car music system with bluetooth and navigation

Best car music system with Bluetooth and Navigation

We all love Music, Don’t We? A Road Trip Without Music Not Completed. There is No Denying the Fact that a Good Car Music System with Bluetooth and Navigation is an absolute must-have for any journey. Almost all Cars These Days come with factory-Fitted Music Players.

The Music Player offered by Company are very Basic and Doesn’t offer Various features. If Your Car Doesn’t Have a Music System or You are Planning to upgrade Your old car Music System, then this Article for You.

To Help You with the Best Buying Guide for Your car Music System, We have we’ve rounded up the Top 7 Best music systems for cars You can Buy. All the Products We have Included in the List offer great quality and excellent sound.

Top 5  Car music system with Bluetooth and Navigation


1. Woodman Neo5 Android Car Stereo

The Woodman Neo5 is a Finely Tuned 9 Inch Android Car Music System with navigation. This car music system Comes with an A7 Cortex Quad-Core Processor with 2 GB of RAM for Seamless Performance. One of the Best features we Loved about this Music System is Split Screen Feature. You can use Two Different functions at the same time using the Split Screen Function. 

Woodman Neo5 Android Car Stereo


The Touch Screen System Comes with an in-built GPS for Easy Navigations. You can use Google maps while Visiting any Unknown Maps. The Woodman car music system has inbuild Bluetooth which lets You Play Music, make calls directly from Your Smartphone. You can also install a back Camera in Your car. The Camera Automatically Start Functioning when you put the reverse gear. 

Key-Feature of Woodman Neo5 Android Music System 

  • Inbuild GPS with Pre-Installed Google Maps.
  • Easy Network Connectivity with In-build Bluetooth.
  • 7 Inch Touch Screen System with Resolution of 1024 x 600.
  • 2 GB RAM with 16Gb Internal Memory and A7 Cortex Quad-Core.
  • Best Car music system with Bluetooth and navigation in India.

2. Dulcet DC-F90X 220W Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo

The Dulcet Music Player Doesn’t Come with any Touch Screen. The Reason why We have Included this car music system in our List is because of the Music output it Gives. The Stereo is Just Perfect for Someone who Loves to Listen to songs. It Comes with SD Card Slot & AUX Input so that You Can Enjoy Your Music by connecting the SD to the Player. 

Dulcet DC-F90X 220W Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo


This 2 Din Music Player also Supports Bluetooth, You can stream Your Music Wirelessly. To Control Different Functions, the car Music SYstem Has provided with a Remote Control. You can Focus on Driving while someone else in the car can Change the Songs without any Hassel. 

One of the Best features of this Dulect Music System is the In-Built Smartphone Holder. You can place Your Smartphone in the Given Space and Use Your Phone as a Touch screen unit in the car. You can use Navigation, Play Video, or Listen to Your favorite Song while Driving. 

Key-feature of Dulcet DC-F90X 220W Single Din Stereo

  • Support Bluetooth for Wireless operations.
  • SD Card Slot & AUX Input to Enjoy Music by connecting your Smartphone.
  • Remote Control to Access all the features Easily.
  • Multi-Colour Backlight for Better Ambiance in Car. 
  • FM Radio to Enjoy Music on the Go.

3. Woodman Neo3s Car Music System 

Woodman Makes the Best Car Stereo in Market. The Third Best Car music system with Bluetooth and navigation in India is Again From Woodman. The Woodman Neo3s Have a 7 Inch Touch Screen with Bluetooth and Navigation for Easy operations. You can Navigate through Toughest Roads easily with the Help of Google Maps. You can Play Music Wirelessly From Your Smartphone and Pick Calls While Driving without using Your Smartphone. 

Woodman Neo3s Car Music System 


The Touch Screen also Supports the Rear Camera feature. You can install an Aftermarket Camera on Your Car and Use it while Reversing Your Car. The Music Player has an output of 50W, which plays Your Favourite Music with Best base. 

Music Player comes with 2GB Internal memory but You can also Expand the Memory using the USB Ports. You can install any Apps or Download any Movies on Your 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Music System. 

Key-feature of Woodman Music System 

  • Large Display to Seamless Entertainment While Driving.
  • Built-in GPS for Easy navigation.
  • Quad-Core processor with 2 GB RAM for Seamless Performance.
  • Support HD Night Vision Camera

4. Suzec Double Din car Stereo with Touch Screen

If You are someone Who Loves High-Quality Music with Video Playing in the Background, then Suzec Double Din Stereo is For You. You can Watch Your Favourite Movie, Play Music, Use Navigation, and More using this Amazing Stereo. The Music Player Has a Bluetooth Feature, You can connect Your Phone wirelessly to Enjoy Music. 

