact that we know the series is going to a different filming location, we can guess that for the duration of Season 3 we’ll be on a brand new planet. However, all we know at this point is that they are in an unknown galaxy.

Another big question we have left from season 2 is about Dr. Smith. Although it seemed over for the character, her body was never recovered. As smart as she was, we just can’t believe this was her ultimate demise and could see a return. We’ll probably also learn about the fate of Maureen and John who were last seen in the robot stack.

Everything else we know about season 3 of Lost in space

  • In March 2020, in addition to announcing Season 3, Zack Estrin signed a multi-year output deal with Netflix. The showrunner has had a number of big hits before, including: Jailbreak, and Once upon a time in Hollywood. No new Netflix projects from the maker have been announced yet.
  • In June 2020, an IMDb entry revealed a new minor character coming in Season 3, played by Lex Elle, who will play the role of Park.
  • At the end of July 2020, it was announced that the series received an Emmy nomination for Visual Effects.

new cast members for lost in space season 3

  • Leslie Hope and Jabbar Raisani both return to direct episodes in Season 3.
  • Aiyanna Miorin has been brought in to replace Ella Simone Tabu as Young Judy, suggesting more flashbacks to come.

While you wait, you might be watching the original Lost in space series, but unfortunately that is no longer available on Netflix and can now be found on Hulu in the US.

Looking forward to the last season of Lost in space on Netflix? Let us know in the comments and bookmark this page as we will update each time we get more news about the series.

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