Why is my iphone not making a sound when I get a text

[Solved] Why is my iphone not making a sound when I get a text?

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021 at 09:24 pm

If You are Not Receiving any Sound Alert on Your Iphone? Many Iphone Users Had Complaint about this Issue that Their IPhone is not giving any notification about New Message. Well Do Not Worry, Here a Detailed Article on Why is My iphone Not Making a Sound when I Get a text. 

There is a simple reason to not have a notification sound on your phone. All you have to do is to enable some settings and the notification sound in Your Iphone will be Back. 

Not getting notifications on the phone is a big problem. Due to this, you can miss your meeting, It is Important to get Notified to Message Alerts. If You are also Facing this Problem “Why is my iphone not making a sound when I get a text” Then Please Follow the Simple Steps Mentioned Below. 

Step 1 – Open the Setting on Your iphone & navigate to Alerts & badges.

Step 2 – Check if the Sounds option is enabled under ‘Reminders’ and ‘Timers’

Sometimes we accidentally disable the sound option due to which we do not get the notification sound. So make sure to Enable the Sounds Option Under Reminder. You can also check the Ring/Silent switch on the Side of Your Phone. Move the switch forward to Keep Your Phone in Ring Mode. 

Make sure to Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode on Your Iphone. Do Not Disturb Mode Disable or It silences notifications and calls on Your Phone. To Disable Do Not Disturb Mode, Go to Setting & Disable the Do Not Disturb Mode to Solve Your “Why is my iphone not making a sound when I get a text” Issue. 


Other Ways to Fix Notification Sound Problem in Iphone

  • Clean your receivers and speakers
  • Try Calling Somone
  • Change Your Notification Sound
  • Check If There is any External Device is Connected through Bluetooth.
  • Update to the latest version of IOS
  • Double-check the Alert Slider.

In Conclusion 

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to fix the iphone not ringing Problem. If You Still Don’t Hear Any Sound, Please Get in touch with Apple Support. 


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