Suzec Double Din car Stereo with Touch Screen


The Suzec Double Din Car Stereo Comes with FM, You can connect Frequencies ranging from 87.5MHz-108.00MHz to Enjoy any on-Air Show or Music. The Touch Screen is 7 inch and That Supports up to 1080p high-quality video. The Touch screen also Supports a Rear Camera, You can install any After Market Rear Parking Camera and Use it While Putting the Reverse Gear in Your car. The Touch Screen Size is Universal and It can be Fit to Most Indian cars. 

Key-Feature of Suzec Car music system with Bluetooth and navigation in India

  • HD Quality 1080p Display with Mirror Link Feature.
  • Wireless Remote Control for Easy control of Different Function.
  • Built-in FM Radio to Listen to Music on the Go. 
  • Supports SD Card & AUX Cable.
  • Equipped with Steering Wheel Controls.
  • Bluetooth and USB for Easy operations. 

5 . Pioneer  Music Player with Smartphone Holder

Pioneer is one of the Well known Brands when it comes to Music Industry. They are the industry leaders in Making Car Music systems. The last Product in our List of Car music systems with Bluetooth and navigation is From pioneer. The music player comes with an Audio Setting, the User Has the option to diversify Audio from the Pioneer Smart App. 

Pioneer SPH-C19BT Music Player 


It has a Voice Guidance system that gives You one-touch Access to Your favorite Apps. You can use Voice Commands Like Navigate to, Call, “Artist, Album, Song, and Many More. The Stereo Has an Inbuild Rear Parking Sensor 

Key-feature of Pioneer car Music System 

  • Compatible with Apps using the pioneer smart sync.
  • In-build Bluetooth for Wireless Music.
  • Rear Parking Sensor with Beep Sound for Better Safety.
  • Voice Controlled Navigation. One-Touch Control for Launching the Navigation Apps. 

Benefits of Having a Great Music System in car

  • Feature – The Company Installed Music System Lack in so Many features compare to the After Market System. The latest Music System offers You features Like Maps, Phone, Messages, Music, Phone connectivity, and More.
  • GPS Navigation – Having the Latest Music System for cars doesn’t Provide only music but GPS navigation. The Navigation System Allows You to View Map on the Screen which is Very Useful in New Roads. GPS Can Give You Update about the Road Traffic Via Google Maps which is Very convenient to Use in Traffic Jams. 
  • Calling Facility – Having a Calling Facility in Music System is very Convenient While Driving. The old Stereo System in Your car Doesn’t Has a Calling Facility. You can pair Your Latest music system for a car with Your phone to get Calls and Text on Your Android Auto Enabled Music system. 
  • Touch Screen – Access all Your Mobile App via Android Auto or Apple car play on the Latest Touch Screen System. The Touch Screen System also Enhances the Overall Look of Your car’s Interior. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Car Music System

Upgrading Your Car Stereo is one of the best ways to Add New features to Car Interiors. You can Enjoy Your Favourite Music, Watch Videos, Make Call and Lot More from a Touch Screen Music System. There are so Many Different Options Available in the Market, Here are some of the most important things You Should Consider Before Buying a Car Music System. 

Connectivity  – Wireless Touchscreen Music System connections are More reliable than USB and RCA connections. You Do Not Need an AUX Cable to Connect Your Mobile phone with Your car Stereo. Always Make Sure that Music Player You are Planning to buy should Have In-build Bluetooth for Music and Calls. 

The Wireless Bluetooth Music System also looks neat and Clean. You don’t need to worry about losing connection, Just Connect Your Phone and Enjoy Your Music and other Features. 

GPS Navigation – GPS Navigation Helps You to Navigate through unknown Roads and Focus Better on Road. You can use GPS navigation on your car stereo via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

Budget – If You are Willing to Spend 10k to 20k on a Car Stereo, You will find some of the Best Car music System Out There. So before You make any Purchase Spend some time finding the right budget for the System.

You Might find a Car music system with Bluetooth and navigation in the Local Market for 2000-3000 Rupees, but that won’t be Worth It. It’s like they say, everything comes at a price, we would Suggest You Spend at least 5000 to 6000 to get a Good Reliable Music System for Your car.

In Conclusion 

All the Products we have Mentioned within our list of best Car music systems with Bluetooth and navigation in India would be Worth Every Penny. While buying the Stereo for Your car, make sure You Keep all these factors in Your Mind, and you should be able to pick out the Best car music System. 

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