How to check fastag Balance

How to check fastag Balance? 4 Easy Ways

Fastag is an Electronic Toll Collector system that is Manage by the National Highway Authority of India. Fastag Uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Deduct the Toll Ta From Your Account. All the Vehicles must Have Fastag Installed Before 16th February 2021 to Avoid any Penalty. In this article, We have Shared Detailed Information about How to check Fastag Balance. 

To Carry out the Cashless transactions at Toll Plaza, Currently, FASTag technology has implemented in 600+ Toll Plaza on Different National highways in the Country. Government Collect Toll to Ensures Better Road Safety and Security. 

Using Cash to Pay toll Taxes Crates More Traffic at the Toll Plaza. With the Fastag Installed on Your vehicle, Now the Toll Tax Automatically Gets Deducted From Your Account, and You don’t have to stop for toll tax. 

With Fastag Becoming Mandatory for all the Vehicles, You need to know about How to check Your fastag Balance. Let us Know More about How to check fastag Balance. 

How to check Fastag Balance on the Website 

Fastag is Currently Issues by 23 Banks in India. You can apply to any of these agencies and Use their online Platform to check the fastag Balance and Details of all the Transactions. Follow the Simple Steps Below to check Your Fastag Balance. 

  • Visit the official Website of Your Bank ( In our case We use HDFC Fastag )
  • Enter Your Username and password to Login into Your Account. 

How to check fastag Balance

  • Click on the View Balance option to Know Your Fastag Balance. 

Check Fastag Balance using via SMS Services 

When You Register for Fastag Services, every time There a Deduction in Your Account You will be updated via SMS on Your Registered Mobile Number. Fastag Informs You about Deduction, Payment, recharge, and Account Balance. 

Mobile App For Fastag Services 

To Check Your Fastag Balance You can also download the Mobile App called My FASTag App. The My FASTag App Allows You to Check Your Balance From Your Mobile Phone. 

You can also use My FASTag App to Recharge Yor fastag using the UPI Services. Just Login to Your Account with Your Credentials and View the Amount Available on Your Wallet. 

How to check Fastag Balance Through Customer Care Number 

If Your Mobile Number is registered with the National National Highways Authority of India, You can check Your Account Balance with Missed Call Services. 

Give Missed call to +91 8884333331 From Your Registered Mobile Number and Your Fastag Balance will be sent to Your Registered Mobile Number via SMS. 

FASTag FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) 

What is FASTag?

FASTag is an Electronic Toll Collector to Make toll payments directly from the Account.

Is it Mandatory to have FASTag?

Yes, The Union Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways Has Made it Mandatory for Every Vehicle to have Fastag. 

How to Buy FASTag?

You can Buy FASTag From any Point of Sale Location.

In Conclusion 

If Your Vehicle Still Doesn’t Have a Fastag, It is Advisable to Get as As Soon As Possible. Vehicles without Fastag have to have pay double the fees at toll plazas across national highways in the country. 

We Hope this Article Helped You to Know More about How to check Fastag Balance. If You have any Queries Related to fastag, Feel Free to Share with us in the comments below. 


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