How to clean top load washing machine

How to clean top load washing machine [ 3 Easy Tip ]

How to clean top Load Washing Machine – The washing machine is one of the Most Important Appliances in our Home. In Modern Life, the Washing Machine gives complete comfort while washing our clothes. We Often Forget that our Washing Machine Requires Proper Maintenance now and then.

Cleaning Your Top Load Washing Machine once in a While can Help You stop foul smells and Prevent the buildup of dirt. Don’t Worry it’s Easier than Doing other Cleaning Work. In this Blog Post, we have Shared the Easiest Way to Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine. 

How to Clean Top Load Washing Machine?

To Ensure Your Clothes are washed Properly and Your Washing Machine Works Perfectly Fine for Years, make sure You follow these steps on how to clean top Load washing Machine once a Month. 

Step 1 – Start Cleaning the Exterior 

First, wide down the Exterior of Your Washing Machine. Use a Microfiber Cloth for Better Results. Once You have Cleaned the Exterior, now You can Move to Clean the Interior Parts. 

Step 2 – Vinegar Wash in Interior 

Add 2 Cups of Vinegar to the Bucket and Clean the Interior Parts Using Mild Hot Water with a Cloth. Vinegar will Help You to clean the dirt and mildew. Once the First Cleaning Round is Done, Now Redo the Process with hot water which will Help You Get Rid of Stains and eliminate germs.

How to clean top load washing machine

Keep in mind that Do Not try this Method with a Newer Model of Washing Machine. The New Models have a self-cleaning cycle that Doesn’t Require any Vinegar or Detergent to Clean. 

Always Use a Microfiber cloth to clean Your Home Appliances. Microfiber cloth Clean the Dirt Properly without scratching or Damaging the Appliances. You can also use the sponge for Easy Cleaning, but It Won’t Work as Microfiber.  

Step 3 – Final Touches 

The Last Step of Cleaning Your top Loaded Washing Machine includes cleaning the opening Lid, Knobs, and Exterior. If You Washing Machine Have to touch Sensitive Controls, Do Not Forget to clean Them with Dry Cloth. You can also use the toothbrush to Clean the hard-to-reach spots under the Exterior Pipes and Lid. 

So, this was all about how to clean top load Washing machine. Make sure You Clean Your Washing Machine once in a While to Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly for Years.

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