How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable

How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable

Last updated on May 18th, 2023 at 11:03 am

Wondering How to connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB Cable? Here’s How You Can Connect Your Sansui Smart TV with a USB Cable effortlessly. Whether you want to Enjoy Watching Your Favourite Netflix Series on Your TV or Play Mobile games on a Larger Screen, Connecting Your Phone to TV can be Complicated.

But the Good News Is it’s Not Impossible, Your Sansui TV Allows You to Connect Your Smartphone Easily using a USB Cable. Once Connected You will be able to Enjoy Your Video, Audio, and Image content saved in the smartphone on the Sansui TV.

However, Please Keep in mind Not all Android Devices Support video output capability. So Before connecting Your Mobile Phone to Sansui TV, Make sure to check the Android Version Supported on the TV. Similarly, You can also connect Your Phone to TV using an HDMI Cable or Chromecast, Read this article to Know More about How to Mirror Phone to tv without wifi 2021.

Before we Proceed, Make sure to Have a USB Cable Handy to connect Your Phone with the TV. The steps below outlining How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable.

How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable

  • Check For USB Port on Your Sansui TV. All the Latest Sansui TV Have a Prebuild USB Port and usually, These ports are located on the Left Cornor of the TV.
  • After You Find the Port, plug in a USB cable on Your TV and Phone.

How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable

  • Once Connected Properly, a Pop-up Message will Appear on Your Phone showing Two option which is Charge Only & Transfer files. Click on the Transfer Files Option.
  • Now Your Phone is Successfully connected to Your Sansui TV. You should now see your phone’s screen on your TV.

How to connect a phone to Sansui smart tv

It is Always Fun & Convenient to Watch content on a Large Screen. Just Like Smartphones, Televisions are also getting Smarter every Generation. It is Much more Easier to connect a Smart TV with a Phone than the Older Generation TVs. Here is an Easy Guide on How to connect the phone to Sansui smart tv.

  • In Your Smart TV Navigate to Setting and Select Network. Now Go to Wireless Connection & Connect Your TV with WIFI Network.
  • Now Open Settings on Your Mobile Phone and Tap on WIFI. Connect the Same WIFI Network As Your Smart TV.
  • After Both the Devices are connected with the Same WIFI Network, Just Go to Settings on Your Mobile and Tap on More.
  • Navigate to Wireless Display From the Menu & Turn on the Wireless Display option.
  • On this Final Step, open miracast on Your Smart Tv.
  • Now On Your Mobile Phone, You will be able to see Your Smart TV Name, Just Click on the Name & Your Phone will Get connected with the TV.

Why if My TV Doesn’t  Have a USB Port?

Most of the New Generation TV Comes with a USB Port, However, if Your Sansui TV Doesn’t have a USB Port, You can Always connect Your Phone with an HDMI Cable. Purchase an HDMI Cable & an HDMI to USB adapter.



Simply Use the Adaptor to Connect the USB Cable with HDMI & Then connect the phone with the TV. You Might face some slow Transfer while Using an HDMI Cable But it is one of the best options to connect TV with a Mobile Phone.

In conclusion

We Hope this Article Helped You to Know More about How to Connect Mobile to Sansui tv with USB cable. Regardless of which Android phone You are Using, You can Connect Your Sansui TV with the various option available. If You have any Queries Regarding How to connect your Phone with TV, Please Share them with us in the comment Section Below.

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