Download WIFI file transfer pro apk 2021

Transferring Files From an Android Device to Your PC Has Always Been a Big Issue. Usually to Transfer a File From a Phone to our PC we use the USB Cable or Bluetooth. Sending Files using the USB takes a Lot of Time, which is one of the Major Downsides of USB Cables. One of the Easiest and Fastest Ways we Have Figured out to transfer Files is the WIFI file Transfer Pro apk App. You can Download the wifi File transfer pro apk to transfer files from any machine in the Same WIFI Network. 

The Wifi transfer pro is a Light Weight web server which Allows You to transfer file From one Device to Another Wirelessly. There is No Need to Connect a USB Cable to Transfer Files. 

WIFI file transfer pro apk

It is a Simple App with Easy to use features. The App is available in the Free and Paid version. The Free Version will Not Allow You to upload File Size Larger than 5 MB. Whereas there is No Size Restriction of the Paid version. You can easily transfer any Size File from one Device to Another in the paid version of the Wifi file transfer pro apk.

How to Download the Wifi file transfer pro apk?

The Paid version of the App is Available for $1.4 on Google Play Store. But You can Download the Wifi file transfer pro apk for Absolutely Free. You can Download this Reliable app from gadget Link. Click on the Download Button Mentioned Below and You Will be Able to Download the APK version on Your Android Mobile Devices. 

Download WIFI File Transfer Pro APK

How to install the APK version App on Your Mobile?

Unlike IOS the Android is an open Source, That Means You have more options to Download various Apps. You can follow the Simple Steps Mentioned Below to Download the APKs on Your Android Device. 

  • Download the APK File on Your Phone.
  • Your Android Device will ask You to grant permission to Install Unknown Apps. 
  • Once permission is Granted From the Settings option, The APK App will Successfully Get installed on Your Phone. 

Features of Wifi file transfer pro

  • Easy upload or Download multiple Files at Once.  
  • You can Delete, rename, copy, zip, or unzip files.
  • Works Well with all latest Operating System Like Windows, Linux.
  • Runs as a background service.
  • The App Autostarts when Connected to Home Network.
  • It Works on hotspot Mode also.

In Conclusion 

It is not recommended to use the App in any Public wifi Network. In case If You going to use it in Public wifi, make sure You Set a Password in the app settings. If You have Liked this Article on Wifi file transfer pro apk Free Download, make sure You Share this Trick with Your Friends & Family. 

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