How to increase jiofi speed

How to increase jiofi speed in 5 Minutes

Do You want to know how to Increase Jiofi Speed? If You are Struggling with Your Slow Jiofi WIFI Connection, Then Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Boost Jiofi Speed to Enjoy the Best Internet Experience at Your Home or office. 

Having a Fast & Reliable internet connection at Home or office Has Become a necessity. Nothing Makes it More Disturbing when You are Enjoying Your Favourite Show online or Streaming Game on Youtube and Suddenly Your Network Decreases.

A Fast Internet Connection Makes It Easy for You to Watch online Movies, Stream games, Download Images, Videos & More Faster. A High-Speed Internet is Essential in this fast-paced business world.

Jiofi is a Great device that can offer You download up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps. Apart from its Speed, the Device allows 3G Smartphone Users to Experience the Speed of 4G without even Spending Extra Money on a new Smartphone. Here How to boost jiofi speed without any technical Knowledge.

How to Increase Jiofi Speed? 

There are Many Possible Reasons for Your Jiofi Slow Internet Connection. Ensure that Your Devices is Within 10 Meter of Your Jiofi to Get the Best Speed. Here’s Some of the Main factor which Might impact the speed of your Internet connection.

  • Keep Jiofi in the open Area – Physical barriers Like Walls and Floors Affect the WIFI Signals. Make Sure to Keep Your Jiofi in an open Area Where there are Not too Many Objects to Get the Best Connection.
  • Check Your Data – Sometimes while using the Internet we Forget about the capped Limit. Your Internet Speed gets Restricted After You Have Successfully Consumed the Data offered by the Plan You have Selected. Keep checking Your Available data and recharge Your Plan in Time to Avoid any Restriction in Your Internet Speed. 
  • Limit Devices – Playing online Games or Watching Videos online can take a lot of bandwidth. Depend upon Your Jiofi Plan, Do No Share Your Connection with too Many Devices. Though Jiofi Supports Upto 31 Devices, But make Sure You Do Not Connect to More than 10 Devices to get the Best Internet Speed. Too Many Connected Devices will reduce the speed of your Jiofi Internet Connection. 
  • Updated Firmware – Make Sure You update Your Routers Firmware and Brower to their Latest version. This Can Help You to Avoid any Connection Lag and Lets You Enjoy the Seamless Internet Connection. 

4G In India has grown exponentially in the past 3-4 years. There can be many reasons why Your Jiofi is Working Slow. One of the main reasons can Be Less Coverage. The Speed Highly Depends on the Area Where You Live, You can Get in Touch with Jio Customer Care Service to Solve to Issue. 

FAQ ( Jiofi )

What is Jiofi?

Jiofi is a Portable Broadband Device which Allows User to Access Jio’s high-speed internet connectivity. 

Where I can Buy Jiofi? 

You can Buy Jiofi From the official Website of Jio or Amazon. in 

How to Increase Jiofi Speed? 

To Boost Your Jiofi Speed, make to keep it in an open Area, Renew Your Plan on Time & Limit Connected Devices to 10. 

In Conclusion

We Hope this Article Helped You to Know More about how to Increase Jiofi Speed. If you still continue to face this Issue with Your Jiofi, I Would Suggest You Upgrade Your Connection with a Local Internet provider with a superior Dual Band Router to Get the Best Speed.  If You Have Any Queries about jiofi, You can Contact Jio Customer care to Share with us in the Comments Below. 


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