Who is the best PUBG player in india

Top 7 Best PUBG player in India 2021

PUBG or BGMI is one of the Most Popular Multiplayer battle royale games in India. With over 10 million Plus downloads, BGMI Has Revolutionized the Gaming Industry in India. Being one of the Most Popular Games, BGMI has Given opportunities to Many Players to grow a professional career in this space. With so Many Good players competing with Each other, Let us find out Who is the Best PUBG player in India. 

With so many upcoming PUBG LAN Tournament Down the Line, We are Going to Witness Some of the Best competitive Gameplay. From the Biggest Name in the PUBG Community. With that being said, Here is the List of the Top 5 Best PUBG Player in India.

Before we Begin, Please note this List is made Purely on the Basis of Individual Achievement as an eSports Payer. There are Hundreds of PUBG Players who have established themselves to be the absolute best in the game. However, Playing competitive is Very Different then Streaming, so if You do Not see Your Favourite Player on the List that Doesn’t mean they are Bad. Let us Find out Who is the best PUBG player in India.

Who is the best PUBG player in India (eSports)

1. Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan is India’s Best PUBG Player. Known For His Unique Game Style, Jonathan Has More Than 3 Million Subscribers on Youtube. Often Called a hacker by his opponent, Jonathan is Nearly unbeatable in Long & Close Range combat. His hard work and dedication to the Game are on a Different Level, which makes him the Best PUBG Player in India. 

Currently, Jonny AKA Jonathan Gaming is Playing For GodLike Esports. Before Playing For GodLike eSports, Jonathan Was Playing For TSM Entity. With TSM Entity He has Two Major Championship Like PMCO Falls Split 2019 & PMIS 2020.

He represented India in PUBG Mobile World League and acquired 6th position for His Team TSM Entity. Besides These Trophies, Jonathan Has also won the SkyEsports Championship 3.0 For his New Team GodLike. Other Then eSports, Jonathan is also one of the Most Popular Youtube Streamers. With More Than 3 Million Plus Subscribers on Youtube, Jonathan Has a Tremendous Fanbase Among the Youth of the Country.

2. ScoutOP AKA Tanmay Singh

ScoutOP is one of the most influential personalities in the BGMI or PUBG Community. Known For His Aggressive Gameplay, ScoutOP has Represented India on Global Level and acquired 2nd position in PUBG Mobile World League For His Team Orange Rock(OR).

Before Joining Youtube & Playing as a competitive Player, ScoutOP was a Footballer. He Has played Football at National Level and His Ultimate AIM was to Become a Football and Represent His Country. But Because of some injuries Scout Left Football and Started his career in Gaming.

Better Known for His Role as an Assaulter and Flanker, ScoutOP Has Achienevent a Lot as an eSports Player and a Streamer. Currently, He has More than Four Million Plus subscribers on His Youtube Channel.  His Journey as a  Competitive Player is very Interesting, Till Now ScoutOP Has Played with Seven Different Roster & Performed Expectingly Well in Each Tournament.

3. Mavi 

Mavi is a PUBGM competitive Player and a Streamer Currently Playing For TeamX. Better known For His Zone Prediction and Game Sense, Mavi is also called a Zone Hacker. Before He Joined Team Soul, Mavi was playing for Orange Rock.  Back in 2019 when performing for Orange rock, Mavi was Appreciated For his IGL Skills. His Leadership Took the Team to #2 in PMIT 2019.

Famous For his Fun & Entertaining Videos, Mavi Has Recently Crossed 1 Million Subscribers on His Youtube Channel. As per Social Blade Currently, Mavi is Earning Somewhere Around $2.4K – $37.6K Per Month From His Youtube Videos.

4. Soul Mortal AKA Naman Mathur

Soul Mortal is one of the veteran PUBG Competitive players in the Country. Loved by millions of Fans Around the World, Mortal has Achieved a Lot as a Competitive Player and Youtube Streamer. Started his Youtube Journey by Streaming Mini Militia, Mortal has come a Long to become the Biggest PUBG Mobile Personality in India.

He is the Owner of India’s Biggest eSports organization soul and Co-owner of Talent Management Agency s8ul. Naman also Gained immense popularity as an eSports Player, he won Multiple Trophies For his Team Soul alongside Rounak, Viper, and Owais. Currently Mortal Has More than 6 Million Subscribers on His Youtube Channel which makes him one of the Biggest Gaming Content Creator Not only in India But in the Whole World.

5. ZGod

Zgod is an eSports player for GodLike and a Youtuber. He is one of the Most underrated and Highly Skilled BGMI Competitive players in India. Zgod Was Recognised After His Amazing Performance in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia and Soon After this Tournament Zgod Joined TSM Entity.

After He Joined TSM Entity his Ever Trophy was India Today League PUBGM Invitational Tournament. After Winning  India Today League PUBGM, the PUBG community started to acknowledge Zgod as one of the Best Assaulter of the Game. At Present without any Doubt, ZGod is one of the Best PUBG Player in India.

6. Snax Gaming

Raj Verma AKA Snax is a BGMI competitive Player and Youtube Streamer. Snax Uploaded his Youtube Video Back in 2019 and After Two Years of consultative Hardwork in 2021, he Achieved a 1 Million Subscriber Mark on His Channel. Known For His Amazing DP Brust Spray, Snax is one of the Most hardworking Competitive Player You will come Across.

Snax Started His eSports Journey in  2019 with his First Team Learn From Past. Later that Year Snax Joined Team IND and Performed Expectinoly Well and Won 2 Different Trophies in 2020. His Dedication and Hardwork towards the Game Make him one of the Best PUBG Player in India.

7. Daljitsk

Daljitsk is Undoubtedly the Best PUBG Mobile Sniper in India. With More than Two Years of Experience in PUBG eSports, Daljitsk Has Become a Brand in Indian PUBG Community. Daljitsk has Been part of some of the Best eSports organizations Like Orange rock and IND.

While Playing for orange rock For More Than 1 year, Daljitsk Has Won Several Tournaments Like ESL India Premiership 2020, PUBG Mobile Pro League, and VLT Major Invitational Tournament. He also Represented India on Global Level alongside Mavi & Scout in PUBG Mobile World League and Came #2.

Currently, Daljitsk Has a 3 Lakh Plus Subscriber on His Youtube Channel. According to Social Blade, His Monthly Revenue is $151 – $2.4K.

In Conclusion

Ranking the Best PUBG Player in India is a Complicated Task. In recent Times so Many Talented Players Have Dominated the Game. The Rise of eSports in India has Given Great Platform to such Talented players and Showcase Thier Skill at Global Level. We Hope You Got the Answer of the Question who is the Best PUBG Player in India.


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