Best Trimmer Under 1000

Best Trimmer Under 1000 for Indian Men

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Maintaining a Stylish and Healthy Beard requires a Good Trimmer. A Trimmer is Very Important for maintaining facial hair. But there are so Many Beard Trimmer Available in the Market which one should You buy? 

Don’t Worry, we have Done the Efforts for You and figured out the Best Trimmer Under 1000. 

The Most Important Factor we should Look at in a Trimmer is Different Modes & Power. Accept it, All of Us Don’t Have the Same Beard Style. For Excellent Results, You have to Spend in Good Quality Trimmer. Depending upon Your Length and Style of Beard, You are Suggested to pick a Precise Trimmer for Better Results. 

A cordless Trimmer is a Great option for Someone who Trims His Bread once in a While. However, Cordless Trimmers comes with Their own Set of Problems like limited battery life. Buying Grooming Essentials 

A lot of Trimmers In Market comes with Planty of Features, But finding Them is a Task. To Help You We Tested Everything From battery to Durability and Budget and, Find You the Best Trimmer Under 1000. 

Top 5 Best Trimmer Under 1000 For Men in India 

BrandWarrentyBuy Now
Philips BT1212/152 Year World Wide WarrentyBuy on Amazon
Philips QP2525/102 Year WarrentyBuy on Amazon
Lifelong LLPCM07
1 Year of WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Lifelong LLPCM05 1 Year national WarrantyBuy on Amazon
Kubra KB-8000 Cordless Trimmer 1 Year Manufacturing WarrentyBuy on Amazon

1.Philips BT1212/15 ( USB Cordless Trimmer )

Philips is a Well Known brand in Indian Electronics Market. Philips BT1212/15 is an Excellent Trimmer All Around. It Comes with 30 Minutes of Cordless Battery Life to Provide the best Trimming experience. Equipped with DuraPower technology, It Protects its battery and Motor from Over Heating. 

Philips BT1212/15

  Buy on Amazon

The Blades are Extra Sharpe and For Efficiently to Give You Neat and Clean Look. One thing that we Liked the Most about Philips BT 1212/15 Trimmer is its Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades. The blades brush against one another for Self Sharpening. There is No Need to Remove them and Sharpe them Externally. 

One of the Best Features of the Philips Trimmer is Battery Charging Indicator. The Indicator Lets You know When the Battery is Full with a green light. This Way You Do Not Over Charge Your Trimmer. All these features Make it the Best trimmer Under 1000. 

key-Feature of Philips Wireless Trimmer 

  • 30 Minutes of Hassel Free cordless Use. 
  • It can be Charge using any USB Charger. 
  • The Product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty.
  • Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning. 
  • Skin Friendly Self Sharpening Blades. 

2 . Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

The Philips QP2525/10 Trimmer Performed Exceptionally Well in all our Test. It Provides You with quick and Easy Trimming without Hurting Your Face or Ruining Your Beard Style. Equipped with OneBlade, it can Trim and Shave Your Beard at the Same time. 

Philips QP2525/10

  Buy on Amazon

The Dual Protective system on top of the cutter Limits Its Blade to touch Your Skin. The High-Performance Blades trim at 200 times per second for Perfect Styling. Do Not Worry if You Have Sensitive Skin, Philips QP2525/10 Trimmer stays comfortable in Sensitive Skin. 

The Long-Lasting Battery Delivers 45 Minutes of Non-Stop Trimming. You can Charge it once for 8 hours and It will Deliver You the Best performance. The Oneblade Philips Trimmer is Water Resistance. You can directly Use this Trimmer coming out from Bath. Cleaning this trimmer is also super easy just rinse it under the tap, and You are Done.

Key-feature of Philips Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade

  • Unique one Blade Technology for Perfect Trimming. 
  • It comes with 45 Minutes of Long battery Life. 
  • The product comes with 2 Years Warranty. 
  • Includes Three Trimming Combs 1, 3, and 5 mm.
  • Water Resistance body for Easy Cleaning. 

3 . Lifelong LLPCM07 Bread Trimmer 

Beard Maintenance Can be Messy, But with Lifelong LLPCM07, it is Simple & Clean. Lifelong is one of the Well Known brands in the Indian Market. The Trimmer comes with a Quick Charging facility that Charges Your Trimmer in Two Hours. 

Lifelong LLPCM07

  Buy on Amazon

One time Charging Gives You 60 Minutes of Unintrupped Usage. It was one of the Most Favourite Trimmer among the Men’s when we Conduced the test. The Stainless Steel works Magical to Trim Your Bread Hair. 

The Trimmer Comes with a Charge Indicator which Indicates when You Need to Charge the Trimmer. The Plastic Rigid Body of this trimmer is one of the Most Strong trimmers we have Tested while writing this review. 

