How to Clean A Table Fan Without Opening

How to clean a table fan without opening

Keeping Your Table Fan Clean and Dust Free is very important For Better Air Flow. It Not Just Ensure Better Air Flow But also Make sure that Air is Clean & Fresh in the Room. In this article, We have Shared the Easy Guide on How to clean a table fan without opening it.

The Table Fan is one of the most used appliances in Summers. With so Much Functioning, It draws plenty of dirt and dust which Needs to be Clean Regularly For Proper operations. If overlooked, the Dust will Settle down into the Blades which will be Difficult to clean Later. The Excess Dust will Put More Pressure On the Motor which will affect the Lifespan of the Motor and Might also Damage the Winding.

Cleaning Your Table Fan May Not be the Most Fun to Do the task, However with our Guide on How to clean a table fan without opening the Front Panel, You will be able to Clean the Fan Like a Pro.

Things Required to Clean the Table Fan

Just Like Other Appliances in Your Home, the Table Fan also Requires Regular cleaning. If You Won’t Clean the Table Fan for Longtime, the Dust will Spread Across The Room. Fortunately, with the Right Set of Tools, You can Easily Clean the Table Fan without opening It.

  • A Broom or Cleaning Brush
  • A vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment (Optional)
  • A Microfiber cloth
  • Spray bottle with soapy water

How to Clean a table fan without opening

  • Switch off the Power – Keeping Safety In Mind, Switch off the Power switch, and Remove the Plug From the Power Socket.
  • Wipe Dust From the Front Panel – For this Step use a Broom or Cleaning Brush to Wipe the Dust From the Front Panel of the Fan. You can also use a hairdryer to blow away the Dust From the outer Panel. Be Sure to use to Spray the Waters on the Panels and Clean It Using a Microfiber Cloth For Better Results.
  • Clean the Blades – It is Difficult to Clean the Blades of the Table Fan without opening the Front Panel. However, with a vacuum Cleaner, you can Easily Remove all the Dirt From the Fan Blades. Be Extra Careful While Using the vacuum Cleaner Near any Wires, Make sure to Not Damage any Sensitive Part of the Motor while Using the Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Wipe Away Smudges – Take a Microfiber cloth and Spray some soapy water on It. Now Clean the Outer Body Parts Like the Back Side of the Table Fan and the Controls Area. Pay particular attention that Spray water does not enter the switch’s Area.
  • Dry Every part – After You have Cleaned the Whole Surface with a Wet Microfiber Cloth, Now Take a Dry Cloth and remove excess moisture. Allow the Parts to air-dry For some time Before using the Fan Again.

How to clean table fan motor

1. Unplug The Power Source

Remove the Fan From the Power socket to Avoid any Electric shock while Cleaning the Fan Motor. Ensure all the Blades Have Stopped Moving Before You begin the other Steps.

2. Remove the Front Panel 

How to clean table fan motor

To Clean the Motor You need to carefully Remove the Front Panel. To disassemble the bracket You can use tools Like Screwdriver. Carefully untighten all the screws on the Panel and Keep them Safe. Now that Panels are Removed, You can Further Move to Clean the Motor.

3. Clean the Motor

You need a Vaccum Cleaner and a Microfiber Cloth to Clean the Fan Motor. First, use the Vaccum Cleaner to Remove the Excess Dust on the Front & the Backside of the Motor. The Fan Motor Have Slots at the back which Accommodates a Lot of Dust.

How to clean table fan motor

You can use the Vaccum Cleaner Attachment to Remove Dust From Harder Reach Areas. After Using the Vaccum Cleaner to remove the Excess Dust & Dirt, Now Use the Microfiber cloth to Clean all the oil Stains from the Motor.

4. Assemble all the Parts 

Now in the Final Part After Cleaning the motor Properly, It’s time to Reassemble the Front Panel to the Main body. Take the Screw Driver Tighten all the Screws well & Fix the panel back to the Body. We hope this Guide Helped You to Know More about How to clean table fan motor.

How Often You Should Clean a Table Fan

Your Table Fan also Requires Proper Cleaning Frequently to Work Efficiently. You should Clean the Table Fan completely Every 15 Days. However, If You are using the Fan Inside a very Clean Room, A Monthly Cleaning will be right for you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the features we should consider before Buying a table Fan?

While Choosing a Table Fan Make sure to check its Speed, Quality of Material Used, Electrical consumption & Warranty.

What is a Microfiber cloth?

A microfiber cloth (find one of Amazon) is made from synthetic materials which help in Better Cleaning.

Can the hair Dryer damage the fan’s motor?

Yes, If You Blow Hot Air From the Dryer it might Damage the Fan. It is always recommended to only Use cold air to Remove Dust From the Part of Blades and motors.

In Conclusion

Whether You are Using a Ceiling Fan or a Table Fan, Both Requires Regular Cleaning. If You Spend a Lot of Time Indoor, it is important to have a Clean Table that creates a healthy Ambiance inside the Room.

We Hope this Article Helped you to Know More about how to clean a table fan without opening It. If you still have any queries Left Regarding Table Fan Please write to us in the comments section below. Make sure to also check out our Buying Guide on the List of Best Portal AC in India. 


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