Key-Feature of Lifelong LLPCM07 Trimmer 

  • It can Trim Between 0.4-10mm comb settings. 
  • Support Quick Charge.
  • The Battery Lasts up to 60 Minutes.
  • The trimmer comes with 1 Year of Warranty.
  • You can use this Trimmer with or without a Cord. 

4 . Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Beard Trimmer

The Next Trimmer in our list of Best trimmer under 1000 is also from Lifelong. This Trimmer is one of the Most Popular Trimmer with a Great 4-star Rating on amazon. 

Equipped with Detachable stainless steel Blades, the Lifelong LLPCM05 can remove a lot of hair without Hurting Your Face. Unlike other Budget Trimmers in the Market, this Trimmer Feels Sturdy in Your Hand. The Quality It offers for the Price is Just Impressive. 

Lifelong LLPCM05

  Buy on Amazon

The Trimmer takes 8 hours to Fully Get Charged. But once Charged, You can use this Trimmer for 50 Minutes. The Stainless Steel Blades are Washable so that You can Maintain Proper Hygiene. There No Need to visit Your Barber every Once a Week to Style Your Beard. You can Style Your Bread from the Comfort of Your Home. 

Key-feature of Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Trimmer 

  • Equipped with Adjustable comb Setting from 0.4 to 10 mm. 
  • It Takes 8 Hours to Charge this Trimmer. 
  • Trimmer works for 50 Minutes once Charged Fully. 
  • The Trimmer comes with 1 Year national Warranty. 
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Blades.

5. Kubra KB-8000 Cordless Trimmer 

The Kubra KB-8000 is an excellent all-around cordless Trimmer You can buy under 1000 INR. It gives You a Quick trim without Hurting Your Face. Equipped with USB Fast Charger, the Trimmer gets Charged in 120 minutes. It gives You 90 Minutes Seamless Performance without stopping. 

Kubra KB-8000

  Buy on Amazon

The Kubra KB-8000 Cordless Trimmer stood out in our List due to its precise and Effective Trim. It has an inbuild Adjustable Trimming Range which provides You a Provides You Perfect Look. IF You don’t Like changing the trimmer head again and again for a Different Look, then this Product is 100% for You.

Cleaning up this Trimmer is Very Simple. The Trimmer is also IPX6 Waterproof which Means You can wash its Detachable Blades under the Tap. Overall It is one of the Best Trimmer Under 1000 for Men in India. 

Key-feature of Kubra KB-8000 Cordless Trimmer 

  • USB Fast Charging Facility.
  • 40 length settings Trimmer.
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty on Product.
  • Trimmer works for 90 Minutes on Full Charge.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Trimmer 

A Bread Trimmer is an Essential Tool to Keep Your Bread in Shape. There are Planty of trimmer Available in Indian Market which offers Great Value. So What are the things We should Consider While Buying the Best trimmer Under 1000? Well, Let us Find out.  

Corded or Cordless – Before You Invest Your Money in a Trimmer, You must Decide Whether You need a Corded or Cordless Trimmer. Both corded or Cordless Trimmer serve the Same but, the only Difference is Portability. The Cordless Trimmers are Easy to use and You can Use them anywhere You want.

Corded or Cordless Trimmer

But with the Corded Trimmers, You have to find a Power output to Plug-in Before Using Them. The Corded Trimmer is Usually More Powerful Than the Cordless Trimmers. 

Budget – The Budget is one of the Most Important Factor to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Trimmer. There are Trimmers in the Market available from 300 Rupees to 10,000 Rupees. To Ensure You are Purchasing a Product that offers Great Value, You should Know Your Budget. A Good Trimmer in Indian Market can Range from around 500 Rupees to 2500 Rupees. 

Quality of Trimmer – We all Expect our Trimmers to Atleast Work Fine for 1-2 Years. Make sure Your trimmer has Good Quality Blades that Doest Not Hurt Your face. The Trimmers Body should be Made of Hard Plastic with Rubber Grip for avoiding any accidental Slip. 

Brand Research Is Very Important Before You buy any Grooming Product. You can Buy Trimmers from Brands Like Philips & Lifelong which offers Great Quality Products on a Budget. 

Warranty – When You are Buying a Product, You Need to be assured that You are Making Decision Possible. It is essential to buy a Product with a Warranty. In Case If you are Facing any Problem with Your Trimmer, You can Reach out to the Brand for Support. If Your Trimmer is Still in Warranty Period, the Brand will Bear all the Repairing Expenses. You Do Not have to spend one single Rupee. 

In Conclusion 

So which is the Best Trimmer Under 1000 we would Recommend to You? 

In our opinion, the Best Trimmer for men in India is Philips BT1212/15. The Trimmer offers the Most Value for Money Performance in Budget. Thankfully You can remove the Blades of the Trimmer and Clean it for Better Hygiene. 

We Hope this Article Clears all Your Questions related to the Best trimmer under 1000. Share Your Questions in the Comments Below and we will get back to You Soon. 


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